The Aquarian Christ:

The Aquarian Christ waits on the Etheric Plane – a Mission which has taken Centuries in its Planning and Conception.

During the Piscean Age, preparations were well advanced in the Spiritual Planes for the New Age of Aquarius and the Aquarian Christ.

The Aquarian Christ comes from an Extremely High Plane, and for those who wish to work with Him, negativity must be erased, as the Aquarian Christ works only on a Positive Ray – Light, of Vibration and Sound.

The Aquarian Ray – Light, is the Blue Ray – Light, a colour of Great Beauty and Magnificence.  The Blue Ray has within its endings the gentle Aquamarine Ray – Light, as they belong together, and strands of Aquamarine are always to be found within the Blue Ray – Light of Aquarius and the Aquarian Christ.

The Work of the Aquarian Christ is to raise the Vibration of people to such an extent whilst life is lived on earth, so that when the moment of death comes and the Soul Crosses over the Bridge between Earth and Heaven, it leaves behind him/her, a Great Light, so those who watch upon the Earth Plane, see a Being of Light cross the Bridge to those Loved ones and Guides, and Angelic Beings, who wait, to go with the Newly Departed Soul.

However, there is much to be done, for that state of being is far from being here.

The Aquarian Christ comes clothed in Blue – the Blue Ray – Light, and the Aquarian Christ, are enveloped completely in Blue, which, if you would look at this Great Being, all you would be aware of is of a Great Blue Ray – Light of Vibration and Power – Awesome in its completeness.

The Blue Ray – Light of the Aquarian Christ, is of such purity that a great deal of clearing away the debris, needs to be addressed and activated upon, for those who wish to meet up with this Great Being on the Ethers of Light.

The Aquarian Christ resides on a Ray of Light of Great Positivity, nothing negative can get through to the Plane wherein He waits.

That must surely be enough for most of us, to wash away any negativity which is ours and has been perhaps for far too long.

Once these steps have been taken, and worked upon that Positive Vibration, then are we able to attune ourselves to the Aquarian Christ, and as we do so, Excitement Reigns, Peace and that Inner Awareness has come to our Innermost Being, and in so doing, we have Remembered Home.

For the Aquarian Christ goes back to the Dawn of Time, that Great Being to whom we gave our Pledge and Love.  Promises were made, vows as well, that at a Far Distant Time and Place, we would meet again and spread the Spirituality and Truth, which the Aquarian Christ brings upon the Etheric Plane of Light.

Stage by stage, as we tune into His Essence, memories will resurface, lives long lived, when He and We, Lived as One.

In the Divine Spheres, we Walked, Talked and shared Moments of Bliss, Joy was felt as we were all bathed in the Radiance of God-The Father-Mother-Son, and within the Orbit of the Spiritual Sun, the Power behind the Physical Sun.

As we are able to readjust our radar, tune into the Blue Light – Ray of the Aquarian Christ, then we are automatically transported back to those Aeons past, when we all Walked as One, Lived as One, and were Blessed indeed by The Father-Mother-Son.  Within the Third Aspect of the Trinity, rests the Progression and Ascension of Humanity, as the soul not only goes back to it’s Beginning in those Glorious Days, but is then able to Ascend into Future Worlds of Light – not all of which have yet been born.

It will take no time at all for Worlds to be Born, for they have been Aeons in the Planning by The Creator; and all it takes is sufficient people to remember and raise their consciousness, so as to be able to attune itself to the Divine Mind, when, those Plans held for the moment by The Creator, will be put into Operation.

The Time Draws Near, the Aquarian Christ Waits, Resides within the Etheric Planes of Light.  He waits there for all, who can Hear His Call.

Being able to Tune into The Blue Light – Ray of the Aquarian Ray and The Aquarian Christ, will help with the Attunement Necessary, and also Raise the Vibrations of the Planet Earth.

Ask Him also to Draw Near, so you can be aware of His Essence and Vibration on the Planes of Light.

Pat Grabham

1 September, 2012.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on September 4, 2012 at 2:57pm

Hi Hannah,


Thank you for your comments and lovely picture as usual.



Comment by Pat Grabham on September 3, 2012 at 4:27pm

Hi Julian,

That is very interesting your dream, which, perhaps thinking of the special affinity and attunement the Amethyst Ray Light and the Aquamarine Blue Ray Light have to each other, could explain much.


To me, one without the other, means something is missing, they can be likened to two sides as it were of the same lineage, the left and right of each other, with no right side.  Because of their extra special connection from the Godhead, those born on one Ray would have an extra special affinity and attunement to the other ray.


(It has been brought to my attention through Akashic Readings... that some people would be on the Amethyst lineage and others on the Aquamarine), all fascinating information.


Although as a Ray Child of the Dhuman Adamic Race, going back to Atlantis... the majority of the Ray Children were born on the Amethyst Ray, but although personally, for me, the Aquamarine Ray is my heritage, one cannot be without the other.


Also, through my thinking processes!  there must be special attributes and qualities which those who were born on the Amethyst Ray have, as compared to those born on the Aquamarine Ray.  (Lately I find myself thinking us born on the Aquamarine Ray have a capacity and - or ability to use our imagination in such a way that we are able to tune into the Divine Mind, in a way those on the Amethyst Ray do not do).!!


Your Monad or spirit as you say, could - perhaps be on Ray One - being a Dual Ray - perhaps food for thought.


Thank you for your lovely comments, always appreciated.


(I have another piece of writing written out due to be typed... Ariah, Priestess of Osiris)... another one of my headings!





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