'The Sphinx' (The Christ) (The Spirit Of Atlantis):

"The Sphinx" (The Christ) (The Spirit Of Atlantis):

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Does the name ‘The Sphinx’ symbolise ‘The Christ’?  Was the Sphinx of Atlantis Represented in the image of God The Son?  The original statue of ‘The Sphinx’ was to Honour The Christ Light ‘The Son Of God’, wherein Invitation into all the Deeper Mysteries of the Universe and God’s Mind Itself Resided. 

Indeed, ‘The Sphinx’ is an Invisible Akashic Reord of All That Has Been, Is, And Has Still To Come To Fruition, for ‘The Sphinx’ Symbolises the Mind Of The Creator, for To See is to Believe, to Know is to Understand, to Listen is to Remember, for every inch of its Majestic and Holy Presence Represents a Tiny Journey of the Soul;  Each Paw an Initiation.


One can see ‘The Sphinx’ of Atlantis as a Living Flame, the Very Light of the Son, pouring forth in a Golden Glow, sending out Far and Wide the Rays of Its Illumination, so that wherever one was, it was an All Consuming Ray of Light, Love, Power, Wisdom, wherein rested as in a Sleep, the Very Mysteries of Creation, of the Very Mind and Heart of The Father God, for Its Symbol would Shine Forever, and though, through the Aeons of Time, it would indeed grow dim, it would ‘nevertheless be to those who were there’ an Initiation Once More into one’s Very Heritage…. A Remembrance of that time Long Ago Born, and which to Those Who Know, They Wish to Return To.

For to Remember is to Return Home, each step having had to be taken backwards as the soul grew seemingly further and further away from the root of its beginning, until that pull of Home grew so strong, nothing or no one could stop the soul retracing its footsteps back to the Dhuman Adamic Race, and to those Spheres Above The Earth, and to those long left behind, as the soul journeyed further and further away from its light, but in doing had to generate its own to such an extent, that the magnetism and pull of Home makes everything else un-important, for therein, lies the only true love and happiness, as the soul is re-born almost - another time, for it has Gone Full Circle and Experienced All There is in the Physical Worlds and can now ‘rest’. 

But of course, the soul will never actually rest, for there are still Initiations to be Experienced, Undertaken and Lived Through, for in so doing, the Doorway to the Mind of God is Never Shut… It Is There and can be Walked Through in Humbleness, Joy, Elation, Adoration and Wonder, at the Plan of the Creator, as More and More Knowledge and Understanding comes to the son, daughter of God, as it Walks Once More With And To The Father-Mother-God, and The Son.

The Christ Light and the Golden Sun stretches out its Rays and Once Again, ‘The Sphinx’ Illumines as was Intended, the Children of God.

(Indeed, it seems to say, ‘forget-me-not’, for I will never leave you;  I Am With You Always, Without Beginning or End, for you have surely Dreamt My Dream, just as I have dreamt yours);  thus We Become Once More, Just as I Had Planned When My Mind Envisaged The Dhuman Adamic Race, Those Other Spheres Above Earth Too, and Also, My Children of Adoption, will and can also Return to their Very Roots and Beyond, for As It Was, So It Will Be Again. 


But through Initiation and Initiation, the soul will Resemble Ever More, the Very Godhead Itself, thus I Am Well Pleased, for the End Is In Fact The Beginning – Alpha and Omega, are Indeed, One and the Same, for No Separation Exists, Just Oneness, Together But Separate, One And The Same, As It Was So Ordained…. The Holy Grail Of Life Ever Lasting.

20 August, 1996.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 31, 2012 at 9:01am

Hi Hannah


Thank you for your comments.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 31, 2012 at 9:04am

Hi Julian,

I will type out my reply on Word... otherwise I could press a funny key and lose what I have written!



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 31, 2012 at 10:04am

Hi Julian.... postscript for now:


It is funny really, without laughing! but having written this piece in August 1996, where it had remained as a typed A4 sheet, until typing it up earlier today for posting, but it seems that today, this present time, I would say it has come into its own more than it had in those days. (Although back then there was no outlet to post it unlike with the internet and these spiritual sites today).


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 31, 2012 at 11:56am

How would you define initiation Pat? It is a very important subject to understand.

