The Age of Our Discontent by Tara Mary

This is defintiely the age of our discontent, dear friends, and I feel it too, and I can also feel
the suffering and the struggles that are gripping people in their every day lives.
It does not matter what stage of spiritual awareness One is at, just being on Earth in a physical
body that is changing to accomodate a totally different energetic makeup is enough to cause
innumerable feelings, symptoms, confusion, and anger in varying degrees caused by our
rising frequency.

There is a struggle going on within the core of our being. It is caused by the complete change
of living circumstances, within. We can feel a move toward being more spiritual within ourselves,
but wait............there is still a physical world out there with responsibilities that need to be met in
a physical way. Then we remember the spirituality within ourselves and the ever changing
concepts and outlooks that are birthed within our consciousness each moment, or each day.
We are remembering.............but Hey! this is a totally different world so how do we be who we
want or deeply desire to be while integrating within this troubled society?

There is an underlying discontent that resurfaces within all of us at different times. It can cause
confusion within us, making us wonder "why do I feel so awful today when yesterday or last week
I reached deep peace within?" A roller-coaster ride of emotions............why do we reach a level
of 'knowing' then go back into feeling depressed, confused, full of headaches and body aches?

I can feel it too, and it is an internal struggle, a wanting to just get there.........and remain peaceful
and be looked after so that we don't have to worry anymore about..........................!
The spiritual within and the physical life we have made for ourselves are having a subtle war,
so to speak. The spiritual will ultimately win, but the pull towards the physical pleasures is
always there. We are moving towards a life where the pleasures in our life are permanent,
and not sourced from physical means. We won't need to go out and see a movie or indulge in
rich foods to feel happiness, as this is only temporary happiness and ceases as soon as the
enjoyment of the food is finished. That is what causes overeating and binge-eating.............
trying to bring happiness to our lives by the many flavours and 'uppers' of some favourite foods.


Being aware of the struggle between the physical and the spiritual way of life could make things
a little easier. Each time a higher vibration hits Earth, more anger and hostility and even more
crimes are committed. In my State of Qld. alone, the rise in crime and murders is unprecedented.
Seemingly normal and happy couples are being torn apart when one partner suddenly turns violent
and murders his or her partner. This is happening on a regular basis here now, and also the
number of violent crimes involving guns and random shootings. Children and babies have also
been victims more frequently now than ever. Some people cannot handle the higher vibrations
and the rage within surfaces to a deadly degree.

I have no advice for anyone on how to handle their individual inner struggles. I have been bamboozled
myself lately as to what this disturbing feeling within was, but this morning brings very clear insight.
It is personal responsibility for our own choices, and having this wonderful venue to air our feelings,
we can always ask for support. And don't forget, the Angels are always with you.

Love and Blessings to you All ~ let's all have a giant cyber-hug as we progress each day on our path
to total enlightenment, however long or short that takes!!

Tara Mary  ~  With Love


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Comment by Tara Mary on May 24, 2012 at 7:12am

Also a big thank-you to Hannah, Sohiniben, Maria and Melodie for your comments and pictures!

Very appreciated!

Love and Blessings to All,


Comment by Tara Mary on May 24, 2012 at 7:11am

Thank-you IamEmpowered for your comment, and for reading the blog.

This blog is about the many changes occurring within us as we integrate the ascension energies, changing within while we still have to mingle with the 3D world and jobs, shopping, etc.

Our bodies are being changed to crystalline and during this process it also causes some discomfort and even perhaps stress to some people.  We are evolving physically and spiritually, and spiritually we are remembering where we came from as Starbeings.   Our soul is divine and of course it is responding to the rising frequencies so much information is being released into our consciousness.

Namaste ~ Tara.

Comment by IamEmpowered on May 24, 2012 at 2:03am

 आशीर्वाद  Blessings

      before we chose this life to come into as a light spirit , we all we seeking experiences.. once we leave this designer skin bag of flesh we will be free from the want maybe even to chose a next existence of choice as this light spirit we are. these experiences is what makes us who we are, is sad many lost sight of their spiritual significance to become greedy and harmful citizens of this planet, my beliefs are karma follows into next existence or next life if hasn't been dealt with in this life. i enjoyed your blog here ..Namaste ~ नमस्ते

Comment by Melodie Munro on May 20, 2012 at 10:56am

Wonderful post. thank you, Blessings. Melodie

Comment by Dr.Sohini Shukla on May 20, 2012 at 5:16am

Dear tara Marry,

I can feel the changes are there out side as well as within....

Some tremendous transformation is taking place so we will have to get ready to bare also and will be uplifted also with some new Energies....


Comment by Maria de Lurdes Barbosa da Rocha on May 20, 2012 at 3:50am

We are experiencing lots of changes and I also feel there are lots of spiritual tests in our way. If we are not aware and be vigilant of our thoughts and emotions we can be trapped. we should live in the now, trying to behave and see through the eyes of the creator, sharing love, finding safe ways to channel our anger, accepting and letting go. All our bodies are detoxing, let's infuse them with light to replace the old programming, asking for a download of source energy, a rain of light...


Comment by Tara Mary on May 19, 2012 at 9:19pm

Yes, dear brother, I sincerely hope that others can also find this middle ground to tread.

A very fine balance, and when Buddha became enlightened and discovered this Middle Way to be the best course of living one's life, it was not in the time of physical and spiritual ascension.

We are met with a whole new set of inner struggles and choices to make as the physical ascends into a higher vibration.  

I love that picture, Julian, thank-you and have a peaceful weekend,

Tara Mary.

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