A spining thing can be thought of as vibrating. In the case of quantum spin, the Larmor frequency and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance exemplifies this. In spirituality, vibration is used to, amongst othings, illustrate 'multi-dimensional' reality. There are two issues pertaining to spiritual.
1.) There is the epistemic part of spirituality whereby we are often forced to use analogies to depict a possibly 'unfathomable' scenario.
2.)We know from our experience that anything vibrating soon whimpers and stops vibrating altogether, yet it can be said that the 'spiritual' vibration must never whimper. The concept of Quantum Spin 'kills' the above two issues with a single bullet!

Physicists cannot fathom quantum spin. Specificaly nothing is literalisticaly spinning. However, if we think of the magnetism that produces the Stern-Gerlach effect as to be due to a literal spinning of charges, then we espect precession to exist. Sure enough, it exist, Lermor Precession. Call such a way of knowing things 'x-knowing'.

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Comment by Rahma on June 27, 2020 at 8:40am

Interlaced Realities

To 'kill' the second issue, note that we 'x-know' of interlaced realities by first modeling of the electromagnetic forces using vibrations. So the following analogy holds:

1.)Quantum spin is analogous to the usual rotation in that it too has precession.
2.)The usual rotation (of charges) causes magnetic force.
3.)Therefore quantum spin too must cause magnetic force even if it is not the usual rotation!
4.)Quantum spin don't whimper even though the usual rotation does.

1.) vibration of objects in a fluid can cause EM-like forces.
2.)Vibrations interlaces realities
3.)therefore there are interlaced realities with different kinds of Em forces.
4.)though vibrations whimper, the cause of Em forces don't.

Comment by Rahma on June 27, 2020 at 6:53am

Define 'x-knowing'

Suppose there are two phenomena x and y. Both phenomena can cause the same effect, A. We know that phenomenon y can also cause some other effect, B. Suppose we know of A but we are yet to understand its cause, which is actualy y. Suppose we nevertheless figure out correctly that A can be caused by x. Thinking so, we infer that since effect A exist, then effect B must also exist. If we are correct, then I rifer to such knowing of B as 'x-knowing'.

'x-knowing' then is the reason why forming a theoy to explain the world, even the spiritual world, can be important. This is even if the actual 'spirit world' may be the 'unfathomable' phenomena type y rather than our 'fathomable' theory type x.

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