My thoughts are that Initiation is two-fold, as is the Holy Grail which has both a physical symbol, meaning, ie one -The Chalice Jesus drank from at the Last Supper… different religions would have a different symbol, and the other aspect of the Holy Grail which is the Spiritual.
Therefore to me my thoughts are that the same applies to Initiation…. Once spiritual man, woman descended from the Heights in Atlantis, a sphere above the earth, you can also say also, that those who originated in other spheres apart from our heritage in the Heights of Atlantis, but once we all descended to planet earth aeons of time later… then, due to the density of the earth body we inhabited, karma started all to often to take place, and therefore in this context initiation means tests of both physical and mental as the soul, spirit, endeavoured to return back to its original source and Homeland where all knowledge was.
However I also believe there is another stage and concept of initiation… where the illumined soul, spirit has that golden doorway which exists, which, with the necessary degree of spiritual love and awareness, can take that soul, spirit forward into avenues and knowledge and awareness, even in those glorious days of Atlantis or other spheres in existence, they also, were not aware of.
The initiation which is available today can take the soul, spirit further into the Divine Mind of God, it can take steps into unknown and thus more secret stages of knowledge.
As the illumined souls, spirits, reach further un-dreamt of stages, then you could say another portion of the Divine Mind is made available to those spiritual beings with their greater light.
Today, my understanding is that really initiation in the 21st century is connected more with the mental aspect.  A lot of us have had earth initiations through the centuries, physical tests, trials coupled with the necessary mental strength of course, but today, initiation is mostly undertaken during the dream and astral travel experiences.  Bearing in mind during these tests of initiation undertaken whilst dreaming and astral travelling, the aspirant actually experiences that which it is going through as being the reality.  It does not think… this is easy, it is just a dream, nothing to worry about, it experiences and undergoes that which is at that moment the reality of its existence. Thus all tests and trials are felt as being actually happening there and then.
Also of course now the mystery schools of old for the most part are long gone…. Initiation in the physical has to be undertaken in different ways.
It can seem more difficult for many spiritual seekers of today for they do not have the high priests of old, ie as in the Egyptian initiations, or for instance the Greek ones, where seeing that high priest and upwards, and knowing they were being taught, and would have to experience both physical and mental tests of initiation to enable them to gain access to the Great Mysteries of Creation, was for them, extremely helpful as it helped them to focus.
That is not to say today I am at the full understanding of the meaning of initiation, for as I progress towards remembering that knowledge which has been lost…. then I am sure further insights of remembrance and new deeper understanding will come to me!
In the 1980’s sometime, when I first became more consciously aware and therefore fascinated with Initiation which fascinates me still to this day…. I was aware that the first of the major initiations was the third…. (which during a dream, astral travel many years ago, I went to kiss the ground in love and reverence to My Father/The Father but as I knelt down, I was aware that I was on the third step above the ground!  That indicated to me that that was the third initiation I was going through, or had experienced.  The pyramid, triangle was also around here, as well as other symbols.
Going to Mona Rolfe’s book, Initiation by the Nile, (one of my four special books)
under the chapter
The Initiation of the Neophyte II, she writes…..
(The children of Aquarius today begin with the temple service; all the preparation which we call initiation is done in the sleep state; therefore from the beginning we must cultivate that ability to meditate and to retire into the silence, for in that lies our strength.  If during each day of twenty four hours we keep one brief half hour for our link with God, we shall find our strength growing until it is sufficient to conquer the numerous and sometimes very distasteful tasks that come our way; it is not the task itself, it is the way we do it that matters, and in there lies our strength, our ability to fulfil the Will of God and our ability also to hold that invisible key to the Mysteries which God never denies to the student who is worth while.
The experiences of the Egyptian neophyte take us far into that space which we call the invisible world.  During the hours of sleep, all light and joy were experienced by him; when he returned, he found the joy of the cup, and the lotus bowl, and the beaker from which he drank the blessed and sacred water.  We search for that; perhaps we have not had the privilege that we had in the past; when we were trained in those self same things – memories, visions.  But we can withdraw into the silence, even in this world of noise and turmult, and find God.  And find God in a way that in the past, as neophytes in the Temple of Osiris, we did not, only our understanding, our ability to fulfil the cleansing and the purification of the body within and without; the cleansing and purification of the mind to make it withstand the suggestions of the evil one; the cleansing of the feet before the next step; the cleansing of the heart by the gift of grace accorded to those who are humble of heart and can kneel before the altar; and the complete conquering of tasks of material life so that men may realise that in the material world we have a place as great as those who do not accept the things of the spirit, or bow the knees in praise, and thanksgiving to the Father-Mother-God, the God of Osiris, the God of Isis, the God of Jacob, the God of Moses, the God of Israel.
In the chapter The Contrast between Egypt and Assyria: ….. the only heritage we have from Egypt that we ourselves live with and understand is the Sphinx. And how the words of Hermes are borne our when he said to Aescalapius, ‘Oh, Egypt, Egypt, how we shall mourn thee, for nothing shall be left but thy tablet of stone.’  Let us look at the Sphinx;  partly bull, partly lion, partly man, partly eagle – the four creatures described in the Book of Ezekiel borne out in Egypt, borne out again in the Book of Revelation, and some of us belong to that past, which we remember when we feel the sands of the desert warm under our feet.
In the chapter
An Initiation in the Twentieth Egyptian Dynasty………..
We are now considering a period 1300 years before the birth of Christ.  The Pharaohs of the 20th Egyptian Dynasty were reigning, and we are called upon to assist in the replaying of the karmic condition of that period.    ………….. The time that we are touching is the time of the greatest strife in Egypt; when Egypt was beset by the Assyrians, the Babylonians and Amalekites.  The Egyptian Pharaoh went forth with his servants and his students, his sword carriers and his shield bearers to protect the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the precious stone upon which all esoteric teaching throughout all the ages of man is founded.  The stone was of marble, translucent and transparent, holding within its heart all the colours of the spectrum, collecting from the surrounding ether all rays and colours that can be used in the art of healing, collecting from the greater places of the ether the extraordinary power of the rays required for the vanquishing of the enemies of God.

