The "I AM" Statement to Awaken Consciousness

I am Love.
I am Light.
I am Peace.
I am (state your name).
I am the Master of Ascension at this time,
In the presence of the Godhead/Divinity.
And so It Is.

channeled through Jacqui Gilbert

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Comment by Bridget Hall on July 29, 2012 at 11:19am
As we repeat the statement as detailed above, we reconnect to the resonance of Divinity/Source Consciousness. The "I AM" aspect of the words creates the resonance with the I AM of All That Is. OSIRIS gave us this simple phrase to repeat to ourselves. He suggested that we repeat this as a mantra, because it helps us to remember who we really are. That alone is sufficient to raise our resonance. The awakening of consciousness that is the result of this, further enhances our ability to make progress on our pathway into ascended states of being.
We hear from OSIRIS that chanting or singing the sacred Sound of YHWH resonates right within the heart of Source Consciousness, as a sound frequency. This creates immense joy at Source. This sound creates a frequency that resonates deep within us, and supports the re-activation of our DNA. This is because our DNA structures contain that which is Divine.
As our DNA re-activates, more of it switched back on and we become more of what were originally designed to be, as Hu-man beings. And, in this way, we more easily release our low frequency vibrations which we have held as cellular programmes for so long, so that we can develop our innate potential of Divinity.
Chanting YHWH, as with repeating the I AM statement above, supports the peace efforts that are required to help heal our world right now. This is one more way that each one of us can make a difference, because when we raise our resonance, the positive knock-on effect of resonance is felt throughout the planet.
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