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Chakras are energy centres which connect us to the spiritual world and bring strength and courage into our everyday life. The spiritual world is based on the principles of optimal flow of inner energy, and chakras in the human body... bring our inner energy all the necessary spiritual strength and courage we need to deal with new situations as soon as they arise.
Chakras of those who aren’t spiritually brave may close, making them feel worse, because inner restlessness is growing stronger and is distancing us from our health.
When we look inwards, into our inner self-image, we see the mirror of our personal growth and self-acceptance thus far, as well as all our repressed emotions, thoughts, worries and everything which separates us from the right path in our life. Chakras also close as a result of stress, dissatisfaction and everything which separates us from our happiness. On the other hand, chakras open on the basis of our sincere love of ourselves as well as others, because love brings new insights about life itself and opens the doors of inner peace leading to a happy and peaceful life. Love is the right path when we find ourselves at a loss, when we don’t open up to ourselves or look within for inner perceptions. Love connects us all into an integrated whole and gives us a feeling of safety when we know how to stand up for ourselves in the right way.
Strength represents the ratio between the invested and received energy in our relationship between our own self and the outer world. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, we become subject to manipulation and outside influence, distancing us from the right paths and inner peace. Inner peace can only be found in harmony with oneself, by looking inwards and drawing on inner strength in every moment in one’s life. If we are unable to look within and listen to our inner core, justice eludes us and our chakras make sure to close the flow of inner energy. When we are open to other people’s opinions and energy which may not suit us, our energy centers close for our own benefit, because our pure core represents the connection with the spiritual world only when our energy is pure and in optimum condition. When it isn’t, it closes from outside influences and thus maintains our integrity. If one is open to the outside world and doesn’t know how to stand up for oneself and discern what is good for them energetically, it is better for them to be energetically as closed as possible and thus at least preserve the purity of the inner core necessary to act calmly in stressful situations. If such a person wants to open up to the outer world by force by opening their chakras, it isn’t the right way to do it, for they are unable to be in connection with themselves. The inner path therefore moves further away from our preordained path and we succumb to other people’s manipulation. So chakras sustain the balance between the inner and outer energies.
Our energy needs to be kept pure, which is ensured through the regulation of energy by our soul and the spiritual world intended for our spiritual help. The human factor is undesirable when it comes to opening chakras, because the state determined by the soul is the optimum. First we need to put our inner energy in order, open up to the spiritual world on the basis of our love, then comes the time to open our chakras, which can balance us with ourselves only when we know how to stand up for ourselves and regulate our energy in a completely natural way by self-evolution and self-acceptance. Those who want to open their chakras before they are ready for it will run into even bigger problems, for they are unable to distinguish between their own energy and the energy of others, thus falling into emotional distress as a result of mixing outside energies with their own inner energy. Therefore, the inner energy isn’t just their own anymore, which leads to inner restlessness and emotional transformation that isn’t based on love but on manipulation.
Most people don’t know how to regulate their energy. When we suffer from stress and inner unease it distances us from our emotions, and inner restlessness draws us away from the desire for a peaceful and well-ordered life. Therefore, chronic stress leads to a weakened immune system and brings on diseases caused by stress and emotional imbalance.
Whatever disturbs our inner peace, creates records in our body. They are compounded by our inability to resolve the current situation and non-acceptance of the current situation as something good, which we shall get out of with our wisdom and inner strength. Not dealing with the present situation and despairing over ourselves, emotional stress and low inner energy create the following records.
Anger is an emotion arising when we don’t accept the current situation as good and desired for our further development, shut ourselves off and decide on revenge for the present situation. As a result of anger, our liver and kidneys suffer and shut themselves off in their function, and eventually stop serving us in their optimum activity. Their function evades stressful situations by retreating into undesirable activity, which impairs their function, and if such situations continue for too long, they bring on disease and problems with these organs.
We can deal with our anger in a perfectly natural way by looking inwards and finding within us the solution for the situation at hand. When we are strong inwardly, no outward impulse can get to us and distance us from our optimum everyday life.
