1. Respect the sanctity of a loving union. Treat your partner as your equal regardless of their gender, age, breeding; or any other factors. Give them complete honesty, trust, support, and most importantly your heart in love. If you submit to your desires for another to commit adultery, or you are unable to love your partner as they expect to be within your union; then your partnership should be ended out of respect for not only them but yourself.

2. Do not show prejudice. Be it to race, culture, sex, faith, creed, opinion, or sexual orientation. Respect all the diversity of human life as much as your own.

3. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by anger. Revenge, rage, hatred and all other emotions born of anger, consume and blind you. Most words and actions arising from such a state are destructive and inevitably only lead to pain, regret and anguish. To avoid this learn to control your anger; not to be controlled by it. Remember to think before you act; always resisting the urge to react.

4. Do not overindulge on the food, water and other natural resources which sustain life. Remember that the fruits of this world are a blessing for you all. Do not be one who consumes in excess whilst there are others who starve, deprived of the meagre share they need just to survive.

5. Do not voice judgement towards another. Do not speak words to anyone that display contempt, distaste, disliking, that in any way patronizes them; or convey a distinction by which they are made to seem inferior to you.

6. Never judge others of your own mind, and express it as being that of any God or higher power. For by doing so you not only falsely reduce them to being one who is inferior to yourself; but also promote yourself as being equally Divine in knowledge and wisdom to the God you claim to speak and pass judgement for.

7. Do not ignore that which you recognise to be righteous if it fails to fit with your current paradigm. You should never ignore things that you know to be of truth, regardless of if they are inconvenient to your beliefs.

8. Do not jump to conclusions which could see you treat another unfairly. For such actions not only hurt them, but also yourself if they are shown to be undeserving of such treatment.

9. Do not treat someone according to your mood if you are in a negative state. All undeserving people should be treated nicely and with respect; regardless of your mood.

10. Do not call the name of your God or higher power trivially. Try not to seek them in life for assistance with simple problems and hardships for which you are quite capable of resolving yourself. Make good use of the gift of divine inner strength they have graced you with. For it is only when you have given your all and still can’t find your feet; that one should seek Divine grace to pick them up.

11. Do not be one who places their own personal interest above the greater good of others. Remember that the needs of the many should always come first. The difference between a King and a Tyrant is that; a beloved King lives for his people and the good which he can bring them; whereas a Tyrant lives off his people and the good which they can bring him.

12. Do not blame or curse God for your pain, or for the mistakes that all are free to make in life. For if you did not know pain in life then you could never learn the lessons of such pain. To know and appreciate life’s gifts of joy and love; you must also know of its pain and suffering. For if one had never tasted lemon, could they still say sugar sweet?

13. Do not give gifts and offerings to God, forsaking charity to those in need. God has no need or want for your physical possessions or valuables. See your offerings instead find those who are less fortunate and in need. For it by gifts such as these, that God shall see you truly blessed.

14. Do not overindulge in the possessions of the physical world, or seek to surround yourself in luxury and splendour. Though there is no sin in knowing the comforts of life; do not live as one in excess. Remember that those who have much, but give little; stand before God as one with nothing. And those who have little, yet give it all; shall stand as that of King.

15. Do not use your words as a weapon to entice or provoke. Do not speak your mind if your mind is of want to cause trouble. For though it may see others first to form a fist, this does not free you of guilt. You are all personally responsible for the consequences of your words. Likewise you should always identify an attempt to provoke you into anger, so you do not fall into its trap. Remember that the measure of power within any spoken words is in the reactions those words receive.

16. Do not treat others rudely or with disrespect. Do not conspire, manipulate or seek to give misfortune to others, by which you’d stand to gain.

17. Do not hold yourself as one in importance above all others. See that your pride finds balance in modesty so that you may remain humble and do not become arrogant.

18. Do not overstate or embellish yourself to be one beyond that which is true. You should only ever afford yourself as much credit as that which you are due.

19. Do not neglect your responsibilities in life. For yourself and especially for others. Always be dependable and reliable, especially to those from whom you’d expect the same.

20. Respect the laws of man that govern the lands. Honour and respect the country that is your home; and those who serve as its head. If such heads fail in their duty to represent the best interest of your country and its people, then the loyalty of the people to their country should see that they are replaced as a result.


1. Do not kill, nor bid others to kill; lest it be an unavoidable consequence of defending the greater value of life.

2. Do not kill in the name of any God or higher power. For no true Divinity who possesses powers for the giving of life; would then require our assistance if they chose to take it.

