The Immortality of the Soul:

From out of the circle which made up its Ray of Origin, the soul came forth in a blaze of light, energy, power, female following male, two as one - that complete spiritual and soul partnership which, through the aeons of time, would lead so often to separation and a pain, a feeling of being alone - something seemed to be missing.

At the end of each cycle of rebirth when the soul returned to its spiritual home, being able to meet up again with its twin soul, brought about complete at-one-ment, love and affinity, not experienced for many an earth year.

The soul has freedom, free-will, but this has meant time and time again, the door to The Creator seemed closed, for memories were lost through the centuries of time.


But in those early days, that was not the case. Memories were still strong, awareness and love for God The Father-Mother-Son, was remembered. Psychic faculties were in full play and with it, life, although removed somewhat from The Creator as to how it was since that first birth, was still vastly superior in its acknowledgment to the essence and meaning of existence.


However, as gradually more and more earth lives were undertaken, those memories of home gradually faded.

Many aeons of time later, souls are desperately striving to remember that which once was known, for only then will it feel at home.

It is not a case of learning and being taught new things - 'immortality of the soul' is a remembrance of what once was.

The soul once again is able to achieve, remember, and hold, that Divine Connection, whereby knowledge is retained once more as the soul reaches up to the pull of home.

Immortality can be likened to that wheel of rebirth ending, awareness and realisation has taken place and the soul lives no longer in the physical.


The different planes/aspects of consciousness remind it of the beauty of what once was, and will be again.

The soul recognises its Divine purpose in the plan of existence, accepting and welcoming the work it wants so desperately to do, and now is the time to listen quietly to God's love and devotion.


Each soul has its own unique rate, tone of vibration and note, which leads back personally to God. No two are alike, not even twins.

The note each soul sounds upon the ether is individual and unique, one of many millions, it matters not.

Upon each soul's personal note, sound-ray of vibration, guides and teachers and loved ones through time, know that sound, and are a part of that in but a second. In fact, many loved ones are daily a part of a soul's note, sound upon the ether. There is no mistaking a loved one's 'signature tune' - no mistakes are made.

As the soul learns to retrieve memories of how it was long ago, it rises upwards and ascends, learns how to levitate through the different time zones, planes of being.

All life is one. There can be no real separation, for whatever is a part of God, which is everything that is, has by that very aspect, to be also one with the soul.

The soul experiences yet again, stages of initiation, at times during its sleep state, others during day to day life, until it becomes so conscious of worlds within worlds, that it becomes an Initiate, and from then on, its journey home has really begun.


It is aware of the immortality of its soul and that which once was and will be again.

Death has no fear, it is only a transition from one stage to another - one which the soul has transcended a thousand times before.

Knowing it will live on, in better and more spiritual dimensions brings great comfort and well-being to the soul, and thus its note-sound on the ethers of light, vibrates with a beautiful pulsating essence; all the colours of the spectrum are there, as the soul ascends step by step back to The Father and its Origin, and is aware of the Immortality of its Soul.


Pat Grabham.

8 July, 2012.

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