We are Physical Angels
Excerpt from Sheldan's book Your First Contact
Chapter: Physical Angels (page 156-157)

Cetaceans~Land Water Sky
As you begin to 're-member' who you are, planetary guardianship becomes one of your major responsibilities. The cetaceans provide a model of guardianship you can benefit from by observing. Through the use of their rituals, their song and their travels (migrations),cetaceans vivify the biosphere. Whale song has been found throughout all the oceans of the world. The actions of whale song are found throughout the skies of the world. Even in the deepest parts of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, the Devas of sky, earth, and water have joyously received the song of the cetaceans. Your world's tribal shamans have full knowledge of its great energies. These wise women and men are well aware that whale song creates necessary, life-sustaining resonance. During every winter in each hemisphere on your planet, the whales' songs bring forth a new and glorious life cycle.

Dear Ones, guardianship is akin to spiritual stewardship. You are the principal element in a huge, cascading chain of life. This chain consists not only of animals and plants but also of rocks, water, and sky. Aspects of the Devic kingdom exist in each one of them. Every constituent of Mother Earth works with every other in a very special way to create the great and continuous cycle of life that surrounds you.
Long ago, the cetaceans and Mother Earth invited you to these guardians and have given you a means to become so. More than knowing the importance of the environment, you need to understand the divine guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You might ask how one truly understands and obeys the divine guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
You know this through being open to your inner vision, through practicing positive intentional ritual, and through listening to the intuitive life force that exists within all of you. These are the vital concepts of Love and of the Light. They form the basis for you to begin to comprehend more fully the integral actions required to transform you into skillful stewards of this Earth.
This system, the chain of life, lies at the heart of all events on Mother Earth. You are finally beginning to understand this process. You are presently on the verge of discovering your true purpose here: to complete a sacred triad of spiritual guardianship~~cetacean + human + local Spiritual Hierarchy. Your purpose for being on this planet is a divine one!
Cetaceans, humans, and the local Spiritual Hierarchy create a life sphere of elegance and of Light. They bring Earth's energies into focus while adding their own wondrous energies to the mix. Imagine planets as being more than simply three-dimensional objects orbiting a star until the star's cycle of life brings that planet's life to an end. This narrow, purely material perspective is hardly a workable context for a guardian species to embrace. All things inthis universe have a specific purpose. You are only just now beginning to understand your true purpose as Human Beings.
Remember that you are spiritual guardians of Light, of Love, and of consciousness. You are physical Angels! Mother Earth stands poised at the threshold of a vast spiritual restoration. It is awakening you to who and what you are. You are the spiritual guardians of this most beautiful blue planet.
Your First Contact

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