Remember I said that a scientist should re-state the conservative laws as 'the unseen donnot turn to the seen at least not without an equal amount of the seen turning to the unseen'. This is because our senses can't discern the difference between creation and manifestation of the unmanifest, should we try to falsify such claims as 'matter cannot be created or destroyed'. This then is essencialy what happen when a thing 'goes' to the unseen. The conservative 'law' demands a way of making an unseen to be seen. Compare this with the momentum conservative law stated that 'for a billiard ball to begine moving (go to the moving), another billiard ball must stop moving (go to the un-moving).

It is now explicable how it is difficult to discern a possible 'flux from the unseen' which might even be happening at every moment! It is similar to TV case. When we see an image in TV screen we are oblivious of the fact we are infact seeing miriads of closely identical images that are each 'comming and going'.

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Comment by Rahma on October 6, 2019 at 1:20am

Now then the fact that things don't 'magicaly' appear from 'thin air' is now understood differently. It isn't eue to the highly intuitive 'ex-nihilo-nihil' law. It is due to a far more contingent (in principle, easy to break) 'rule'. Infact when we undertand the seen matter (so called baryonic), it becomes hadder to understand why things don't appear from 'nowhere' than to understand the vice-versa!

Astro-physicists now beleive that the universe is full of invisible stuff that they label it 'dark matter'. Dark matter, understood as 'weakly interacting massive particles' highling how contingent the 'law' that 'nothing can come out from the unseen' is. In this case, it is the rule that 'no junk of matter can, all at once, turn and begin to interact strongly'. The interact is what matter does and not what it is. So the rule forbids behavior and not a necesity due to some essential property of matter.

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