Unfortunately, over time, people redefined 'soul' oblivious to the fact that it thus overemphasized on actualy what it doesn't count: 'the sabstance'. What counts: 'immortality' eventualy went under the bed! So I warm the floor by re stating the truely meaningfull and original definition of 'soul'.

SOUL: The immortal part of us.

The other common definition? Not very smart! It emphasise on ill-defined, mis-defined or downright undefianable concepts: immaterial, incorporeal, energy. Eventual, anything intangible, came to be dubbed 'soul'. Afteral 'immaterial' etc merely negates 'matter' and doesn't tell us what it is that is not matter. The lunacy reaches climax when abstract concepts such as thoughts, feelings etc came to be labeled 'soul'.

In the proper definition, if one can show that the body is immortal, the he establishes that soul IS the body! In the popular, misguided notion, incoporeality is worshiped for its own sake!

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Comment by Rahma on June 18, 2020 at 7:34am

And so you see that there is realy no dilema such as whether the body or the soul is the cause of consciousness. The pedlers of the dilema unwittingly (and foolishly) assumed that if the body causes your consciousness, then no other unseen entity can ALSO cause your consciousness. It is like saying if air causes movement, the light cannot cause movement!

Comment by Rahma on June 18, 2020 at 7:27am

But does forming a body similar to your body creat another of your own very same consciousness? I don't think so! But this creats a conundrum. Your consciousness can be caused by several bodies yet you can't but be a single 'self' hence only one body at a time can be 'you'!

The best way out is that your identity is what matter can BECOME or cease to become. It begun as a single cell in the womb. So that one was you. But then other cells got incorperated. They do became 'you'. After which, it became no longer necesary for the original cell to live for 'you' to exist. Infact it died long ago, yet you are still there!

From here we realize that all it takes for a substance to be 'you' is to be in the neighbourhood of your body! But the 'empty space' we are 'baptised' in exist a plenum of substance out of which matter is formed. So just as 'other cells' became 'you' in the womb, the aether 'has become' you and the other body is nolonger necesary. Such is your 'soul'.

Comment by Rahma on June 18, 2020 at 7:11am

Debunking Simplistic Body Identity

If we say that your body causes your consciousness, then what does it take to form or priserve your identity? Of course it is ridiculus to say that if I swap one atom in your head with a similar atom in your dog's head, I can make you unconscious. However, I can keep swaping one atom after the other till I replace your entire brain, with your consciousness still intact!!

It is not too hard to accept that if your consciousness is caused by your body, then your identity is not circumscribed to a particular set of atoms that form the particular matter that is your particular body. Therefore by assuming that consciousness is caused by the body, we arrive at the conclusion that your 'self' can re-incarnate in several bodies!! What at odd with what 'gurus', 'priests' or 'philosophers' etc may teach you!

Comment by Rahma on June 18, 2020 at 6:22am

Definitely, some degree of understanding of consciousness is relevant to the question of soul and immortality. However, this need is often extreemly over stated. We don't need a total in and ou understanding of consciousness to figure out what 'soul' is, plus it is likely that there is no way of completely understanding consciousness or 'self'.

#2, the issue of 'soul' etc is often presented to us as a dilema without any justification at all!

Q:Is consciousness caused by the body or by something incoporeal?
A:Irelevant!! That which can 'endanger' afterlife is that which DON'T cause consciousness. Not that which DO cause consciousness.

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