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Are You a Lightworker?

How many of the following lightworker / starseed characteristics do you have?

✓You often feel very different from others, and often misunderstood.
✓You have a great sense of a "higher purpose."
✓You are a natural helper and / or have a problem telling people "no."
✓You have high levels of empathy, readily feeling the emotions of others.
✓You often attract "hurt" people into your life, giving and giving while expecting nothing in return.
✓You feel "not of this world," with a strong desire to "go home," though not on this planet.
✓You are drawn toward natural foods, veganism, and / or vegetarianism.
✓You have very little interest in mainstream topics such as: fashion, sports, celebrities, etc.
✓You are naturally very kind, even when not reciprocated.
✓You are attracted to careers that help others.
✓You love nature, plants, & animals.
✓You are generally not afraid of death or dying.
✓You aren't religious, but have a strong sense and understanding of spirituality.


Fully Awakened & Activated Starseed / Lightworker Traits

✓A bulletproof sense of inner peace.
✓True happiness, no matter the circumstances in your life.
✓Feeling "at one" with everyone & everything.
✓Unconditional love for all living beings.
✓Finding your true self and your true path.
✓A worry/stress/anxiety free natural existence.
✓A very fulfilled, meaningful life.
✓Deep healing of mind, body, and spirit.
✓A permanent higher shift in consciousness & understanding.
✓Fulfilling your life mission or calling.
✓Having the ability & capacity to fundamentally "change the world."



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