The Shining Presence - Outside and Within:


The Shining Presence – Outside and Within:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

The Shining Presence – Outside And Within, A Step Forward, A Step Away, That Golden Key So Then It Is Found, For Then, Those Two Keys - So They Are As One, And Paradise Blesses And Bathes Them In Warm, Sweet Sunshine. Throwing Out Those Golden Rays That Come From God Himself. 

For Once You Know, All Life Emerged From God’s Sun Itself, That Source of Life, That Essence of Divinity, That Man, Woman, Have One Day To Realise And Thus To Set Themselves Free.  As God Placed The Sun There For A Purpose, For Within The Warm Hot Sun, Lies The Glory Of God Himself, For How Else Would Life, Ever Grow, Live and Move, and Have It’s Being, but Within the Heart Of God, And The Christ Spirit, Diverse In All Its Ways, Giving Hope To All New Life; To All The Changing Patterns Too. 

The Sun You See, Contains The Son, That First Aspect Of God Himself, Long Before Man, Woman, Were Born To Be – One Day Too, Another Part Of God’s Trinity.

For, Too Many Men, Women, Today, If Ever They Stopped To Think, Would Have No Comprehension Of What Once Was So, For A Very Long Way Must Man, Woman Return Home, For They Left God’s Key, Long Ages Past, When Peace you know, Left Their Hearts; for Restlessness Began, They Forgot the Son, Left that Paradise And Wandered On, Thus That Golden Key, Would Seem Forever Lost, But it’s Just Been Forgotten, Long Ages Away.

For Man, Woman, Must Attune Themselves To God’s Heavenly Son, To Enable That Key To Be Found Again, To Open Therein, And Gaze With Wonder, At All God’s Majesty And Splendour.  For When That Golden Key Fits Into Place, As Never For Long Ages Passed, Has There Been Any Hate…. Love has been the Key Word, Its Unlocked All God’s Gates, And Thus Life Is A Golden Staircase, Leading Ever Higher, Up Towards God’s Heavenly Kingdom, Which God Chose For Man, Woman, With Love And Devotion, For It Was All A Part Of God’s Beloved Dream, For Man, Woman, And Him, To Reign Supreme.  Full of Love and Joy For All, Together With Those Most Blessed Angels Too. 

For Man, Woman, And Angel, Will Be A Twin Soul Almost, (Eternal Flame), For Side By Side They Will Love To Be, With The Angels Leading Them Ever On, Making New Discoveries Not Even Dreamt.  For Together You Know, Angels And God, So They Plan, Imagine And Thus Dream, Of Even Greater Wonders In God’s Kingdoms, Which Will One Day Come, Ages And Cycles Away, And Oh, What Beauty And Delight, As They Go Forward With The Light; That Has Been Since The Beginning, And Even Before That Too, That Is, Was, And Will Always Be, As God Did So Decree, For All Life One Day To Dream As He, For As Man, Woman, Dream, Those Hopes Of Love, God Himself Planned Deep In His Heart – All The Variations Of All Possible Dreams, Which Leads Man, Woman, Back To Him, And His Son, Both Born You Know, Long Before Time Was, Existed, For Some Mysteries Must Remain For Many Cycles Still To Come, Through All The Spheres Of Time, Worlds Without End. 


From God And His Son. 

13 April, 1984.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 5, 2012 at 7:57pm

Interesting picture, Julian.


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