Shift Update – September 2012 A New Consciousness Unfolding a message from Jim Self

There is a shift of consciousness that is unfolding. The changes that are happening within and around us are very significant. They are directly related to the electromagnetic shifts that are occurring, both within the electromagnetic field around the Earth, as well as in our own auras. While there are many positive aspects to this, the reference points for where we are heading are still not readily available to us. We are in the phase where we first have to clear away all the personal baggage we have accumulated. You cannot take your baggage with you on this journey. This is what is happening all around us right now. The entire planet is in a very significant state of flux, but you don’t hear much about it in the media.

In this article I am going to focus on some of the aspects of the Shift that are affecting the world today: Geopolitics, world finance, climate changes, and the Earth itself.

What’s happening on Planet Earth… and beyond?
In the months of May, June, and early July, there was a massive stepping up of solar activity: solar flares, winds, storms and coronal mass ejections were larger and more frequent than we have seen before. In the second half of July they calmed down a lot, until the 25th of July, when they began to build up again. There have been some very interesting aspects to this, because the velocity of these solar events is no longer predictable. The explosions we are currently seeing from the sun are being rated as having four times the velocity of those we are used to experiencing, which means that they are having a much greater impact on the Earth’s magnetic field, our own magnetic field, and the physical structure of the Earth itself.

The Earth’s core is heating up. As the magma beings to move upward through the cracks into the mantle of the Earth many areas of the world are experiencing significant changes in the physical structure of the land. In the last few weeks several new volcanoes have appeared in different parts of the world, while a rise in the temperature of the Pacific

Ocean has started to alter the currents that produce the planet’s weather patterns. As we are aware, the extreme weather patterns in the northern hemisphere have created a drought in many areas. This has impacted around 50 per cent of the production of corn, soybeans, and other grains, the consequence of which is now becoming evident in rising food prices across the world.

The torrential rainstorms experienced in other parts of the northern hemisphere, are also having an effect that has never been experienced before. The storms are actually occurring much higher in the atmosphere, into the stratosphere, with reports indicating that water molecules are rising up to 60,000 feet, which is unheard of. What makes this very challenging is that when water molecules interact with sulphur dioxide in the stratosphere, it has a warming effect, which in turn adversely affects the ozone layer, causing holes to begin to appear. This has typically only been found in areas that contain a lot of ice, like the Antarctica, south of Australia, but new reports suggest that an ozone hole is now being formed over the United States.

Elsewhere in the world, Europe has been badly affected by persistent rainstorms and flooding, which is impacting their economies accordingly, while the southern hemisphere has experienced its coldest winter in 40 years, which has resulted in unanticipated energy shortages in South America. Moreover, the increase in volcanic eruptions over the past five years is causing massive emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other chemicals, which are made up of exceptionally fine particles that remain suspended into the stratosphere where they reflect back as heat. This is creating a general cooling in weather patterns around the world, which, assuming there are no more volcanoes, will take at least five to ten more years to clear.

Welcome to the Shift. This is what we have been talking about for many years.

World Finance and Geopolitics
At this point in time, issues of world finance and geopolitics are very intermeshed, and will continue to push against each other in terms of belief systems about how economies should work. Whenever there are challenges, the nature of the third dimensional human being is to “push it down the road, and let somebody else deal with it.” But we are now at a point where we no longer have that luxury.

2012 is an election year for the United States, and I believe that key decisions will be made by default that will have a significant impact on taxes. Major tax rollbacks and reductions were put in place in 2002 for a ten-year period, which ends on December 31st. Politically, this is a hot potato that no one has been willing to deal with so far. So here we are, with an election occurring in November, and a massive set of decisions that must be made by January 1st. And yet the President, and the new Congress will not be sworn in until January 4th. And be aware: if no action is taken, there will be substantial consequence in terms of changing the economies, not just of the USA, but the entire world.

The Shift is happening. We are right in the middle of it. And though it may not be definable, the reality is that people the world over are waking up and saying enough! It is going to take a period of time for some of this to be heard, but it IS being heard. The Shift in consciousness that is occurring across the globe is building up to point of decision-making that will change how we are going to live our lives in the coming days. Is that a fearful thing? Not necessarily.

If we can begin to allow ourselves to make different decisions than the ones we have made in the past, we will have the opportunity to choose. All the financial, political, agricultural and climate issues currently facing us will be viewed by the collective third dimensional consciousness as something that we will deal with… later. You, being smarter, are seeing what is coming, and consequently can make decisions that allow you to choose more effectively.

This entire Shift is about YOU. As these events unfold, you will begin to see many of those who are part of that collective consciousness behaving more erratically. As we move towards the conclusion of 2012, there is an underlying fear in many people’s reality that is being propagated by the media, and by the prophecies, which say the end is coming. There is no ending coming in that context. 2013, 2014, and 2015 will occur. What the Shift is bringing is an entirely new beginning, which must unfold. I repeat: we are at the point where you cannot take your baggage with you. The old systems of consumption, of not knowing your neighbor, and the “me-first” attitude are all falling away. There is a level of choice and a level of opportunity that we have, but some are not seeing this. Many are still holding on to unrealistic expectations that the world’s financial systems will change to the extent whereby everyone will get “their fair share of all the money” by the end of the year. If you happen to share the belief that somebody’s going to drop a million dollars on your head, and all of the spiritual healers, teachers, and workers will finally be free to simply go out and do spiritual things without requiring payment, please reconsider that concept. It may happen. It is a possibility, but… there are many people that are not doing the work they came here to do, by which I mean, the work on them. They are not clearing the patterns of fear or doubt, and consequently remain in a state of denial. The reality is 2013 will come, and to an extent it will appear to many as though business simply continues as normal. Be very clear about this… it will be anything but normal.

As amazing as the solar flares we are currently experiencing are, the solar maximum does not occur until the middle of 2013, and it will not start backing off until around 2015. So we will continue to experience what we are experiencing now. But here’s one important point about the solar flares that you may not know: the energy does not simply amplify with a solar flare, and then return to normal when the flare has passed. It is not like water rising in the river and then dropping back after the storm to its original level. Just like a stepping-stone, with each solar flare the energy is sustained. Every single one of these flares is taking us to newer, different, modified energetic fields.

There is no going back in the Shift, and as it unfolds in the coming weeks and month, those who are not doing their personal work will find themselves with all their “stuff,” and all the “I’m not okay’s” being purged from their bodies regardless. As this occurs, many will simply drop further into their fears, doubts and denials. They will continue to look to that mythical million dollars being dropped on their head for their salvation. My request to you is, please do not hold that expectation as a logical or high probability. This is the time to do your work.

If you can, do the work, become conscious of being conscious, raise your vibrational field to the level that you are capable of raising it. If you pay attention to your own personal growth and development, you will develop the ability to walk along the new edge of the rising river, rather than walking along the old path that runs right alongside that rising river. One will be less challenging than the other. This is not a fearful statement; I am simply telling you what is in process, and pointing out the opportunity to choose wisely.

This Shift is now approaching the moment where a Shift will indeed occur. Consider this moment the pre-movement. This Shift is beginning to come to the place where it will be much more visible in both a third dimensional reality and third dimensional consciousness. When this moment occurs, how will you choose? Will you choose to avoid making a decision? Or will you boldly step into a new and not yet fully designed reality, and choose to become the designer?

So enjoy these coming days, because they will be sensational. These new levels of consciousness that you now have the opportunity to step into are absolutely extraordinary. Become masterful at these new levels of consciousness, as they are going to allow you to choose something that you have never conceived.

It is time to be practical.

It is time to pay attention.

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