Follow the Path of Your Joy ~ A Message From Talia Of The Council For The Assistance To Earth ~ via Isis-Neith

Follow the Path of Your Joy ~ A Message From Talia Of The Council For The Assistance To Earth ~ via Isis-Neith
Posted: 03 Sep 2013 08:30 PM PDT

I am Talia of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Greetings.

I spoke last week about stepping out of the fear of what other people think of you and standing in your own power, but I feel that I must continue to talk to you about the freedom that this entails, because I realize that there are those who think that to step out of needing to please others is not a good quality.

I want you to understand that you are worthy of anything good and I want you to understand that when you put yourself second you deny the universe the privilege of giving you the good that you deserve because you are saying to it very loudly through your energy and matching actions that you don’t truly deserve the good it has stored for you.

What the universe looks for is someone who deeply feels through and through that they are worthy!

What the universe looks for and feels out for is someone who holds the energy of self value!
What the universe wants for every person is all the love and goodness that they desire to be part of their experience and a constant expression of their life. Not only a constant mental and emotional expression but a constant physical one too, and you should be living a life that is joyous and living to the fullest, not selling yourself short because another is not accepting what you want out of life when they are not even living your life. Only you are living your life!

Don’t make excuses.

When you want something deeply you find a way or you regret never finding it. Do not let other people stop you when they are not in agreement with what you value and want and hold dear to have for yourself. You are not another person, so don’t try to persuade another not to do the thing that they love either.

As a for instance and one that is a cliché on Earth and so you will most easily relate to it, the dancer who loves what they do more than anything including money and the parent who really wants the best for their child, but doesn’t understand that the best for their child is living joyously and the money must follow the person who lives full and joyously!

When you are full of joy you are a river overflowing with abundance of all sorts; you are destined to be in alignment with everything you are!

The river of joyous living and an abundant mind flows to the heart of the person who trusts their own desires and puts themselves in the places that give them more joy! Always follow your passion, no matter what anyone else wants from you or for you! Always follow who you are and put your joy above needing to give joy to others! Everybody is responsible for their own power, for their own love, for their own abundance, for their own joy!

Everybody is responsible for only themselves and not to complete another or give to another something that they haven’t found inside theirself!

Everybody is meant to find the river of joyous movement, meaning the river that never stops moving and that pushes you forward in the moment when you find your own power which is your passion and your joy! Your joy is your driving force, the force for living to the fullest you possible. Love is a high emotion, passion is a high emotion. If you want to move into a higher vibration you must follow the path of your joy!



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