As we now are aware, 2012 is a very crucial year in our opportunity to advance our Light Quotient significantly.  We offer another great tool to specifically utilize the transformation within the Summer Solstice. 

The Solstice will be a grand affair of Light as the energies of Atlantis and Lemuria will merge as the Eternal Essence of OM.  This radiant OM Wave will cascade from within Mt. Shasta itself via the enormous central power crystal that is housed inside the Lemurian capital city of Telos.  This wave will extend across the globe and merge with the energies of the other geographically important central crystals, delivering a new level of light consciousness of compassion and love to all of humanity.  It is the return of the full blending of the masculine elements of our heritage of Atlantis, into the feminine energies that is our heritage of Lemuria. For those that are fully ready to advance into your next level of responsibility as a torch bearer and lightworker, we are celebrating this event in a very special way.

The "Heart of Mt. Shasta" that will attune your crystal.

We are making available high frequency Lemurian crystals that will be physically charged by the mountain of Shasta for a period of three days during the Solstice. You may now purchase one that will be an individually attenuated crystal specifically for you based on a questionnaire you will fill out with your exact intentions.  We will attune the crystal and ship it to you after the Solstice along with a new special visualization from Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, whose main role is the teaching and advancement of all initiates that desire to accelerate into the 5th Dimensional frequencies.  This new meditation enhances and grounds your full chakra system and light body by utilizing the power of an individually attuned crystal  combined with the personal activation meditation, and the power of the OM Wave activation.

This is a rare opportunity as Lemurian crystals such as those in the image above are not in excessive supply.  We will accept orders on a first come first served basis and do our best to accommodate everyone  but be aware that, as we are not in the crystal trade ourselves, supply will be limited.  The closing date to have your order submitted to us is June 15th, 2012, at which time this offer will be ended – or prior to that date if supplies run out. (The above image of the crystals has a United Stated quarter dollar shown for size comparison).   We will do a full shamanic clearing of each crystal, attune them and ship each crystal in a protective pouch.  It will be lovingly packed and insured.  Cost of each crystal includes the cost of the download MP3 activation meditation from Lord Adama as well as shipping and insurance.  International orders will need to be charged an additional shipping fee once we ship it.

Some of you may also want an additional individual session with Lord Adama himself to assist you in discerning the specific issues or areas in your own life that you want to work on using this powerful tool once you have it in your possession.  (This is what we ourselves had done for us). We are therefore offering two pricing structures:

OM WAVE Crystal Activation without a personal session from Lord Adama: $77

OM WAVE Crystal Activation including the Lord Adama session: $154

To order please click the link to

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters of Ascension for the New Earth

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