Channelled through Pat Grabham.


Today was my 16th birthday and it should have been a time of rejoicing but suddenly I felt no different to normal, for the years seemed to merge into each other, just as the days and nights - without any noticeable difference or alteration; so I somehow had no feelings about yet another year - I just knew that this restless feeling would go on finding no outlet it seemed with no other emotions than "there should be more to life".


My name was Elizabeth and I had lived in "this plane" in the lower astral realms for what seemed a very long time and I was beginning to feel the odd one out - for what seemed like ages everyone had got on my nerves, their pleasures were not mine any more and I could not help but shudder at all the goings on which was making me feel more and more afraid and lonely with the thought that somehow I had no friends, I felt so utterly alone inside me, there seemed no privacy - peace or beauty in anything and I've started to withdraw more and more into myself just thinking of a world as I would choose it - it was as if some far distant part of my memory came back to me with other things than just the physical lust between man/woman, whose ages seemed to be getting younger and younger.

As I looked at the squaller, the state of my surroundings, I felt tears of despair come to my eyes - was this all? My mother called out loudly - "Elizabeth, where are you? This has to be done and then that, hurry up - there's no time or purpose in day-dreaming."  Reluctantly I got up from the ground I was sitting on to what I knew was yet another thankless, meaningless day ahead. There seemed a never ending stream of abuse, degradation, a sense of futility about this place - I felt I wanted to run away but had nowhere to go and indeed, where would I go, no doubt all places were the same anyway.

Little did I know that today was going to change my life and indeed lives - a surprise was in store for me.

As I started the never ending chores, I let my mind dwell over these years made especially worse since my dad had gone - mum had changed so much, grown even more hard and bitter, taking out her annoyance and aggravation it seemed on me.

How I loathed this coldness which left no warmth inside me, the dust which seemed to get everywhere, a never ending greyness, physical abuse and pain, where I was forever trying to evade this man or that boy's lecherous arms and so often failing. Sometimes my body was covered with bruises.

I felt so claustrophobic, unable it seemed to breathe, when I just wanted to be alone, safe and free.

Mum wanted me to take some things to a lady over the other side to us and telling me not to be long, I set off on the long journey with my load. This lady lived in a little better area, not that it was much different really, but there was more space and room, and so I actually started to relax a little and I wondered what she would be like, this lady called Martha.

Fifty minutes later, I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. "Hello Elizabeth she said, how kind of you to bring these things over - won't you have a cup of tea, as I want to talk to you." Martha had white hair in a bun and was quite old but quite unlined and there was an air of something different about her. "If you will just be patient, there is someone I want you to meet, a very nice person, so nothing to worry about."

Suddenly there was another knock on the door and Martha jumped up to answer it and she seemed to be excited about something.  Looking expectantly towards the door, I saw a tall man dressed in a dark robe and with his head covered by the hood; coming into the room, he welcomed Martha as it seemed a very good friend and said "Hello Elizabeth - I know all about you". "My name is ........." He threw back his hood and smiled at me looking quite unlike anyone I had seen before - I think it was in his eyes really, they were so gentle and kind and seemed to understand everything abut me, and there was a quality of such peace and love coming forth from him, I was at a loss for words. He seemed to understand and said - "Elizabeth, I want to tell you a story and this concerns you yourself, so listen and tell me at the end what you think."

The three of us sat by the coal fire, me on the floor looking up at that face and Martha quietly in the background. While "He" talked, tears came to my eyes and rolled down my cheeks and I wept tears of pain - heartache and anguish until the tears stopped - "His voice still speaking, telling me about strange things no one here talked about and mentioning to me that the time had come when it was felt that I should move, get away from here and go to another, better place.

You see Elizabeth, he said, Martha does not live here at all, she is just using this place so that we can have our talk, and she will look after you in your next place, that is if you will let her". "He started then to tell me about all the different places which one day I would go to and all the nice people I would meet and how I would go to sleep and wake up somewhere else, just as my dad had."