And upon this stone, inscribed by an Atlantean high priest, was the whole of the symbolic teaching which we are endeavouring to turn to unravel and to understand today, seeking little by little to tread the path of peace, with the knowledge of those great lives of the past, who built the foundation of the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord.  That stone was the precious burden which the Israelites carried into the wilderness, which they defended with their very lives and brought to rest upon Mount Sinai.  

The time we are considering is the time of Moses and Orpheus, and if you study the life of Moses you will realise that much of the teaching is symbolically inclined towards the teaching of Egypt.

……………….. this was the last test except the mental test, and it is the mental tests that are written on the stone of the Ark of the Covenant; these were yet to come, but they are of the inner mysteries and are never spoken of except between the hierophant and the postulant at the third stage of initiation.

Well, that is my thoughts on initiation!

(The extracts from Mona Rolfe’s book was written by her in 1976), although I purchased this in the 1980’s, and it is still available today.

Comment by Pat Grabham on October 31, 2012 at 5:25pm

Hi Julian


I am glad my comments were valuable.... I am all for having initiations taken whilst in the sleep, astral travel and dream experiences, which does not mean of course they are very easy!  It is good to get away from the heavier density of the physical body, as so much more can be accomplished with the lighter etheric body,


How lovely to have had that wonderful initiation so recently in an Egyptian temple... one can 'imagine' it, memories from the past....To have remembered so much and having been made aware of the beautiful hymns and ceremonies, was not only that experience you were meant to go through, but it was to bring to your attention also in this life, that profound experience.


You could say the comments from Amos re that life in Egypt as A.... were very valid. 


To write on them and bring them forth will be a source of inspiration and teaching to others... that is what the true spiritual writer does.  I have only to read from any of my four special books and one or two others, and I am taken to those days, to that teaching, which, when such resonates within one, it means you have that love and affinity, and it helps to bring to the reader memories which are often unawakened - thus by that affinity to spiritual teachings, the spiritual seeker is transported to a higher dimension having had that helping hand,


That takes me back to something my twin sister and I experienced when we were 21.... a long time ago!

One of many experiences, was that our neighbour below where we shared a flat at the time, said to us what wonderful celestial music he had heard coming from our flat, it was so beautiful.  (We ourselves were not aware of it, but he was able to hear this).



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 1, 2012 at 1:13pm

 Us to remember the words of Hermes Trismegistus about origin of  the souls, about  violating  of divine laws, about the punishment they received  by closing in  the body.

 Now, more and more souls remember their true Home and want to return.

 I think this is the first large initiation  THE AWAKENING, made ​​with love and forgiveness by God himself.

 It is the soul that gives man the right to say to God: "Father." It is the soul that transforms man into a living temple of the Spirit of God.

 It is the soul that makes the creation of man a perfect work of the Father..
 Illuminated by its divine origin, the soul knows, the soul wants, the soul can with a force that is already that of a God. And God favors this force. He strongly supports and assist to the extent that the soul rises to justice and deifies man by a life of love for his Creator.




Comment by Pat Grabham on November 1, 2012 at 1:26pm

Hi Valery

That is lovely.  Hermes Trismegistus, has been written of by Julian here in The One group and a few others.  Whereas I tended to think of just Hermes, I am more aware of the second part of his name!


Picture is great also.



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 1, 2012 at 3:28pm



Yes ,Pat,TRISMEGISTOS -meaning "thrice great" comes from the fact that is attributed to Hermes-Thoth idea of ​​the unity of God, but also support the idea of existence in God of  three supreme powers.

Not so sound familiar to us?

This tells us that divine matrix  reveal itself in all ages.Even though sometimes marginal ideas separate from the center of power, when the time comes centripetal force of God gather fragments and recreate the whole.





Comment by Pat Grabham on November 1, 2012 at 6:26pm

Hi Valery

Thank you for your comments, as always.

Horus was of course the son of Osiris and Isis, and again, has a very old heritage and lineage, going back as always to Atlantis.



Comment by Mhamed Bushnaq on November 2, 2012 at 3:51am
drear pat
can i say the initiution is our direction to source
to put in examble like driven a car down the street and use the initiation like th3 sign that say's :"this way is the the way to return to your home"
love light and the bless of yamtron


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