Critique On Sean Carroll's Argument Against Psi

In summary, argument goes that when it comes to physics of day to day life, the equations of quantum electrodynamics (QED) have given us all there is to know about what can/cannot significantly our day to day world! This because 'they are extreemly accurate'. But they don't indicate how charges interact with unseen stuffs to create such phenomena as telekinesis, telepathy, reiki, soul etc.

The first glarring hole in this argument is that neither does QED include gravity, an obvious force in day to day world! So the trick is how can prediction of electron trajectories 'be very accurate' without including gravity, a force which is supposed to be acting on them? Might the force that cause psi be simply a gravity-like force that manifest significantly only amongst maltitude of electrons

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Comment by Rahma on January 10, 2020 at 12:40am

Can we be certain that only Newt's laws and boundery/innitial conditions are the ones at work in the wind dynamics? No! This is because chaos don't allow us to test this by making a prediction that follow only from innitial conditions.

If we make the most accurate measurement possible of the innitial condition, but nevertheless fail to make a correct prediction on tragectories, we say 'the measurement was not accurate enough'. However (what physicists tend to forget), we can also say the measurement of the initial conditions were accurate enough but somewhere on the way, unknown forces acted on the particles.

Finaly, true scientist tend to reject that a ghost blew the wind not because he can predict the trajectories but because the ghost don't seem to add a better prediction. In other words we use Ockam's Razor, not Sean Carroll's nonsense.

Comment by Rahma on January 10, 2020 at 12:24am

The lesson number#1 in a physic class (Sean Carroll et al seems to ignore) is to be carefull with 'domain of applicability' of a law of phyc. The forces at work in reiki, for instance, doesn't have to extend its domain of applicability upto microscopic world. So we can't rule out reiki by studying the physics in Large Hadron Colider (but we can confirm it).

By what does it mean for 'forces of reiki having limited domain of applicability'? It mean that the force acting on a single electron is too tiny to detect. But the aggregate force acting on the myriads of them in your body becomes a force to be reconed with. So we realy can't study well the phyc of the macroscopic world by studying microscopic world, at least not to the extend that we can assert that what is not appearing in the working equations does not exist in the macroscopic world.

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