"it's time the sleeping giants awoken. "

the Human Sanctuary is a place for Humans to remember what it means to be Human.

its a place for people to remember what it truly means to survive in nature.. to be alive and live from the land.. what it means to fight for your own survival every day in a way that is meaningful and pays dividends to those who are willing to put in the effort.

the human Sanctuary is a place for people to come together in the real world and remember what created our humanity to begin with.

what was it that brought us all together ?

what was it that made our ancestors learn to communicate with each other ?

it was Fire.

we started cooking our food over a fire..

the fire become a beacon to others.

this is why humans learned to become human..

as the fire attracted others we needed to learn to communicate. as time passed some became aware of the need for others to accept them so they could survive too.

this is where human compassion was developed.

the need to survive and protect ourselves led to fights and some being left out.

some where along the line one of our ancestors felt bad for pushing others away and offered them something

maybe it was cooked food.. maybe it was heat by the fire.. maybe it was just feeling alone and wanting others around. we do not know for sure.. but i can tell you this..

if our ancestors who were brutal creatures who truly understood what it meant to survive, if they were able to find a way to work together then we here today should not have so much difficulty!

we are able to remember what it means to be human..

this will not come easy.

this will not be always fun.

survival is work.

it can however be vary rewarding when the work your doing is creating a better word for yourself and everyone else in it.

this is what i intend to teach people. i want to take them back and regress them into their primal state but keep their brains and minds active, teach people to work together as a tribe yet still be interdependent and strong on their own. this world created "Gods" once

We created Gods once. we strive to be godlike

what do i mean by Godlike ?

i mean we strived to create beauty in the world, in every thing we did.. we strived to bring magick into the world.

we strive to create a better world for those who would fallow us once we died..

we strive to bring wonder and majesty into the world around us from our creations and creativity.

our lives had meaning because we created the meaning.

we are but mortals yet we have the spirits of gods burning with in our hearts.

not one but all gods.

ourselves included.

its time we remember.

The Human Sanctuary Project is my attempt to bring people back to their humanity.

it is a place of Healing,Growth & Change and empowerment.

it is a place for the Wild human to run free with in reason.

it is a place to recover and rehabilitate.

it is a place for the people to remember the endless possibility of the Human spirit and we it is capable of.

it is a place for meditation & retreat form the world that has been working so hard to pervert the meaning of survival into a marketable emotion..

we are not slaves. you are not a slave.

you are an Animal & the mind is a Cage meant to be broken.

Welcome to your Humanity.

its nice to meet you.

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