Fear is the enemy of our well-being and pulls us away from our truth. Lungs suffer when we repress our fears, and shrink in their activity, because they require inner peace and tranquility to function optimally. When we abandon ourselves to our fears and everything resulting from them, our health deteriorates. When fears are part of our everyday life, our inner strength gets shut off. What we don’t want happens, because fears block the doors to our progress and give us a feeling of inferiority.
Our spleen suffers when we are insecure in our decisions and are unable to decide for ourselves, always asking others for direction. Our gall bladder guides us on the path of courage, for when we are dissatisfied with ourselves its optimum activity is compromised.
Our heart is the organ giving us all the necessary inner strength and courage. When we are unable to look into it and draw on all our inner wisdom, we tire our heart out, which suffers under our stress when we cannot find the right solutions to even the smallest problems and are unable to look within ourselves and listen to our inner feelings, our heart. The heart gives us strength and courage when we learn to look into it and listen to it in every emotional situation and on the path to our emotions. Emotions distance us from ourselves when we don’t know how to look inwards, into our inner self-image ruled by our heart, and are unable to stand up for ourselves at crucial turning points in our life.
We’ve got a sore throat when we don’t communicate the topics that are suffocating us internally but we are unable to get out.
Our nose bothers us when we don’t look within and follow our intuition and all our inner perceptions. Inner strength and courage represent the base for well-being and health. When we don’t listen to ourselves, our inner core and the records of our soul suffer, and we move further away from ourselves and our inner path, which is laid out for us in the optimum dealing with every problem and in inner self-confidence. Only when we have cleared our inner records, can we stand up for ourselves in the right way and find within us all the answers for our optimum life journey and the path leading us to inner peace.
Our stomach suffers when the stress of everyday problems is too high and we refuse to accept the external situation as something good which will take us towards solutions. It also suffers when we are changing and adapting too slowly.
Our duodenum indicates inner stability when we know how to look inwards and draw on strength and self-confidence from within, otherwise it doesn’t feel well and eventually starts to cause us problems with digestion.
Our eyes suffer when we are unable to look within and instead search for our way in the wrong places. The skeleton represents inner stability and suffers when we don’t create strong foundations of inner self-confidence.
The small intestine represents inner peace and self-reliance. When we submit ourselves to others and receive energy which isn’t consistent with our inner energy, our small intestine begins to cause problems and doesn’t function in accordance with our wishes. The large intestine is the dumping ground for our desires, and inner restlessness which represents stress from all our unlived moments gradually starts to inflate stressful events and our health in that area begins to worsen.
Inner strength eludes us when we don’t love and accept ourselves, and get annoyed with ourselves about details we cannot either change or accept. Self-acceptance is one of the most difficult tasks in our life, and our bone marrow doesn’t function optimally when we don’t accept ourselves and are unable to look inwards and allow us to love ourselves as well as everyone else.
Our vascular system circulates our love, and when there is no self-love, when we don’t accept ourselves the way we are, when every little detail about ourselves bothers us, then our veins no longer feel good in our body and they contact or expand as part of the defense mechanism of withdrawal and non-acceptance.
When we accept ourselves, we are on our way to health and inner satisfaction. First we need to put our head in order, then our heart, and finally our inner perceptions. That way we build the foundations of our inner stability and self-confidence, which open the doors to an outside world firmly based on interpersonal relationships and love. Only when we accept ourselves, can we accept others as well. Until we do, we try to change other people, whom we blame for all our problems. However, this doesn’t work, because we are responsible only for ourselves, for all our problems, since they stem from us, from our relationship to ourselves and the outside world. The only way we can change other people is to change ourselves, and due to our different attitude to others they eventually change in their relationship to us and sometimes also in their relationship to themselves. For when we show someone the way by working on ourselves and through the results of our changes, it is the right starting point for changing others. Our love frees us of all old injustices and ensures our health and well-being.
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