Visit To New Earth...Part-2.....By Suzan Caroll.....


Dear Ascending Ones,

We, the Arcturians, are so joyous to see that you have returned for another visit to New Earth, the Earth that YOU are creating. Before we begin our journey, we wish to remind you that long before there was time, there was life. Sentient life has many forms. It is also formless. You are about to make the shift from "having a form that contains your consciousness" to "being an consciousness that wears a form."

The body that you create and wear in any given reality is calibrated to filter in the signature frequency of that reality. This filter assists you to perceive the frequency patterns of that reality in forms of images and beings instead of pure energy. We will now assist you to perceive the YOU within, as well as beyond, your body.


We have talked about wearing a form many times, but we now ask you to:

Take all your attention away from your form and place it on the Essence of the YOU that lives inside your form...
While remaining grounded in your body, release the awareness of your form and focus on the Essence of the YOU within it...
Breathe from your Essence, not from your form...
Release the sensations of your form, and focus on the sensations of the YOU that wears the forms...
FEEL how YOU are attached-to, but not limited-by, your form...
Leave a portion of YOU in that form in order to protect it...
FEEL the YOU that can experience all life, free of form...
Free of form, you are pure potential. This potential is directed by your thoughts, and your thoughts are directed by your emotions. In fact, your love-based emotions expand your aura and tell your mind, "Yes, give me more of this experience." Conversely, your fear-based emotions constrict your aura and tell your mind, "No, I do NOT want this."

There are also unconscious emotions, which confuse your mind because their message is not clearly connected to your conscious thinking. These unconscious emotions create indecision and anxiety. To be the Master of your Energy, you must bring these hidden emotions into your conscious mind and/or heal and release them on an energetic level.

Energetic Healing at:


Before we begin our journey, we wish to give you a quick message about the power of emotion and the structure of thought. It is fitting that you can respond to our words from the YOU that is free of the third dimensional programing of your physical brain.

The matrix of any reality is created with the thoughts of your fifth/sixth dimensional consciousness, which resonates beyond the restrictions of time. Hence, a reality once created and/or visited will continue exactly where you logged out. Thus, you can return to that exact NOW when you decide to log back into that reality.

This fifth dimensional matrix lowers in frequency to become a fourth dimensional thought form. You will likely begin to visit this reality in your night body as a means of rehearsing your inter-dimensional travel. Then, once you have gained/remembered to be the Master of your Energy, you can focus your thoughts and emotions to connect you to the matrix of any reality that you wish to experience.

Since your third dimensional thinking is tainted with fear and old, 3D programing, your inter-dimensional navigation is more effective when you think multidimensionally. Using your multidimensional thinking frees you from your physical fears and indoctrinations, especially those of "You are not good-enough," "This is too frightening," and "I don't know how to do this."

When you think multidimensionally, you can feel the unconditional love Flowing from the Galactic Center. Hence, you can surrender into this unconditional love and allow it to direct your multidimensional light-waves of thoughts towards the highest frequency of and given reality.

Furthermore, your unconditional love will bond the particles of your life force into that reality's multidimensional light matrix. In this manner, you will become ONE with that reality of your choice. Also, your unconditional love will protect you from entering any reality that resonates below the fifth dimension.

When you want a certain thing within that reality, such as clothes or a vehicle, you simply create it with your thoughts. Then, when you feel complete with that object or holographic experience, you outline that matrix with your thoughts and say, "DISARTICULATE!"

You may also say, " Thank you for joining me," as you allow the particles of that creation to be freed from the matrix and returned to the ONE for redistribution. You may also invite any consciousness to join you by calling them with your thoughts. Then, when your visit is complete, your say good by and "hang up the phone" with your mind.

At first, this process of creation will feel like you are a toddler taking your first steps. However, with practice, your power of manifestation will become so natural that you will not need to put any attention towards it. In fact, manifestation will be as natural as breathing.


With the appropriate tools to interact with New Earth, we begin our journey. We will begin where we left off in the vast natural wilderness of fifth dimensional Earth. We speak to you all as ONE being, but we realize that each of you may make different choices of creation during this journey.

See the vast beauty of Gaia's pristine Nature. Some of you may wish to visit the mountains, others the desert, others the oceans, others the forests and others the vast meadows filled with fifth dimensional flowers. Feel the area that you would LOVE to visit... Now, allow that force of unconditional love to direct the light of your thoughts to intermingle with the light matrix of that area...

So that you may fully relax, you can create a comfortable chair. Or, if you want to travel around, you can create a vehicle or invite the life force of a magnificent horse to join you on your journey, our your dog to walk with you. If there is a certain person with whom you would like to share this experience, simply focus your unconditional love on the "feel" of that person and call him or her with your thoughts. Try this now...

With the creation of a vehicle and/or the entry of the being that you have invited to join you, we will begin our journey. We will take a moment to add here that you can travel in your consciousness or by floating through the reality with your Lightbody if your wish. We just asked you to manifest and/or invite another so that you could practice your power of manifestation.

We will now direct you towards the experience of meeting another being whom you have never known in your current reality. However, you were very intimate with this being in another of your myriad realities. As you embrace this being in your Oness, you clearly remember that reality and how the two of you shared it in an intimate manner. Remember that now...

As you return from your multidimensional memory, you say a temporary goodbye to your friend beyond time. We will not return to the Threshold area, as there is something important that we want to show you. Simply think of that area, and you are instantly there. However, now the visit is different.

When you were here before, you were a visitor. You did not know this world and were more concerned about your former life than with the life that was yours for the choosing. NOW, you feel more comfortable with the Threshold, and it no longer threatens to lower your consciousness with concerns for your "real" life on third dimensional Earth.

In fact, you feel more like a host on New Earth than a visitor. A bit to your surprise, you find yourself walking right up right up to a new visitor to welcome them. It makes no difference whether or not you have met him or her before, as there is no before. There is only NOW. Within this NOW, you embrace your new friend with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance.

In fact, do that right now...

Feel how the two of you merge into the NOW of the ONE...

Imagine your hearts becoming ONE heart...

And your minds intermingling to create New Earth...

With the feeling of being ONE with each other and with New Earth, you slowly return to third dimensional Earth and to your physical body. But now you know that you can go HOME whenever you wish.

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Comment by Dr.Sohini Shukla on July 20, 2012 at 6:08am

Dear Hannah,

You are Welcome always....

With Lots of Love & Blessings....


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