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avyakta murli

Avyakt Murli 15.11.2011


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Essence: Now, Reveal the God, become like the Father, apply dot in a second and remain free from waste thoughts. Do service being knowledge-full, powerful and love-full through thoughts, words and action. Become ever ready, full and perfect/complete, free from obstacles and prepare the rosary of 108.


Today, the Almighty Father has come to give the treasures of all powers to his master almighty children. In a second, by saying My Father, you become the master of all attainments of the God-Father. So, do you keep all the powers all the time and use them when needed? Check this.


Along with creating challenges to others, you must check yourself for the success in becoming embodiment of all virtues because you are the instruments to bring the world of happiness.


So, Father asks, have you become full and complete/perfect, the foundation to bring the world of happiness? You do a very good service but check how many come close to you. You have to make effort to attain the result of service.


Many become happy with your service but since the inheritance has to be received from God-Father, let them know about God-Father, time and the self-respect to become master of their rights-inheritance. Let their intellect know that, now, God has come, God is giving inheritance, so that they become owner of the inheritance.


Spread the words in all directions that, Our Baba-Father has come, which you have been singing for yourself. Now Father wants to see this result. There is transformation, there is result of service, you receive the reward of service. But souls have not reached up to the God-Father. Now make plans for this: How the God-Father can be revealed to everyone?


The ones who is going to rule the kingdom, have you become free from obstacles? Are you ever ready? Every one is required, from the rulers to the royal subjects and ordinary subjects. If you are delaying the final revelations, to spend time with God, still you must become complete and full-equal like Father and experience divine life with Him. It is not just about one, the kingdom has to be established, the whole kingdom has to become ready.


Father knows that, you children are ready but you have to become Ever-ready. There is need of children who can apply a full stop within a second. There must not be any sign of waste thoughts. To whosoever you give message, let them become interested to get transformed-imbibe divine virtues. Father looks for this result. Hence Father gives orders and also direction that when you serve any soul, you have to serve them in three forms and three methods at the same time.


Three forms are being knowledge-full, powerful and loveful and three methods are by mind, words and actions at the same time. Not just serve them by words but along with words, serve through mind also. Let the mind be powerful. With these, let the soul's mind also transform. By words let the complete knowledge be known and by action let the souls feel that in reality they have come to their own divine family. With the feeling of family, they become close to you. So, Father wishes to see three forms of service at the same time. Is it possible to give all these three attainments at the same time?


Now, there should be attention to become full and complete/perfect. There will be 108 souls to rule the kingdom. Then there are 16,108 companions of the rulers. Then there are souls numberwise. Now Father wishes to see atleast the 108 souls become ever-ready equal like the Father. When 108 become ready, all others can also follow them. Every soul needs their place-status.


So, the essence of what the Father wants is, everyone has to make their fast effort and have determination that I have to become equal like the Father. Because, Father had told you even earlier, that the transformation can happen all of a sudden. So, now you have to reveal externally, the sparkle of the stage of self-transformation. Are you ever-ready for this? Have determination. The power of determination helps you a lot. There should not be any excuse in this.


Now Father wants you to remain in the stage equal to Father, for a period of one month based on your determined thought. Whatever it may happen, whatever be the situation, let the obstacles come, but you must become victorious. When you are with the Almighty authority, what would the obstacles-maya do? Where there is determination, success is guaranteed.


Now, let Madhuban and all Centers create an atmosphere of spirituality and Uniqueness free from obstacles. Now Father wishes to see that, every one remain free from obstacles. Make others who are the companions and also those who come into relations, free from any obstacle. Bring the time closer. Father cannot see the peacelessness and unhappiness of the children. Now bring your kingdom on earth at the earliest. Father has love for every child. Like Father belongs to you all, every soul belongs to your family. So, have good wishes for even to the last one irresepective of their stages or sanskars and support them in their spiritual effort.




Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103!/group.php?gid=191161024334

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