A lot of people note similarities between quantum mechanics and eastern ideas. Incoherence, though, prevent macroscopic realization of quantum effects. If we are to relate 'wierd' qi effect to the 'wierd' quantum effects, we must find a way in which qi is quantum coherent.

Bose Einstein Condensate is a quantum coherent macroscopic substance. It is thus a realization of 'quantum wierdness' in the macroscopic world. A coherent state is composed of waves of the same frequency/wavelength and the same phase angle that are superimposed on each other (like in a laser). The resultant, bigger wave is the macroscopic 'substance' while the constiuent waves are the microscopic 'particles'.

High temperature is related with incoherence because of the particles jiggling at all manner of momenti. Thus due to Debronglie wavelengths being related to momenti, we have a wide range of wavelengths, hence incoherence.

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Comment by Rahma on April 2, 2020 at 3:59am

Wikipedia article dismiss it as 'pseudoscience'. But why don't they lable 'dark matter' etc that way? Part of the reason is the way the proponents depict it as 'immaterial', 'not science', 'beyond mind' etc. Unfortunately, the ununderstandable need to battle the mind introduces unecesary contradiction. If something does affect the world like qi is said, then it can easily be discovered just like we can easily discover the wind by its effect on trees etc. To avoid contradiction then, rather than thinking of another entirely unknown 'thing' as to be qi, think of the known things at time exhibiting unknown behaviours. After all it has been discovered that different 'things' can better be understood as different behaviours of the same thing.

So we may posit that qi, when working in the body is just the electromagnetic field (i.e photon), but understood well as 'polarized vacuum' capable of going to the total unseen state.

Comment by Rahma on April 2, 2020 at 2:20am

Flux of qi is said to affect various body activities, from emotions to health. In the theory we must find a way of explaining these body states using coherence rather than some 'flux'.

To explain the qi effect on emotion, a theory of quantum mind may surfice. In quantum mind, we may explain such mental features as 'freewill' using the indeterministic nature of quantum mechanics. So it is also an explanation of quantum mechanics! Physicists observe some sort of 'incoherent mind' in the microscopic world. When it coherse in the brain, the 'collapse of wavefunction' manifest itself as 'conscious decisions'.

So you see how 'calming thoughts' is related to this. Lots of chaotic thoughts does the equivalent of 'high temperature', which decoheres the quantum state.

Comment by Rahma on April 2, 2020 at 1:46am

But I wish to investigate if the techniques said to enhance qi or prana, eg pranayama, are infact, attempts to make qi quantum coherent, or in otherwords attempts to create a Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) of qi.

First note that all the proceedures involves 'calming' something, which is exactly what we do when we cool a sabstance to creat a BEC. Pranayama involve calming the breathing. Meditation involves calming the thoughts etc.

The idea of BEC is to reduce jiggling that is related to temperature this cutts off the 'noise' that prevents the manifestation of another version of vibration driven by zero point energy pervading the whole space. This latter vibration is coherent as it is driven by the same wave, hence quantum coherent.

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