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It seems like everyone here is looking for enlightenment, I have seen word ascension used a lot here. As if it is something, that everyone is striving towards; by using this attunement or that one. However, there is a missing ingredient. That is we are already "ascended" It is our egos and the limits of physical reality that cloud are ability to truly see the magnificence of existence. The other day I was watching show on supernovas, how a giant star collapse into itself and then explodes into the universe creating the dense atoms that are the building blocks for life. The atoms and matter that originate from a supernova are the same ones that make up our human bodies. Then we can take it further and when we look at matter itself, there is really nothing there, and what we perceive is directly effective by the perceiver’s consciousness. There is no separation between the universe and us. There is no separation between thought and matter. This not theory or religion, these are facts. We are already absolute, just blind to it. A great Indian master used to say, “You cannot see your own eyeballs”

What I do honestly agree with is the power of intention. Intention directs our consciousness towards a specific outcome. Intention has the power to change our realities into whatever we desire it to be. Intention is the most powerful aspect of being human, we are the Masters of Reality. (Master of Reality is my favorite Sabbath Album)

What does all this have to do with ascension? I do not believe we are rising up a spiritual ladder, what we need to do is clear the way so light can enter us. There are thousands of method that have been developed over eons. All of them are valid. Personally I prefer meditation, letting go of all my pre conceived ideas and judgments; learning how to see perfection in everything just as it is in this moment. We have the gift of awareness. When we stop viewing the world and ourselves from a dualistic perspective, everything is equal there is no good vs evil, no light and darkness, no having and not having; only pure spotless, clear, loving awareness.




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