Natural phenomena don't happen randomly. They are directed. If you release a stone, it will move downwards and not at any other direction. This is an example of 'direction' in what I may term it as 'space of geometry'. But I can generalize to what I may term it as 'Hilbert Space'. The space of geometry is a set of locations. The 'Hilbert space' relevant to evolution of life is the set of states that a living thing can be found in. The 'movement' in this latter space cannot be any more random than in the latter.

However, what the evolutionist is telling us is akin to claiming that aimlessly jiggling balls can result in a consistently directed motion like that of gravity! In the space of locations, we easily note that this is in conflict with the second law of thermodynamics. But as I will show you, it is same in all 'spaces'!

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Comment by Rahma on March 13, 2020 at 2:10am

But lets grant neo-Darwinism that the living being having evolved from state A to a slightly different state B, A now begine to be selected against so to prevent 'undoing'. The question is how slightly different is B from A? Facts shows that it takes the most powerfull microscope to see!

This mean the sequence, A,B,C,... neaded to bring about macroscopic change contain zillions of stages. In everyone of those stages zilions of living things were selected against! This is ridiculus!

Another way of think about this is that suppose some mad monkeys are pressing keyboard buttons randomly and printing them out. What will it take for them type the whole of Wikipedia? Lets say every time they make an error, you throw the printed paper to dustpin. Quick calculation shows that very soon you will be having billions of papers in the dust pin. Similarly Darwinism predict far to many dead, past living things than the whole universe can contain!

Comment by Rahma on March 13, 2020 at 1:29am

The crucial difference between a 'Maxwell's Demon' and 'natural selection' is the decisive blocking of particles moving in the direction opposit to the desired direction. In other words it prevents the 'undoing' of a thing done the desired way. It is not enough to preserve the done state. We must prevent the undoing of the done state, and this is where Darwinian Selection fails.

If evolution of living things is due to random changes, then for every forces that brings about a change, there are equal forces that try to bring the state back to where it was. Since the state was earlier selected for, the existence of now a slightly 'improved' living thing does not mean the former will all suddenly die, leaving the latter alone. In other words something may preserve the 'doing', but nothing cancels the 'undoing'. Therefore random changes can only result in a slight back and forth alteration and not a massive, directed change.

Comment by Rahma on March 13, 2020 at 1:09am

For a thing to be said to have moved say in a random direction, it mean that a motion in any other direction was similarly possible. A collection of large number of objects each moving in random directions can never, on its own, result in a stream of directed motion, eg a jet. Randomnes only begget another randomness.

However, there is a special conceptual case called 'Maxwell's Demon'. This involve an intelligent being ('demon') selecting those particles moving in the desired direction and block those moving in the opposit of that direction. Of course this can now lead to particles jetting out from random motion.

Thats it! The only way to produce a directedness out from randomness is via some 'Maxwell's Demon' of some sort. Then I will argue that Darwinian 'natural selection' is not a 'Maxwell's Demon'.

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