After accessing the memories that helped me write the blog “In Source… a white snake, it made me think deep on the fact that I created the veil as I was ordered to do. This made me look at the other puzzle pieces that lay on a heap that does not fit anywhere else on this picture called my soul path. It made me spread them out and take a deeper look at them and how they fit in with the new ones that have already found their places.


After reflecting on it deeply and with intense concentration, as well as digging even deeper into the pile of un matched and unplaced puzzle pieces. The realization came that I was ordered to place the veil, but that I didn’t like it one bit. After receiving the orders to do that, it caused a incredible amount of conflict in me and I realised that if I refuse Severance would place it. Then there would be no way to find a loophole.


This is how I devised a loophole I called Tselia – meaning The Door. That I did not want to do, what I also remembered is that out of defiance I added a key to it so that each soul that can find that key will be able to get past the veil.


After much deliberation with Siaz and Elron, I remember how I put it together, taking it apart needed to be done correctly, otherwise it wont work. It gave each soul the opportunity to extract themselves from the veil. When enough souls have started to merge their bodies, it will cause a snowball effect that will cause more souls to start following the energy of the first ones. It takes commitment effort and will power.


The making of the veil was done in a weird way so that each had to earn back their way. Since the power of self was taken from all souls here by one, it was possible to reverse this by getting up and earning your path back in defiance of what was done.


We have many bodies, but the two main ones are the physical and the spiritual. When the veil was put up to split the two bodies and create a void between them that is called the veil. Its purpose is to keep the physical body from accessing spiritual body.


This void, holds the negative energy if each soul. Now there are positive and negative Voids, this void is the negative one, and is directly linked to the lower realms. That energy leaks there and the dark entities can move into those voids and affect each soul directly.


All negative energy, issues and emotions that you experience or feel, go into that void contained in each and every soul. The stronger that energy becomes the more dark entities it manifests or it stores the negative aspects of people you have had issues with in all your past lives. This keep increasing with each life and if you don’t clear it out they keep increasing.


At the end of each 26 000 year cycle the alignments are right for us all to be able to completely clear out the void more easily, by using the quantum waves that are send out by source.


This is why Tselia was weaved into the veil as a means to overcoming the veil. In this way every soul had the opportunity to merge back to completion if they walk the path of the shadow of death.


This key was hidden in many old texts Psalm 23, is a really great example of this. The valley of the shadow of death it speak about is that void. To reach your spiritual self you need to fight through the valley of the shadow of death (the veil). If you can do that, you really won’t fear no evil (negative energy)


Yes we can reach the spiritual levels without doing so, and yes many say they are above this, but the problem start when you have to keep the balance around the void.


In the time of Jesus it took the angels a long time to fight their way open to during messages to people here. At this time they voids they have to go through to get to people has thinning, so they can move through with less resistance.


The old Shamans and traditional healers helped their tribes balance through their healings and talking to the spirits and elders. Tselia has a key, it seem to be a simple exercise, but the amount of personal power it supply to each soul that manage to constructively use it, is far greater than they can imagine.


I felt the souls will be clever enough to be able to learn how to use the Tselia and how to defy this veil. The more souls that get it right the weaker it makes the veil.


As you clear the void it starts to shrink, until the physical and spiritual bodies touch. At that point you start to be able to access your spiritual energy and powers for longer periods in time. Now you have to maintain this balance, and as you maintain it, it affects the other souls you come into contact with. They instinctively are drawn to that person.


The idea is to get enough souls to come to that exact point of merging, it will then weaken the veil enough for all souls to be able to merge. Those that prepared will reap the rewards then.


NOW come the tricky bit, allow yourself to get off balance and the two bodies pull apart opening the void again.


If you don’t clear the negative energy in the void, and you try to merge the 2 by forcing them together, it causes major tears in the ethereal body. It does heal when you rest, but it leaves scar tissue.


The more you clear and the more you keep balance, the easier it become to pull your bodies together. If you try to force a merge you will be successful for small portions of time, but it rip your membranes and leave scars. Those scars make it harder to merge the two back together.


This is how it was designed for here, as the energy in this system is the thickest and most heavy here so it works different here than anywhere else.


In this system the Spiritual and physical are the two sides of the yin yang symbol. I have now watched 57 people go through their door and work at it; this enabled me to watch how all this affect the veil. Though I am not the only one studying the effects. The elders and other dimensional beings that understand what this is about, tend to watch. Especially when I work with people individually. For me it was not just getting people to clear, it was research to remember how to change the effects of the veil on each and every one of us.


The knowledge can be used or rejected, your call as reader, for me it was the proof I needed that I am not wrong. Slowly I am seeing and remembering how it work, and I am slowly adding changes to how to make it more effective, for those that actually use the key they were give.


In understanding how it was set up and designed, you can understand how to change it. It will make merging easier, but the work still needs to be done. Each time negative energy is cleared or neutralised, it increase the flow of source, bringing more energy back here to this system and into each person. In this way it starts lessening the need for people to fight over energy. Most arguments happen as one person try to lessen another’s personal power so they can have what they need. Usually using insults and negative words. This make the other person get up to defend their power. Weaker persons will back out, strong willed people that know their power will however not. If we share energy among each other freely and with respect, a real fight seldom happen. Getting power is different for each soul, so I am not even going to go in that.


Clearing is also different for each person. For some its anger, fighting, for some it’s feeling bad, it does not matter you need to find the root of your negative energy. If you have a issue with someone, or if someone make you angry there is negative energy there, it is in how you use the negative energy.


Example: I am angry with someone, so I yell and say really mean things to them

It’s delicate. If you change that energy as you feel it into a more controlled feeling and not let it run amock, because your anger flow over that person activating their anger where as if you controlled it, it doesn’t get dumped all over that person. In this controlled way you can say to them what you feel, in a positive and un-insulting way, without being so insanely angry that you want to kill something.


The anger is there, yet you just compress it and change its polarity, as with all emotions by changing the polarity of the emotion, it stabilizes the energy in the void. Helping you stay in balance even while angry. It’s like seeing a still pond, it looks calm, but it’s more controlled.


There are some that do out and fight and kill demons, this is helping others as it bring the negative energy down, in such a way that is weaken the strength of the negative energy in the void. Yet here is the catch: if you fight demons with your own demons, like anger, resentment, etc you increase the negative not decrease it.


This is what I have been trying to tell all of you since the start, but I have not known how to explain it. Now that I came back to where it started I was able to understand how to explain it and how to start manipulating it to help lessen the effect of the veil.


You don’t have to take any of this or even believe it. Yet all this was hidden in many religious books. Now I think of the words Jesus spoke, I see this.


Now I know how I made the, and how I hid the info, and weaved the key into this to be the back door to sneak in. Something can be done to change it. BUT it will take work and dedication from each and every soul. An you that think others don’t affect your life… they do unfortunately. He veil was designed as a global restriction, it need a global change to break it down. And it starts with each and every one of us.

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