What if this mode of communication was no longer available to us?

Today I could not login to post my blog.
Kept putting in the wrong codes somehow...
It felt very strange, I kept thinking I was in another reality, one where I did sign in but with a different code or something....
I kept trying to bring myself back to here,but it felt strange.
Finally I took a deep breath and told myself to remember.
And then I signed in.

I just never know what new strange and wonderful experience awakes me in this process.
This one today was a doozy let me tell you...

So that "incident" got me thinking about not being able to connect to the Internet anymore.
Being able to connect to my worldwide light family.

And then the scenario of a massive solar flare hitting the earth, rendering obsolete the earth's man made electric grid, came up and foremost to my mind.
I am not saying this with any kind of fear, for that particular scenario brings me no negative energy at all, feels very neutral as a matter of fact ( to me).
It might or might not be I don't know,but I feel no fear at all about it.
But never the less it did pop up to the surface.
Maybe one of the fears going around in the collective...being transmuted.

Then the thought " the meek shall inherit the earth..." came to mind.
For if we were to lose electricity and had to remember how to live off Mother Earth, who better to help us remember than the poor people, the humble ones?
The meek?
For people who cannot afford to buy things have stayed very close to living off the land.
They live off Mother Earth every day...
Also our indigenous tribes all over the world are indeed a living library, for they have always maintained such a strong connection to the Great Spirit.
They all grounded the light for all of us.
I am so thankful for them.

...And all these thoughts brought me back to no Internet somehow...(my mind works in mysterious ways let me tell you...)
And not being able to connect to my virtual light family.
To all of you.
What would happen?

You know what?
I would not get to read everybody's beautiful posts, or videos, or music, and I would miss it so much.
But I would still write,everyday, for it brings me joy.
And I know You are always with me.
I am always with you too.
Through our hearts.
For we are indeed one.
I can imagine a particular brother or sister and immediately we are connected.
Because that is what family really means.
Always being connected.
Like us.

So whatever happens,happens.
Until then I am going to live my life.
I will not let fear of what might be,keep me from finally being happy in my life.
I deserve to be happy.
This life has been hard...it is time to let the past go.
I am going to spread light in every joyful way I can.
And I am going to keep writing for as long as it brings me joy.
And sharing from my heart.

Thank you my light family for being with me in these amazing times.
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.
In light and love
: )

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