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A description of the inner world beings  (added 8-15-11)

There are more than 120 Subterranean Cities located within the inner surface of the Hollow Earth. All the beings that live within them are highly evolved beyond those of us on the surface. In the City of Telos beneath Mt Shasta, the beings there originally came from Lemuria over 12,000 years ago just prior to a thermonuclear war that destroyed Lemuria and most of its beings. Only a small percentage escaped in time and came to Earth. They found their way into the inner earth free of harsh weather and other ET interferences. This greatly enhanced their ability to evolve much faster than we on the surface.

The average height of the men in Taos is 7 feet, a little shorter for the women. Their eyes are as sharp as an eagles. Their bodies are very broad and strong and are in perfect health. They are all vegetarians and all their food is live food. They can swim or run for hours and never tire. Live food and pure living water, along with high spiritual belief systems (Love and Oneness) keeps them from aging. Their bodies  never age beyond 30 years. Many have lived hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. They have learned, the longer they live in the same body, the wiser and stronger they become.

Adama, the High Priest and Ascended Master of Telos has a sense of humor. He reminded me that it was God who created humor. He expressed his humor when describing the women there. “The women are, by outer earth standards, very beautiful with proportionate forms. They have a natural beauty that requires no make-up, fancy hair styles, nor do they need breast implants as so many of the surface women choose. Please understand, the men here do not have a fascination over women’s breasts, as you males do on the surface. (smile)” Their skin stays supple, soft, smooth, and never ages. Adama says, “Make-up on the face clogs the pores and restricts it from breathing and thus it begins to age.”

Living in a dimension of higher frequencies activates the photon Light particles in their evolved bodies. I work part time at a local golf course as a Marshal. At times when the golf traffic is quite slow, I park my golf cart, take in the beauty of the nearby mountains, view magnificent cloud formations, and thank Gaia for the beauty she provides for our physical journey. Recently, when doing so, I also began thinking of the inner earth scenery and its beings. With that, Mikos greeted me (telepathically) and I was delighted because he is always so positive and loving. He always knows if I am thinking of him. He is the Guardian of the Records of the Universe, including the Earth. These records are contained in the Library of Porthologos located deep within the Hollow Earth beneath our Aegean Sea. This huge library of 456 square miles is completely automated with the records contained on crystal slides. All this is a story in itself.

Relative to the light within their beings, he shared the following that I recorded on a note pad. “Our inner light always emanates from our bodies. If you were to see us now with your 3rd dimension eyes, you might see somewhat of a glow around us. However, when you evolve to the 5th level, you will see our light like one who, on the surface, is gifted with the ability to see auras. You would see all the colors emanating out from our forms that are created from our light within. If ever we were dishonest, which we never are, the color that represents dishonesty would be evident. This is how it will be for you when you ascend to the 5th level or dimension. There will never be any negativity without it being obvious by the colors in the aura and you will also be able to read a person by the colors of their aura rather than judging them by a first physical impression.

Mikos, and those living in the inner areas of the Hollow Earth are much taller than those from Telos. Mikos states he is 15 feet tall yet he looks much like we do. There are no dress codes there so they dress casually based on how they feel. They spend much of their time outdoors so they usually dress in loose, brightly covered soft clothing, usually made from hemp or other plant materials. Their chairs and beds are cushioned with a vibrant material that perfectly molds to their bodies giving them perfect support and comfort.

There is so much more about these marvelous beings but this is not a book, so I’ll let what has been shared here suffice for now.

How they sustrain themselves
Relative to food intake, they eat only live food (no meat) and because of the even moderate temperature throughout the whole inner earth they all grow their own fruits and vegetables and, when ripe, they bring them to the nearest distribution center located within each of the many communities. Each day they go to a distribution centers and freely take only what they need for that day so all food is always fresh and alive. They tell us that part of why we age is because we eat mostly dead food and ingest lots of chemicals into our system (not to mention smoke and excessive alcohol). All this and the many negative emotions we experience lowers our imune system and allows disease to take hold which gradually ages our physical forms at a rate dependant on how well care for the body or abuse it.

Because of the pure atmosphere, the fresh live food, and a higher vibration of beingness, there is no disease of any kind. Their bodies physically age to no greater than we do in our late 20s and it never wears out or dies as we do in third dimension. They choose how long they want to live in the same body. Some have lived hundreds and even thousands of years in the same physical form. They realize, the longer they live in the same body, the more it allows them to develop greater wisdom and a faster evolution instead of starting over periodically as we have done in the 3rd dimension for so very long. 




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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 7, 2012 at 3:56am

Hi Ravinder,


Interesting.  I agree it is much better all round to eat a vegetarian diet.


Although I personally would prefer to live on the planes above the earth.





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