I looked quickly at Martha and she gave me a gentle smile and I said, "yes - please, could I leave but what about my mum"? "He said, we will let her know where you have gone but whether she will believe is doubtful."

"What we will do now, is to take a walk - if you will hold my hand and Martha will be on your other side and we will begin our journey". We walked a short while but suddenly it seemed I was so tired, my eyes fell asleep and unbeknown to me, my journey into another plane of existence had begun.



(Elizabeth, now living a life as Candia)

High above the town amongst the rolling hills, Candia, stared far into the distance but also nothing, aware of the beauty and magnitude of her surroundings - the utter peace and tranquility, the birds making their beautiful sounds, the song in the air, the purity of the breeze, and she felt "sad" for she was back for it seemed in another time and place when she was "Elizabeth", for memories are not forgotten, everything is to hand, depending on the growth of the soul, and she was well aware of that part of her past, just as she was of other earthly and spiritual realms and though she had "everything" she felt incomplete.

How could she be happy knowing people existed in such places, remembering how great was her despair, sense of isolation and loss, just to exist in that awful place and to think "life carried on there still" broke her heart and just to remember brought tears to her eyes and though she had seemingly achieved much in this beautiful land, the memory of that earlier time would not let her rest and she knew she had to do something to help, just as help was given to her.

Martha, that lovely woman had lovingly looked after her just as she did to so many for during her childhood, Candia and her friends had had such fun, laughing - running, learning so many wondrous things, surrounded by so much love in those Nurseries of Heaven, where everything was small in size to fit their needs. She could see now those fruit trees, especially those bright red apples just outside their house which was all shining and white - with those pretty paths and flowers and behind in the distance those far off mountains, forests and streams where they loved to paddle in and which played beautiful music and talked to them in a language they seemed to understand. Those grown ups so warm and kind, jolly and wise and she knew that those "new youngsters" would get the same love and attention as she and her friends did. But why was it so often, her thoughts went back more and more to that place long it seemed ago, where just to remember, could make her shudder.

She was now a young lady although time was irrelevant, for she had been here for much longer than just a few mere years. She had soaked in and absorbed so much for there was always a willing person to talk to and learn from but she knew she wanted to do more for though she could stay here in this lovely land - that inner voice was telling her more and more of late, to take another step on the road of evolution and progression, in other words, listen more within to what her soul so often it seemed cried out to do. She loved to sketch, draw, and was very good, and indeed she had lately found herself sketching "that Face" she had not seen for so long, for "He" had not returned.

Indeed many "people" came down to their realm from high it seemed in the spiritual heavens, those celestial regions far above it seemed, but which she knew with progression and advancement would come attainment.


Sometimes she knew Martha gave her a knowing look as if she knew she was sad inside but she never spoke about those things for which Candia was somehow grateful. Those "persons" who visited them brought great delight and joy to all and sometimes one or two had spoken to her and had made an indefinable impression it seemed on her soul, but "He" had not returned and Candia wondered quite where "He" was.


Her knowledge of the spiritual laws of the Cosmos had grown so much and she knew everything was the effect of an earlier cause, the seeds sown had borne beautiful fruit or were barren in that hard earth of materialism - lust or greed.


Suddenly she knew it was time to return and she decided there and then to see what next she could do, waiting for a reply to her most ernest wish and so having put those thoughts into the ether, she retraced her steps and walked back Home - somehow strangely lighter in her heart than she had been of late.

A couple of days passed and then "Martha said she had been asked to take Candia to see "someone" who would have a proposition to put to her." Nervously but excitedly, Candia set off with Martha and they walked towards the outskirts of their town and here suddenly there appeared "a Man" Candia had never seen before and He was dressed in a strange green robe, beautiful and light, luminous too, and His face and skin was quite dark, dark were His eyes, deep His voice, and how wise were those eyes, they seemed to touch Candia's soul and strike a cord deep within. "His name He told her, Egyptian was His origin, when last long ago encased in a physical body. Welcome to my Home He said - we will be there in but a moment - take my hand and Martha's, close your eyes."

