Beloved Saint Germain Blessings of The Freedom Star. Guy W Ballard, Anointed Messenger:

Beloved Saint Germain Blessings of The Freedom Star ☆ EΛEYΘEPIA
Beloved Saint Germain ". . .Have limitless courage and strength to go forward. Do not accept, beloved ones, individually, that there is one single thing in your Life which cannot be conquered by this Power of the Presence of Life. You are being given limitless Assistance, but do not think for one moment that We would hesitate, even without your asking, to render any Assistance that might be required in your great determination to be free.
Do you know that every one of you who is sincere, is directly in touch with Our Vibratory Action all the time, and the slightest call from you is known to Us instantly? It might seem strange, but it is quite natural. In our Octave, there is no limitation of any kind. Therefore, We can answer many as well as one. "I want you to feel how limitless is your Life and the Power of your Presence which you are calling forth into action. It is so magnificent. Oh, you are coming more and more into the great tangibility of It.
Sometimes, you do feel more satisfied if you can reach out and touch It. "May you feel, tonight, all that is here of Our Great Courage and Strength. I am releasing this Great Courage and Strength to you which will remain. It is not a passing thing, but I want you to have it, because it means so much in your application. Then, you will be dauntless before a thing that has not seemed to yield. You will say: "Well, you might just as well obey, because you have got to do it." Feel it! Feel your independence toward anything that does not want to yield. Say: "Well, you might as well do it, because you have got to do it." Feel that! I tell you frankly, you will feel a Power and Command that will give you the assurance. Then, as you go on, you will find everything will come into action that you require.
"I thank you with all My Heart, beloved ones, and may My Great Eternal Love enfold each one in Its Mighty Strength and Courage until that day, not so far distant, when We know each other a little better."
December 29, 1938 Los Angeles, California, USA
Guy W. Ballard, Anointed Messenger The Voice of the "I AM" - 1939 Saint Germain Press

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