The Transmutation of Souls:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Beloved ones, as we look at earth’s humanity today and over recent years, it brings great joy to us from the Higher Dimensions, for Earth has evolved to such an extent – peoples’ vibrations and consciousness far succeeds what it has been, and as this year comes to its conclusion, even greater shifts in awareness and realisation, receptivity to the Higher Planes, will have come ever more to the surface.

It has been many centuries in the planning and conception of the shift of inner sight. Spiritual and psychic faculties have gradually speeded up over the last forty years, so now today, the Apex of the Pyramid can be seen by Seekers of the Pure Light of the Spirit.

The Apex beckons and draws you ever forward – it is like a magnetic pull – for as souls are drawn to its Apex, Memories of the Past resonate ever more within the Aspirant.

All Knowledge awaits as those stepping stones are climbed.  One by one, but sometimes three or four are speedily travelled.

Initiatory stages are experienced, often during the sleep, dream experience, where the Window to Our Worlds is easier to see through, for the Ego has been left aside, the Mind has been quietened, and instead the Higher Mind is able to listen and act upon Higher Insights and Realisation, which is alas not always available during the day.

If you could see Beloved Ones the Colours of your Auras as your Inner Being strives, searches and succeeds in transversing further steps upon Your Pathways which have been Pre-Set.

The soul, has reached that particular point, when nothing else will fulfil it – except to rewind its Life’s Journey and Return to its Source, those Planes of Light to which you call Home.

Such is that pull, it brings to us insurmountable joy to see a vast band of travellers all working together, yes, at times individually, but each in your own unique ways - but that message rings loud and clear, and reaches Us in our Worlds, and is like Nectar.

The Transmutation from younger, seemingly unaware souls, to ones who know there is more, who, having recognised this in their inner being cannot help but pass on their light, love and understanding – which in turn, inspires and encourages others – who also search for the Meaning of Creation.

Life and Eternity are but two sides of the same coin. Nothing is lost, as each life of many, has been lived.  All the myriads of happenings, both joyful and otherwise, are as a tapestry and make up the Transmutation of each soul’s life’s journey towards completement and attunement, back to the Source of its Being.

As the soul grows it cannot help but take others of the Light with it – like attracts like, and none more so than upon the Pathway of Light and Immortality.

To see those in our Worlds, who, due to time long gone since last they walked the Earth, is to be aware of just what awaits each of you – untold joy and ecstasy, elation of the Dream which the Creator had, and that delight, as step by step, through the many stages of Earth incarnations, have your souls understood much of what had been known but was forgotten.

Once learnt after much angst and inner and outer heartache, the soul, having taken note of all that is on all the many Levels and Planes of Being, has got to that Initiatory Stage where, those memories now are in full flow – the Diamond of the Soul has been polished and it shines dazzling and bright, not only to the fellow travellers upon the Earth Plane, but to Us in the Divine Spheres.  Those Lights shown, light up the Sky, and are as a Myriad of Stars, each giving off their own Special Colour, Note, Sound, upon the Ethers of Light.

Each of you have your own Guardian Angel, Angels, Guides and Teachers, as well as other Higher Energies, which you are able to Work and Communicate With.  It all depends on how the soul upon Earth relates to subtle hints, impressions and teachings, which we give out from our Planes of the Highest Light.

True Transmutation of the Soul happens, when the soul is able to listen, hear in whatever way suits them, sees as and when inspired, reflects upon that understanding and awareness that this is not me, these Teachings and Awareness are given from the Higher Planes.

As we send to you all upon the Earth, our Higher Awareness of the Actual Reality of All That Is, we are overjoyed, when, our love and patience has been acknowledged, and that Greater Learning and Awareness from those on Earth has Taken Place.

You could say from your Earth perspective, we would seem to have an insurmountable task, but we would say – nothing cannot be achieved or conquered, for with that Great Inner Awareness and Realisation to God’s Great Plan for Humankind – nothing seems too much trouble, for the soul is Lifted up by Angelic Wings Higher and Higher, the more the soul has become aware and understands the Meaning of Creation.

The Transmutation of a Soul, merely means the soul whose Memory and Consciousness has been Awakened, Activated, and the Soul is in reality taking Steps back to The Creator, and the Home from which it has been gone for what seems like forever.

We would say, Trust Your Intuition, Listen in the Silence so We can be Heard.  Accept Imagination  is the Gateway to The Creator, and as you progress ever forward, We will Walk Beside You, Speak to You and Show you Visions of Long Ago – Places and Times – for you to Process, and thus the Transmutation of the Soul takes Further Steps Day by Day, as it Joyously Returns Nearer to The Creator, and to those Planes of the Highest Light, which Aeons of time it left, to traverse many life times on Planet Earth, which has such a much harsher and lower vibration. But as the soul has transcended the darker and denser vibration and energies of Earth, its Transmutation becomes Nearer Completion, and is in fact Ready to Travel to Other Planes of Existence in the Universe, Ones of a Much Higher Vibration of Light and Energy.

Thus the Traveller Returns Home, through the Many Planes and Levels of Being, till it Stands Proud and Tall, in Front of The Creator;  its many journeys through the Centuries have finely tuned it, so that the Diamond Shines Bright, all the Facets have been Polished and Shine Brightly, and that Beloved Ones, is the Role We Play – and have done so, through the Many Aeons of Time Since We Were Together, as One.


And so it is and will be again.

13 September, 2012.


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Comment by Pat Grabham on September 15, 2012 at 10:42pm

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your comment and pictures.



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