The next thing Candia was in a place quite unlike any she had ever seen before; etheric, shimmering with light, beautiful fascinating colours - tones and sounds emanated from this Land high in the Spiritual Realms. "My dear child He said, it has not gone un-noticed that need of yours, let me show you something just so that you can know without doubt, all, everything has its path - evolution and place in the grand scheme of the Cosmos."

"When I touch your forehead, you will go back in time to that place where you were once known as Elizabeth, for that is the root of the matter, the missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle. Look at it objectively, and tell me afterwards what you actually saw." Candia looked deeply and intently at herself and those around her, in those lower astral realms, doing her best to be objective.

She noticed now that she looked that overall there were several "people" who stood out to her spiritually accustomed eyes, there was about them something "different" - a light in their souls it seemed unlike the others. "Those illumined ones my dear her Host said, are from our Realms, who continuously journey to those lower astral planes of existence, taking in "everything" and who constantly try to give to others a little of the light which they have. But you know, they have to tone down their brightness, dress in drab clothes, hood themselves and be inconspicuous, for otherwise they would create unease not being as the rest."

"It is these truly great ones who labour and journey into the places where the spiritual kingdoms fear to tread and my dear, many have been helped, just as you were, although progress cannot be counted in time, for Eternity has no time, it is forever."

"There are many avenues open to you my child, many and varied, for you to help and in so doing evolve to yet new and greater heights. But this one we know is of great importance to you and thus you had to see with your own eyes a little of the work which is being constantly done."  "Go back with Martha and think what you really want to do, knowing that at any time you can stop and change course so to speak, free-will is yours."

"Meanwhile, let me show you a little more of my Home." The panorama of views took Candia's breath away, those etheric beautiful mountains. the like of which she had never seen before; the numerous waterfalls, lakes and streams, the bird life, and then she saw the most beautiful House she had ever seen - away into the distance which seemed to beckon and draw her to it, holding out its arms as if to welcome her. Her Host laughed gently, "yes, that is "The Masters House". who I am proud to love and serve, just as you will yourself be one day in ages ahead."

"I can see it seems an Angel each side of the House I said, is that right"? "You can see everything and nothing her Host said, it depends upon the individual". "But you are doing well, progressing all the time."

"It is now time for me to take you back otherwise the difference of air, vibration and energy would wear you out, so remember, what you have seen and I will myself take you to where you have decided your work rests."

"Au revoir Candia, till we meet again and may I say how privileged it has been to let you share for a brief time my Home."

In no time it seemed Candia and Martha were back home and how much they had to talk about.

The day came when Candia had her decision made which was not long in the making and "He" this time came to them. "He smiled and led Candia to who He said would be her Guide to help her in her chosen work," and her Guide was a lovely man, round in the face with bright blue eyes, an air of light existed around and within Him. "Together Candia he said, will we travel, you watching and learning by how I am so that one day you won't actually need me but can in your turn take someone, but that is a long way off yet." He was so lovely and they straight away struck up a warm bond of love and friendship which Candia knew would never be broken. "Call me Chris he said, and I will call you Candy, for I have watched you grow up from it seems now so long ago, and one day I will tell you about that too."

Many earth years had passed and still Candia and Chris went, helping to raise other less evolved souls to new and purer aspirations but they travelled too, far and wide and indeed on to more than one "Planet" did they go - at times just so that she could absorb all the advancements made in the evolution of humanity.

The time came when Candia knew it was time to evolve to yet another new plane of existence and with no fear, she held Chris's hand and went back to sleep again.


