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  • Idea for technique:
    - visualize large golden disc over head, write code.
    -Imagine which disk becomes small and penetrates into body as a tablet

  • Hi Goran,

    Trust this message finds you well.

    Thanks for posting the code book. Since I am new to Grabovoi numbers, I have few queries on how to use them. I came across them as I was searching for a cure for my diabetic wife. She is diabetic, overweight and because of that we are facing issues in having baby. I could find numbers for these things in the code book. I now have the following queries:

    1) Can we use 2-3 codes at the same time?

    2) How and where do we write them on the body, like place on the body, color of the pen?

    3) How much time it takes to start showing the effect?

    4) Can we write them at other places as well where we get to see them all the time, like on walls?

    It would be really great if you could respond to these queries.

    Please let me know for any additional information.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Abhinav Prakash.

This reply was deleted.

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