The Seven Symbols.

The Seven Symbols my children are a vast, great subject. They have "been" since the Beginning: At the end of each era/each life: At each new beginning, and, ultimately, they are a part of you all - as you will find - as you search for more, for did you not "see" them once before, a time long passed - my children - yes?


Why seven signs you may ask: Why seven colours? What is the purpose of each symbol - some of you want to know: The time is not right yet - for it all to be explained: Although one day you will know more, for do you all not have a symbol of your own - that is forever a part of you?

Do you wonder if each life lived - is guided and charted by one of those symbols: Does not that affect one's life? Yes? Do you feel my children - you've gone through them all? Are you now complete? Even though that knowledge is buried so deep - do not weep - for it is all there you know - and has been - since the beginning of time: Did you not see any Master's my children at that moment of life: - did you, do you think - see more? Did you hear music from out of the stillness - such a beautiful sound: A flute playing, perhaps: An Angel and a harp: The utter tranquility and beauty - purity and love - all were there - at the beginning of time - were they not?


Do you think - you and your Maker - met each other once - that time my children - so very long ago? Would you have liked just the two of you - and then - you would have met "us all"? Is that not so, my children? For you see, "dear ones", we've all met before you know - from the very beginning - that first spark of life - do you not find that easy - I'm sure to know - we have all met before.


Have I not said - I know you well - I've watched you all grow - and what joy Now - my children - I see before me - for you know - you've all met - many times before, you know: You grew together: You all learned from each other: And what about - your "other teacher" my friends - Do you not know: You met before - each and every life - all those times, long gone by: Was there not a reason - do you not think? Or perhaps that's not so - you feel: Or perhaps he was there - at the very beginning - for - was he not there - amongst us all? As we all sat - with all of you? (Yes)?

We will leave that to you - shall we not? Blessings to all of you - our dearly loved ones.

God Bless you all. Each and every day.


12th July, 1983.

Pat Grabham.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on August 19, 2012 at 1:56am

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your comments.

Julian, a very interesting picture, thank you.



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