(Elizabeth, now living a life as Patrick)


Many cycles of humanity had evolved and come and gone and "Patrick" as he was now, had progressed far along his personal path. He had travelled far and wide to all the corners of the Universe it seemed, and at the same time, was a guide to many back upon the earth plane; his vibrations were so quickened and attuned, he could inspire his loved ones way back on the earth to ever greater heights and this was a constant delight - helping others to see greater light.

By now he had resided in the spirit realms for a great deal of time, re-incarnating now and then to achieve yet another facet and depth to his being. The time came when once again, a new journey was necessary and another facet of his soul took over emerging as yet another female, for truly, male/female are but the left and right of each other, depending upon what is the most necessary for the development of the soul.

(Elizabeth, now living a life as Lucy)

"Lucy" had once more got to be quite a mature woman and her life was very fulfilled in the spiritual realms. She had many facets to her being and she could seemingly "tune in" to the earth world and its vibration at any time. She taught many youngsters how to sketch, draw, and her musical ability was a joy to all. But even more than that, she felt "whole" and somehow "complete" as if she was finally Home.

Many times did she wander off to quiet beautiful celestial places and contemplated the Great Spirit and His Supreme Laws feeling nothing but a sense of wonder "that all this" had been planned for man and woman to inherit as gradually more and more were as the materialism and greed faded ever more to have no place in an evolved soul.


Sometimes Lucy would look back through all her lives, knowing each was necessary, both the good, sad, bad and joyful - sorrowful too, and that it had all been part of God's Divine Plan.

The time eventually came when Lucy knew she must retreat more and meditate and contemplate in greater depth, and so she would have to leave loved ones behind and climb yet another stepping stone - cross through yet another barrier for the furtherance of The Father's Work.

(Elizabeth woke up funnily enough looking the same this time as when she fell asleep, from her life as Lucy)

But waking up to a world of silence - complete - first of all in its Greatness, but as she listened, she became aware of life all around and within, and what a Beautiful Place she was in - high amongst some etheric mountains, where there was no feeling except utter complete peace - impossible to describe, for its feeling was unique.  As she looked around she knew strangely that it was not until now that she was actually Home - in accord and complete harmony.

Time passed, the warmth of the air had a blessing unknown to her and she was happy just to look and look into it seemed the Whole Universe Itself, remembering events, scenes and places from a multitude of lives.

She closed her eyes and must have fallen asleep which was strange because there was no feeling of tiredness, for the next thing she knew, a voice spoke to her:

"Hello Elizabeth" in that deep, well loved tone, and her eyes flew open in joy and wonder, and she saw again that Beloved Face from so long back.

"I know you have wondered many times Elizabeth He said, why you did not meet me again, but the time was not right, for you had to progress without interference, but I have watched and indeed guided you through many a life since that time when I spoke to you with Martha, back down in the lower astral realms. But now I would like to show you my Home and introduce you to many loved ones, who also have loved and cared for you during the duration of your many lives, and though you still have things to do, my Home is open to you whenever you wish, just as I am with everyone, always."

And there, before "Elizabeth's" wondering eyes stood "The Master's House" and it was as if she had never been away; Past, Present and Future, all seemed to become one with neither Distance or End.

Tears of joy and love fell but "Elizabeth" knew yet more journeys would one day be taken, as she came ever closer to His Blessing.

"Hello Everyone" - Elizabeth said. ........

(Even as she said these words, she thought to herself, some of those lives lived and even her life as Elizabeth, seemed worth it, just to be here at this moment with him whom she had loved since her first life, aeons ago).

25th February, 1985.








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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 4:50pm

That's lovely Valerie, a beautiful blue butterfly on a yellow rose!



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 23, 2012 at 12:05pm

Hi Pat,

We are butterflies...



