The 'unphysical', 'inexplicable', 'spirituality' that is nevertheless elicited by 'physical' substances and/or practices is contradictory. We must seek explanations like we do in science. In the case of the information we get via psychedelics, eg DMT, we must settle down the question as to whether they are comming from other worlds or the always exist hidden in the brain.

DMT is said to mimick serotonin. One of the functions of serotonin is to 'tell' the brain cells to 'sleep' (hence to dream). So when DMT bind to serotonin receptors of some cells, they begine to sleep. However, the brain still can detect less serotonin. Therefore the brain interprate the presence of DMT as a very different kind of sleep and hence a very different kind of dreams.

We relate sleep to unseen worlds the same way we relate night to stars. Though the 'unseen' is always there, the wake state eclipses the information.

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Comment by Rahma on January 5, 2020 at 1:38am

There still remain the issue of how info from other worlds come to the brain in the first place. This is the kind of 'spirit-matter interaction'. One way is to posit some yet undiscovered 'fifth force'. Now, the usual signals comes to our neurones via the electromagnetic forces albeit in chemicals. Chemicals are net neutral and thus it is hard for physicists to discover EM forces by studying chemicals. These chemicals move neurone receptors via EM forces and hence transduct signals via sodium pumbs.

What if there is another force that the molecules forming receptors can respond to? The subtances generating this force are often neutral. This make the forces 'spatially decoherent'. 'spatial decoherence' is a very good way of understanding what 'neutralization' mean. But this decoherence is relative. If the neurone receptor is decoherent in the same way as the incomming signal, it perceives the signal as coherent relative to itself (wherever the force attract, the molecules attract, reinforcing the force)

Comment by Rahma on January 5, 2020 at 12:19am

So the idea is that information from otherworlds (eg alien abductions) always comes to our brains! We donnot notice this in much the same way we don't notice the stars during day time. The light from the sun outshines those from stars. Similarly, the information from this world 'outshines' the information from other world.

The idea of DMT is to induce sleep-like state while we are fully conscious. This cuts off the info from this world so it nolonger outshines the info from other worlds. This serves the same role as a solar eclipse which reveal stars.

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