News From Ascended Masters.....Petra Margolis.....17th July 2012.....

Are we Source, are we within Source and what is the Ascension

within Source.

Yesterday while thinking about the oneness and source I saw something that I would like to explore further.

We all have this feeling or knowing of being God, Source or whatever name you use.

Now if there is one Source, just imagine we are all copies of Source and

Source itself is our playground.

It's hard to explain, but see it this way, we have a human cell, within the cell is the nucleus, the part that contains everything the cell needs to take on a form.

What if this nucleus keeps on multiplying within that cell, the cell itself keeps expanding as well, as each particle within the cell multiplies as well.

We are the nucleus, the cell itself is our playground taking on form around us.

We exist within it, oneness is when every nucleus flows freely amongst others.

Expanding as well, so each nucleus becomes as big as the cell, but without interfering with others.

Taking on form in that huge playground.

So each nucleus has its own source, its own consciousness, its own awareness, but flows freely amongst all others in oneness.

Moving as one being.

Now each one takes on different forms, as within this playground, universes, planets have been formed already by the beginning first nucleus, or source.

It is like each of us is a drop of water in the ocean, but the first drop has already become the ocean and we are becoming the ocean as well.

I saw it in a picture so it's hard to explain within words.

Now exploring further, each one of us chooses certain forms at times, not all the time. When we choose a form we start to focus part of our energy on that form to create the form.

Think of the physical body as a form we chose to create, we focused part of our energy on this physical form. When we focus on a certain point the energy gets closer together and starts to form a shape.

The longer we focus on the form of the physical body the more and more of our energy gets focused or attached to this physical shape.

To keep the physical form we created certain rules within our energy that allowed us to have less focus on the form, sort of like putting the physical form on automatic pilot.

We created an attachment to the earth that would keep the physical form connected to the earth. Like when some people see this silver cord when astral traveling, the cord that keeps them connected to the physical body.

This cord actually moves all the way through the physical body into the earth core.

It's almost like when a baby is born it is connected still through the umbilical cord and the placenta to the mother. This is what I saw within the earth, something that looked like a placenta and all humans connected to this placenta through that silver cord. This silver cord is also what some see as the core of our being, the kundalini flows around it to keep the cord energized.

When people start the ascension process, this core becomes bigger, widens and at one point can be disconnected from the placenta within the earth.

This is also where I think we need to think about what is really ascension.

I see people say they have ascended, but what does ascension really mean as there are so many different forms of ascensions.

When we talk about ascended beings, we talk about beings that have ascended beyond the physical form and returned to their complete energy form, or source form.

I would like to call that ascension, we usually call it cosmic ascension as it is a way to describe the difference between ascending in frequencies and dimensions and ascending completely beyond frequencies and dimensions.

I would use the word shift for reaching higher frequencies and higher dimensions as this usually pertains to a shift in awareness, and or a shift in consciousness.

This process is a constant process right now as we are moving towards the Galactic Center and the energies can be felt within each moment.

Depending upon the choices you made before coming here and the choices you made while being here upon earth, the shifting will continue up until a certain point or move all the way beyond the physical form back to your source form.

The earth herself, also a source being just like us took on the form of this planet we live on. She has made it clear that her time is come to ascend beyond the physical form. Now this has certain consequences for all life upon her so the plans were made to make a sort of facsimile for the earth, what many call the new earth.

The shift is where all move in a way from the old earth, as she is ascending onto the new earth. The new earth is within the same space of the old earth so many will not notice this shift or movement happening.

What does happen is that since all humans are connected to the earth through the cord and the placenta, the core crystal we might call it, has to be disconnected and moved and connected into the new earth.

This is a massive undertaking as I saw the pictures in front of me, as it means that all grids that are within the earth have to be dissolved to let this core placenta go through.

The grids are like a casing, a netting that would slice the placenta into pieces.

Now we can all say this is an illusion, but we are dealing with energies and physical energies, energies so dense they have a physical form, or seem to have a physical form.

I know all the other opinions, we are dreaming this, we are not really here, we are all one and the same and just move your awareness or consciousness beyond it, just love everyone and it will be alright, nothing can be done to you, etc. etc..

But we are here within the physical body, on something we experience as a physical planet, within a physical universe and more physicality than just us as we have plants, trees, animals, even the sun and the moon and other physical planets and stars.

To ignore one fact, the physical, is to ignore our entire existence either as source or source being.

The talk about moving beyond it is easy, but no one really moves beyond it unless you move beyond the physical body back into your source form.

We can all create a different reality, but we also created this reality where we are all living upon a physical planet and it is a reality we have to deal with no matter what, thinking it is an illusion is one way, there are many other ways.

I see the universes, source our playground, like the earth, as above so below. In a way we are all connected as we have a human form, in another way we are all different as each human looks and acts differently.

Just like on earth where we have plants and animals etc.. We also have beings that took on different forms within the universes, the playground.

There is more to the eye than we can see at this moment and exploring every little bit is getting us closer and closer each time as we move through these amazing times of change.

Petra Margolis

July 17, 2012

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Comment by Dr.Sohini Shukla on July 20, 2012 at 12:09am

Dear Hannah,

You are always welcome....


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