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 10:17am

Hi Valery

That is lovely as is the picture, so unusual.  My understanding, is that in the beginning, here I am going back to Atlantis, and my heritage for instance, twin souls would incarnate together,(ie when descending from the Heights in Atlantis) down to planet earth, thus giving greater light, power, strength one to the other.  However, as the aeons of time went on, and more and more earth lives were experienced, it has often been the case that whilst one twin soul is on earth, the other has remained in the spiritual realms.  However, the experiences which one half of the twin soul has experienced, are shared equally with its other half, Dual-Ray, Divine Being, so that for instance if one half of the twin soul partnership experienced a life lived in say Egypt and the other did not, once the two twin souls meet up, the experience of that one becomes also the experience of the other.


It is a fact isn't it, so often in our lives we search and seek for that something - not always known quite what, but it could be called Dual.. we search for our at-one-ment with the Creator, but we also search for our beloved twin soul who has been one with us since time immemorial.  If for instance they are not with us whilst journeying here on earth, we enter into a soul mate situation, which can of course be someone with whom we have shared more than one earth life with in a romantic way.


Funnily enough earlier today, whilst thinking of writing, and the word beloved, which is a very popular name for many;  I was aware that not only does this word get written or spoken by spirit guides to their students or those whom they are giving their teachings to, but the word the beloved, also means one's twin soul, but again, it means The Beloved, that One-Ness with The Creator, so all in all, the word beloved, has many meanings.


It is awesome when we realise that what one half of a Dual-Ray, or twin soul partnership experiences, those experiences are shared with the other, all adding to that rich tapestry and knowledge of all the many and varied lives lived. 



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 9:46am

Hi Julian


I always called dreams, dreams, then I realised other people were saying astral travel, and when in various Akashic Readings I have had since 1990, spirit said, during sleep, dreams, astral travel, I not only meet up with them, but learn, teach, heal, etc... so gradually I moved away from saying just dreams.


My first dream experience began somewhere around 1983, after attending my trance meditation class.  The first major dream experience was somewhat of a shock to my system as it was of a man, in chains, but with the body of a lion.  When mentioning this to my teacher, and getting emotional as I can easily be, he said, I was lucky or something to have only had one such dream.


As I showed interest in these 'dream' happenings, I started to write them down, and my soul quickly got into the habit of returning to the present immediately when important 'dreams, astral travelling' took place.  I would write them down straight away, a bit like a mini novel! writing down my feelings, the essence of the dream, who if anyone I feel I had met and what the person looked like etc.  I have many A4 written notebooks, but I always like to type out the special dreams, rather than read my handwritten notes.  Then,if I look back into my typed, or written dream, the strange thing is by having written it down... it remains there on the Ether of thought and memory, whereas if I did not write them down, over a length of time, the essence and memory would without doubt fade. I remember clearly a dream, astral travel experience in 1986, which I can remember, but if I look at my notes, even more memory re-surfaces.


Some are quite long, going into several pages, some three-quarters of a page. My dreams, astral travel, are not as prolific as they were, but now and again, I have a special experience.


Going back to my name in dreams!  There was one where this spirit teacher/guide said - Pat and I will be so at home together... for instance.  Another one was as I was waiting to go for a job interview, this man called out Pat.  Things like that.  Nobody taught me... what made my dreams and astral travel progress so quickly and being very prolific for many many years, was the interest I had and the fascination.  Although spirit have said to me, having experienced all there was in the physical, my preference was for the sleep state and its associated experiences.  (This comment of course refers to many many life-times and not just this one).


I think also, for me, personally, why I have always loved the dream, astral travel experience, is that there is a heightened awareness and everything has a different feel to these happenings as compared to earth, many are a lot more potent than day to day life.  For myself, dreams and astral travel, means meeting up with loved ones, teachers and guides through the ages of time, and going back as I and they do, to Atlantis, so it all adds to that potency.


That is not to say I have not had dreams, astral travel where I was in a scary situation.  I have had dreams where I was in danger, more than once.  For years I would write down these as well, but if that ever happens now, which is very rare, I do not write down.  Dogs for instance often denote people, and I have had dogs in an assortment of dreams, good, not so good.


