The classic world emerges from quantum world through quantum decoherence. A classic object, eg a billiard ball, when not observed, cannot seem to be all over the place all at once even if in isolation, its constituent particals can. This is because in interaction, the waves (of probabilities of finding the particals), cancels everywhere exept at the place where the billiard ball is found. What then does it take for quantum effects to manifest in the brain?

It is important to understand that decoherence (hence wave cancelation) is not a law of nature. It is a boundary condition of nature. Coherence in macroscopic world is just thought unlikely because particles, thought to be unguided by some mind don't know how to move in synch. In otherwords quantum mind (which may constitute the wavefunction) is not considered right at the start, and not excluded via calculation, contrary to how the mainstream scientist would like you to beleive. Then they are shocked when the find quantum effect in photosynthesis etc

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Comment by Rahma on April 20, 2020 at 10:29am


With quantum mind, rather than the simplistic 'billiard ball classic' one, it is possible to make some sense of psi and spirituality matters! Quantum mind has some notion of 'being a single thing' rather than 'being many particles', which is pretty what we feel consciousness is. Furthermore, some 'collapse of wavefunction' explain and/or is explained by freewilling decision making which in little reasonable doubt, we are capable of. Quantum nonlocality explain telepathy and connectedness with distant brains. Finaly the law of conservation of quantum information explain immortality!

But now consider meditation. We relate 'calming of thought' with 'cooling of sabstance' like in forming the so called Bose-Einstein Condensate. As thoughts calm down, the decoherent firing of neurons lessens, leaving the coherent firing that is driven by zero point energy which pervades everywhere. This explain why meditation brings about a sense of 'connectedness with all things'.

Comment by Rahma on April 20, 2020 at 1:52am

Physicists should stop pushing around the 'temperature' around even in livings. Specifically that temperure necesarily involves particles moving aimlessly. With this, we can even understand how evolution of biological nano machines happened.

Living things have several parts moving in synch. As your muscles work, myriads of ATP molecules must release energy at sych. Similarly we know that brain neurones can mysteriously fire at synch. So how can we insist that decoherence of momenti (hence waves) must happen in living things?

Comment by Rahma on April 20, 2020 at 1:09am

Now if myriads of particles eah have the same energy and momentum, they will be coherent. In other words all it take for particles forming a macroscopic object, eg the brain, to be coherent is for the particles to move at synch. Is there a law forbiding such? No! It is only that such 'fine tunning' of conditions is deemed 'unlikely'. But 'fine tunning' of conditions is thought to be unlikely by mainstream scientists because they think that mind is ubsent from the fundamental workings of the universe. Therefore the use of decoherence to explain away a quantum mind (an idea that fundamentalize mind in universe) is actually question begging.

Comment by Rahma on April 20, 2020 at 12:30am

So the position that waves of constituent particles decoherse so that they cancel each other is assumed with the help of the hindsight we have that we must eventualy explain the classic ('Newtonian') world. It is not at all dictated by quantum mechanics, nor is there any clasic law that forbid any coherence of waves. Had we seen cases where quantum effects were manifest in macroscopic world, we would have simply assumed that that is a case whence the constituent waves happened to be coherent due to special innitial/ boundary conditions. But since we haven't studied the brain and living things that well, perharps the latter are the special cases whence innitial/boundary conditions did not necesitate decoherence. So we just can't 'assume we know it' the way mainstream biologists tend to think.

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