In long forgotten days of old, there was a city of renown above all others.
A city made of gold, in days of stone and wood; of which no other could conquer.
This was a city of peace radiating of grandest beauty,
where love and happiness were rule of life.


Its strength was that of Dragons, mighty, wise and old.
From the grace of the wild beasts who loved them, came the bounty of their lands.
As a dragon’s heart was pure, no other lands would they call home.


Their came to be a Princess named Elmira with a heart of love, too innocent and trusting.
Born to the bloodline of those charged with protecting the power of the Dragon, which lay in its blood.


Once whilst she was out riding did she fall from her Dragon over the forests of East,
which grew too thick for her loving Dragon to land and retrieve her.
For three days and nights did she suffer; alone, starved and injured, till she feared that she was lost.


Then upon angelic beauty of the Princess fallen, came a woodsman and his sons;
who by way of life lived in cunning recognised the treasure which they had found.


For as long as Men and Dragons had roamed the land,
legend had spoken of the power contained within blood from the Dragons heart.
For any who drank of their blood; would see its power bound inside of them to their own.


Seizing opportunity that they might see their hands with fill of treasures,
they went to her and spoke; “We shall see you safe from Forest, if you feed to us of your Dragons blood.”


For the innocence of the sweet Princess had been broken;
she did make deal with wicked man, forsaking its cost.


Upon her safe delivery from the darkened forest,
she took a blade to her hand.
Slicing her palm she turned to them so to honour her promise and told them;
“Drink now, and see the truth of your heart known”.


Each in turn, the three men drank from her blood and in them it took its seed.
And rose forth from each of them to take to the sky; Dragons of the darkest black ever seen,
bearing teeth sharper than any before.

Then after Dragons fled and lengthy journey did the Princess come upon her lands to find its skies corrupt. Where once light had shone upon noble Dragons as they flew,
now before her did she see them blackened.


As what once had been her home now lay before her in ruin.
What once was mighty, now no more than rubble.
No farmers did she find in field, no shop could she find kept.


Returning her gaze to sky, she saw what had brought her home such cost.
Three dragons perched upon the crest of mount; casting their fire down upon the world.


Weeping tears of regret she fell upon the road, not knowing where to go, and there she sat for many days.

And though many people passed by her there;
most had no eyes with which to see her tears.
Until no more tears had she left to weep.

Then to those who passed had she pleaded weakly, her words replacing tears.
But so many failed to hear these words, that soon did she find longing gone to speak.

Then in her darkest hour did come upon her;
an average and simple looking man of the North cheaply clothed.
As he knelt before her from his sleeve he tore some cloth;
and with some water saw it wipe her face.

Then from his water did he make her drink, till again she found her voice.
Looking to him through broken eyes she asked; “Why have you given this to me?”

“Milady, I am one of those who are sad to see how we treat our fellow man;
and shamed to think how many selfish couldn’t stop to give you aid.”

“For I know this world it wasn’t made for just you or me,
but for many of our many hands.
And I know that even though sometimes it may seem harder to love, than to hate.
Our goodness is judged by that we give and not that which we take.”


“Now I've known love for some time now Milady and if there is one thing that I have learned.
It’s that even the bitterest of tears with time will dry, though the pain inside still hurts you.
And even when you’ve pleaded so long and hard, that you’ve lost the will to try.
If one of heart listens carefully enough, then you're certain to hear you cry.”

She regarded him through faded eyes and found hope in a true heart.
Though his face was tired and his skin was scarred, no gentler man could pass.
The Princess asked the man; “Why have you come here today?”
To which he promptly answered pointing East, “To see the fabled Dragons slain.”


She regarded in his belt a dagger, crafted of cheapest steel.
As came had he with no sword of renown or armour crafted for Kings.
Sensing of her thoughts he said; “Milady, though my dagger may appear to you as nothing,
you see it now having bested all known manner of finest steel,
so in it you too may place your trust.”


She asked of him; “And who then do you fight for man, as I see no crest upon you?”
To which the man answered; “Fight for heart do I my lady, for mine and any knowing need.
As I am one who has known dark and times of need; in which none stood to fight for me.
So for seven years did I train in battle; so I may defend of me and mine.”

The Princess looked of his face intently, lest recognition failed to find.
“These lands are my home of all my life, yet never of you do I recall.”
The man answered; “These lands are foreign to me, as never before was I here.
My home lay across the seas of South, and from greatest distance have I come.”


“For of Seven years as blade was taught, did I also learn ways of love.
Though I may be of different lands and trials, the pains we share are the same.
And though I may fall here today not a man of your country, my blood shall bleed no less red.
No injustice or horror should ever be turned from our eye, lest inside it find its power.”


Though she had no more tears to cry of pain, her eyes welled with that of joy,
welling of a spring deep within her, of waters that no manner of hate could destroy.
For like the noble man before her had said, no light shall ever be covered by dark.
For even in the darkest night shall we see; with but a tiny flame to light our path.


So now did she take of his dagger, to again see her palm bleed for man.
“Then drink of this my fearless knight and see no Dragon ever have you beat.”
Trusting her words did he drink her blood and his blade did turn to grand.
And from him sprang the greatest of Kings that had ever graced the lands.


His armour shone with brilliance that neither claw, nor flame could dent.
And his scars became strength for which, the mountains themselves would bend.
For as the men of the woods had drank, and of blackest beasts were they consumed.
The one of heart had so become a man to whom no such beasts shall be immune.

9th Anointed Simon Jacob Alexander - 6th Ray

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