3. Respect the sanctity of the loving union of others. Regardless of sexual orientation. Do not adversely affect others in their pursuit of love with their chosen partner, for any reason other than the safety and preservation of life.

4. Do not seek to interfere in others unions through your own personal opinions, words, deceit, manipulation, or by any other direct, indirect or passive means.

5. Respect the rights of others to the authority over their own physical form.
Never rape, nor deprive someone of any choice regarding their own body. Be it physical, emotionally or mentally.

6. Do not dictate to a woman the terms by which seed should bear fruit in her womb. You do not take fruit from trees out of season, nor do you seek to receive it from trees which are not ready to bear it. Just as a farmer discards the early flowering of his trees deemed not ready to bear fruit, so too does a woman know the season of her own womb, and its readiness to bear fruit.

7. Respect all others right not only to life, but to death. Just as you would show compassion and mercy to a sick or injured animal in order to end its suffering, so too should you allow someone to end their suffering.

8. Do not adversely affect the happiness of those around you. Be they family, friends, enemies or complete strangers. Do not try to bring others hurt, sadness or any manner of negativity through your words and actions. Do not seek to harm any; who do not seek you harm.

9. Do not intentionally seek to injure, or cause physical harm to any man, woman; or living creatures upon this Earth. With any wound you cause, they may live scarred; and with any bone you break, they may live lame. Remember that all life feels the same pain that you do.

10. Do not cause others to cry tears of anything but joy. Though it may be sometimes unintentional or unavoidable that another cries by your hand; you should always then seek to assist in healing the pain you have caused them.

11. Do not steal, or seek in any way to possess that which does not belong to you or is not rightfully yours. Remember that for all ill-gotten gain; another has likely known the pain of loss.

12. Do not seek to deprive or take from others their human rights; or the things in life which they are entitled to. Never take dignity from another under any circumstances. Fight to protect these rights at all times not only for you, but for every man and woman.

13. Do not seek to incriminate others. Do not support any person, plot or process which seeks to have another unjustly accused. For none should ever in such a way, see themselves accused of that which they did not do.

14. Do not lie; embellish the truth; or spread unsubstantiated rumours about others. Do not distribute opinions, conjecture or stories regarding other people.

15. Do not knowingly allow another to be hurt, or come to harm. If you have the ability to speak or take action towards its prevention yet do nothing; then you are guilty participant in such a crime. It is every decent man and woman’s duty to do all within their power to ensure the safety and preservation of another life; without compromising their own.

16. Do not violate the privacy of others. Do not listen in on their conversations, or seek to find more than they would wish to show you, or than you should know.

17. Do not abuse your authority over others, or those under your authority. Though your position may command you respect from those under you, you should work to earn it regardless.


1. Respect all life, man, woman or otherwise. Value every skin of the land, feather of the sky, and scale of the sea as equally as you would human life. Take from them only what you need to survive, and make every effort to give back for all that you take.

2. Do not abuse or destroy the rainforests, wood-bearing forests, fields, fruit-bearing trees, plants or crops. Nor any flowers or flora of this world. If you do not consistently plant to give back for that which you take, then you face a future without them. Remember that they are the very lungs of this world; and if you lose them, so too do you lose your ability to breathe.

3. Respect the water of life which sustains all. Try to only to use what you need and ensure that all other life is allowed free access to the waters they also need. Do not seek to control, corrupt, or pollute these waters, nor deny them to any life upon this planet.

4. Respect the oceans, as they are the blood of this world. Do not pollute them, or render their waters toxic to the life within them. Try not to develop, destroy and alter the environments below the water. Leave untouched the reefs, caverns and trenches below its depths. As well as the gorges, rivers, and streams; as they form the breeding grounds for its marine life.

5. Respect all life within our oceans. The seas are not your home; they belong to the whales, dolphins, fish, seals, and all other aquatic creatures. Respect also all coral, seaweed and any other form of life which call the seas their home.

6. Do not overfish the waters, or take more from them than you need. By plundering carelessly the fish within the seas; you are destroying the very thing which sustains this planet. You must maintain rich and plentiful life within the waters; as the blood of the Earth; so it remains healthy. If you take and consume too much from beneath the waves, then the planet shall become sick.

7. Do not slaughter or sacrifice any life or animal in the name of God or any higher power. For why would one responsible for giving us the miracle of life; be pleased with those who then see such a gift destroyed?

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