Buddha's Meditation for Going Deeper

                         ***   Buddha's Meditation for Going Deeper by Lama Surya Das   ***

                         Seeing thru - Just being
                         Through and through.
                         Simply pay attention,
                         It pays off.
                         When you become clear, everything becomes clear.
                         Turn the spotlight,
                         The searchlight, inwards.
                         It is all available.

                          What we seek, we are;
                          Don't overlook it.
                          Neither too tight nor too loose,
                          Simply sustain present wakefulness
                          And clearly comprehend things
                          Just as they are.
                          Contentment is the ultimate form of wealth.

                          One ground, many paths.
                          Use the teflon side, not just the velcro side, of your mind.
                          Practice cling-free relationships
                          And cultivate dream-like practices,
                          And experience dream-like awakening.

                          Just seeing, recognizing, and releasing;
                          Simply experiencing, penetrating, and letting go/letting be -
                          Practice these three principles of natural freedom,
                          The art of nonattachment.
                          Seeing things as they are,
                          Not as you are,
                          Is clear vision and insightful wisdom.

                          No need to try to get into the flow;
                          The great Tao flows right through you.
                          What we seek is right here;
                          We are usually elsewhere.
                          We are all Buddhas by nature;
                          We only have to recognize that fact,
                          Thus awakening to who and what we are.

                          Sleeping Buddhas, awaken -
                          Throw off your chains, your concepts and hang ups.
                          Seeing thru yourself, seeing Buddha, being Buddha.
                          Embrace the marvelous neurotikaya,
                          Come home and find
                          and be free.


Love, Light and Peace, Tara *~*

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Comment by Tara Mary on June 15, 2012 at 8:53pm

Hi Hannah, so happy you felt and liked this.  What a gorgeous flower, a pretty color, too!!

thank-you dear sister, much love and big hugs, Tara xox xox

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