I have also had a couple only, of dreams, astral travel, where I clearly called out for help from my guides and teachers, which ensured I remained safe.  However, it is also my understanding that during dreams and astral travel, we go through steps or stages of initiation, experience that which is necessary for our soul.  One of my guides said in a Reading, that they shared certain moments for instance with me, because through this, it was beneficial for my soul.  It would trigger off for instance a particular awareness or thought process, leading either to remembrance or something relevant to my inner being.


It will be interesting Julian, if, during your dreams and astral travel, you suddenly hear your present name spoken.... if so, pay attention to it and the circumstances surrounding it, as it is not that often for a lot of us, we are called by our names whilst astral travelling.


Dreaming also teaches those of us who find this subject fascinating and interesting, to take everything in as quickly as we can, albeit on a subconscious level, as all of a sudden we could be woken up and that moment is lost.  In the past for instance whilst having a special dream, it would have just finished before my alarm woke me, which enabled me to retain that dream.


Again, in dreams and astral travelling, although from time to time I have had the first name of someone, what stands out is if I get the first and second names, then that really does register, as that is very unusual.  It has happened a few times and even now, years later, the names are remembered.


It is joyful knowing that whilst dreaming and astral travelling, I (or anyone else of course) can not only meet up with loved ones, guides, teachers, twin soul, etc in spirit, but can undertake steps of initiation, learning, and teaching and therefore bring back under the conscious memory, knowledge and teachings which will hopefully seep into one's day to day life.


It has been said, when a teacher or writer has talked about the dark night of the soul, when the soul feels cut off from spirit and its newly or beloved attunement and guides, that dreams can also cease, and this adds to the soul feeling cut off and lost, as that line and link of communication has also stopped.  But it is not the case, all these things still go on, the meeting up with loved ones, guides, teachers, etc - healing, but the memory is not retained for one reason or another.


I seem to have got carried away as usual. Dreams and astral travel are for me a soul growth, I learn, remember, awaken, to that which has been and is, and so for me, they are a precious moment in what can be the more mundane existence of living on earth.




Pat (not Patricia)!

Comment by Valery Jianu on November 23, 2012 at 9:07am

Love....the separated monads of Plato who are looking for their  half forever and  another day ...Creating attachments brings  always good/bad  karma...Between retrieval - the  Heaven. Always depends on the key reading.:)

Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 8:51am

Hi Julian


I did have a little laugh out-loud re Patricia. Being the second twin girl, back rather a long time ago, our parents had only chosen one girl's name, and as we were born on St Patrick's Day, the doctor suggested me, the second girl, being given the name Pat, and so it happened.  I always say I was a bonus.


Patricia Mary Grabham!


Going back to one of our favourite comments, dreams and astral travel.  I have had dreams, astral travel where now and again someone in spirit says my name.  I like to be called Pat in the rare dream where I am called by my name.  This has happened a few times and makes the dream that extra personal.  Once I was called Patricia, so was not so keen on that, and once using my surname.


My dear late mum used to like Patricia, but only joked if she ever used that, which was rare.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 8:42am

Hi Valery


That is lovely..... I am not that familiar with The Bhagavad-Gita- The song celestial - Chapter XII".  There are many beautiful spiritual texts which have stood the passage of time. The picture is lovely.

The idea came for this story, back in 1985, after reading a book by Anthony Borgia, who had a priest speak to him from the Heavenly worlds.  It made me think, and so began Elizabeth.  It is also a fact isn't, that love transcends time and space, and life after life, going through the ages, past and into the future.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 8:33am

That is a lovely picture Julian.

How many of us have patience!  I think Patricia means patience... not that I ever use my full name, apart from on documents!



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 23, 2012 at 8:15am

 "Who thus  adore Me,mastering their sense ,

Of one set mind to all,glad in all good,

These blessed souls  come unto Me".

 ( The Bhagavad-Gita- The song celestial - Chapter XII"


Comment by Pat Grabham on November 23, 2012 at 5:01am

Hi Hannah


Thank you.



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