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The Rite of Transfiguration
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The Rite of Transfiguration

The ultimate goal of the Rites of Passage program is to have our entire group body stand forth as an actualized expression of God. We are undergoing this accelerated initiation process in order to manifest divinity in human form while in resonant group formation.

There is no other directive more important as this is one of the main keys to bringing forth the long awaited era of peace on Earth.

In the first Rite of Relationship, we established our rapport with God as the primary focus of our single pointed attention. To put God first in all that we do has become our sole reason for being.

As we progressed through to the second Rite of Divine Will, the vision for ever lasting world peace was gently planted in our hearts and minds. In this act of alignment, we experience a more pronounced fusion of our personal will with God's Will, resulting in a greater knowledge of how we are to accomplish our roles in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan through the power of Goodwill.

We are now prepared to behold the tremendous cosmic rays streaming forth from the spheres of Shamballa as the Councils of Light administer this crucial Rite of Transfiguration. As a collective forcefield of Divine Love, these Masters wield the Rod of Initiation, which sets into motion an expedited processes of synthesis within our being.

In the Rite of Transfiguration, we initiate deeper processes in the consummation of the human personality, transcending duality and seeing beyond the physical form. This phase of transformation is vital in order to experience any further expansion of our consciousness.

Once again, we summon from the depths of our being an intense one-pointedness that allows us to maintain our focus upon the end result coupled with an unwavering willingness to sacrifice all that we know. 




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The Transfiguration

Transfiguration is the process through which our human personality fuses with the light of

the Soul. We enter more fully into group consciousness and effectively polarize on a

greatly expanded mental plane.

We are completely focused upon the realization of our oneness

with humanity to which we have humbly dedicated our life in service.

Transfiguration for the Individual

The medium between the human and God is the Soul. This has often been referred to as

the Christ Principle, the unifying universal consciousness present in every particle of

creation. It is this catalytic energy that transforms and transfigures the human form.

It is only at a certain stage in our development that the indwelling Divine Consciousness

becomes active. This is when the physical, emotional and mental bodies are sufficiently

balanced and stable to synthesize as one.

It is the insistence upon the power of thought that is the cardinal force behind this transition.

With determination to handle life solely from the angle of Divine Mind, we experience the

transfiguration of our entire lower nature as all human desires, feelings, pains and

pleasures are transmuted into a greatly expanded mental focus.

We are intelligently motivated because we perceive beyond the form and experience

beyond the window of the body bound senses. As we carry out our planetary service, we

serve as a bridge between the matrices of consciousness, between the form and the


Transfiguration for the Group

The transfiguration of our body as a Group Soul is the capstone of our concerted efforts on

the path of initiation.

It has always been and always will be about the greater whole. If we are to gain entrance

into expanded states of consciousness, evolutionary law propels this as a required “group”


The initiation of transfiguration sets into motion the greater merging with the unified group

consciousness. This is referred to by many of us as the Group I AM Consciousness.

This increased receptivity to the group consciousness results in our thinking in wider and

more inclusive terms. The needs of the group take center stage while the needs of the

individual self become of secondary importance.

We see the group as God sees it, conscious and integral custodians of the Divine Plan. We

know exactly what we are doing, and precisely why we are doing it.

The Rite of Transfiguration

Our Specific Focuses of Initiation:

The actualization of an integrated personality and the Christ Principle within involves the

complete resolution of the perception of duality and concepts of belief. This then triggers

an alchemical reaction of unity and synthesis within our entire energy field.

Transfiguration of the personality is potentially made when the following major inner

unification's have been made:

Perceiving beyond the form:
Until now, we have been deeply engaged with our relationship to physical forms and the

associated behavior that expresses itself through the forms. We have been locked in a

mindset consumed with the passing of judgments and categorizing things from their outer


We are now shifting our human perception to the multidimensional playing field, seeing

beyond the limitations of form. We are tapping into the energy behind the form, the

immanent force guiding all Universal Law into appropriate action.

People, concepts, physical manifestations... these are all seen and directly experienced as

expressions of energy, individualized units of the greater whole.

In this Rite, our awareness expands into the “formless”, the field of pure potentiality from

where all creations springs forth. From this greater alignment, we are able to apply

timeless wisdom to the form in which to alchemize a permanent shift.


Transcending the Sensory Mind

When sensory perceptions vibrate their pleasures within the body, we continue to be

drawn to matter and its perceived comforts or sufferings. The five physical senses keep the

human body bound to the third dimension of matter.

To realize God Consciousness, our awareness vibrates above the matter-tuned senses. Our

perceptions turn inwards to reveal the Divine hidden behind the outer appearance.

Through the continued interiorization of our consciousness, we progressively transcend

the human senses and touch into the blissful voice of God reverberating throughout our

being. This is why the art of concentrated meditation is so beneficial.

Transcending Dual Perception

It is the duality within us that is in resistance to another aspect of itself due to a mindset

still perceiving from polar opposites. From this dual perception, we formulate selfattaching

desires and opinions; all from the separated self. As the pendulum of thought

swings in one direction, it always comes back to the opposite direction to balance the

pole. This is the Law of Duality.

The Source of all is God, or, oneness. This means that all pairs of opposites have the same

foundation. Light and dark are from the same Source. Good and evil are from the same

Source. While different in frequency, they live on the same polarity spectrum, are extreme

manifestations of the exact same energy and are deeply interdependent upon the other at

the human level.

Transparency to Divine Truth is cultivated by freeing the human consciousness from the

dualistic influences of attraction and aversion.

When we focus all of our thoughts, words and actions on the highest good of all, whether

good, bad or indifferent, we are operating in alignment with the Universe and we begin to

live, perceive and create from the Divine Consciousness within.

May we consciously see and send forth Divine Love (which knows no opposite) to

everyone and everything. If we see as God sees and love as God loves, in the sense that

all is perfect and divine, then there is no pole, thus no tipping of the dualistic scales.

One of our greatest services to the Divine Plan is to simply be a bright beacon and

neutralizing pillar while selflessly invoking Divinity... to be in this world, but not of it.

While walking the path of equanimity, we come to master the Law of Duality, rising

above the pull of matter, in full acceptance of the divinity inherent in all things.


Transcending Concepts and Beliefs

As a human race, we live and operate our lives from under a veil of programmed beliefs.

These include our concepts, opinions and philosophies about life. Yet, behind all of these

self-creations is a Divine Consciousness, an all-pervading forcefield that is holding all of

our known and unknown projections intact!

To reveal the Soul, the indwelling Christ Principle, we are required to expand far beyond

our projections and embody the background consciousness of the Divine Presence,


We can simply do this by focusing the thought of the Divine at the forefront of our

consciousness at all times. This does not mean that we have to leave society or our

families behind. It means that we integrate the divine thought and feeling into every aspect

of our life. We maintain this in every interaction and experience.

The ascension IS this perceptual shift in thought and feeling... to simply remember the

divine in everything... our children, our spouse, the sales clerk, the taxi driver, the crowds

on the street. The Christ Principle is as directly tangible within others as it is within us.

When we are constantly awake and in conscious meditation with all of life, all of the

time... we actualize God as the Self.



With Love,

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation



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