Tuesday, September 18th 2012


SUE: Beloved one, we are happy that you connect with us       as we have something of importance to share with you. As you connect to       the Mother deep within, you feel her calling you to deepen your       connection on a daily basis. She is so happy when you pay attention to       her beneath the surface and not just admire and be grateful for the       beauty you see and perceive around you. She wishes us to take you with us       on a journey within the Earth, are you willing?


Yes, I would love       to.


Relax now into her molten core and       see what you feel.


I feel passion,       fire and the energy of new birth. 


Just being with and in this energy       will bring forth more creativity. We invite you to come here often and       relax in this creative energy of the Mother deep within her core. There       is nothing you need to do but rest and be here for a while. Compare       yourselves to the trees, they just are, still, serene and majestic never       doing anything but swaying with the energy that surrounds them.


I feel how with my       solar plexus the energy is being stirred up, it makes me feel a       little nervous! 


This is good, it is activating,       beneath the surface, hidden gifts that will begin to come forth into the       open as you continue to visit our realm for this purpose. You and others       have so much more to offer than you are presently accessing and we wish       to assist you to tap into these creative sources within yourselves.       Notice as you continue to visit with the Mother how new ideas are       birthed, out of the blue and most unexpectedly! 


If you can spend at least 10       minutes a day in this creative vortex of love with the Mother she will       assist you to move forward to brighter and greener pastures in all       aspects of your life. Leave the mundane behind and move forward now, it       is time! Take the action you are guided to take now and move!


After visiting with the Mother       bathe in the crystalline waterfall to cool off, to center and adjust your       frequencies to a new place on the dial. If you have access to the ocean       this will help you too. Ten minutes a day is enough to begin with until       you begin to open up more fully to the creative energies available to you       from within. 


As we have told you many times,       this transformation begins and continues within, and everything on the outside       is a confirmation and a reflection of where you are within yourselves.       Enjoy these gifts, beloved ones, and go forth now into a beautiful day.
      Blessings from the Mother.


      Transmission September 19th, 2012
      Through Mary Carol and Susan Michele


MARY CAROL: Beloved       ones, we welcome you today to join us as we go for a visit to our lovely       open meadows and grasslands and we will meet with our brothers and       sisters as we do some celebrating together, of the beautiful opening that       you are experiencing and the widespread distribution of our visits with       you and our messages. We are here, in this beautiful open meadow with       many wild flowers and wooded areas around, with your brothers and sisters       of the Inner Earth as we join in some joviality of dancing and singing       joyously. We join hands and are circling in a way where we go in and out       with our circle and are making patterns that illuminate the area with       golden light. Then we are singing together songs of celebration. You will       follow us with the words with grace and ease, for in your inner wisdom       places you already know the words and we shall create more of them       together as we dance around the meadows. As we dance there are other       spirits that join us from the fairy kingdom and from the nature spirits       of all elements. Each in their own way are dancing, hopping, flying,       moving in the same celebratory energy spreading more love and imbuing       each of us with even greater joy.


It is such a wonderful time for us to be together as       the moon is still in her new stages. We are blessed by our Grandmother       Moon as we are blessed by Father Sun and by our Mother Earth. Here inside       her loving heart we are enfolded lovingly and held to her bosom to       receive more grace and more growth in our creative spirit. Now we are       partaking of delicious delicacies created from Mother Earth's copious and       gentle offerings. We, as you say, are breaking bread together in this       glorious celebration of heightened awareness of what awaits you and what       you are here to do as you continue in your mission. For you,        beloved ones, it is a joy with some learning challenges that you will       sail through with our help as is needed and your open commitment of the       work you do with us. There is much joy here and great joy ahead of you.       We bless you and we embrace you as a part of our family. We go now to       speak through our beloved sister Sue that she may unveil more of what we       have to share with you. Aloha for now, Adama.


SUE: We feel and see with great joy the excitement that you       express and all that you feel as this surprise is unexpected for both of       you and how the people have received our messages. We told you that it       would be like this, but we know you did not know that it would be so       instantaneous and received with so much receptivity. We are so happy       beloved ones, for you for us and for everyone who is open and willing to       receive our gifts. As you see, people are hungry for the energy coming       through our messages and we are more than happy to be of assistance to       the Earth population in general. As you so rightly already stated, they       are acclimatizing you to our domain and how we live from our hearts and       in complete oneness with all that is. As your awareness grows each day to       embrace new ideas and possibilities, your lives will gradually change so       much that you will forget about your old life and the way it was. Our way       of living will become normal to you and this is our goal - to help you to       embrace wondrous possibilities veiled from you until this time. As the       consciousness of humanity rises, new and profound technologies will begin       to appear as you awaken more and more to the immense possibilities       available and some still hidden at this time.


This weekend of       the Fall Equinox is extremely important. So we would like to offer you       all a meditation that you can participate in to assist the energies that       will be revealed to come forth and be accepted with ease and grace. We       take you now on a guided journey deep into the core of our beloved Mother       Earth. Hold my hand and come with me to our beautiful Vortex Lake. We see       each one of you holding hands around the perimeter of this lake. Our       family stands and joins you all in the circle around the lake. Together       we invoke the divine presence within each one of our hearts.


Breathe now into       your hearts, connecting Heaven and Earth within your core. As you breathe       in and out through your heart, you breathe the energy from Heaven and       from the Earth simultaneously. You see your Higher Self at arm's length       above your head, and you feel the connection to the Divine Mother below       your feet. As you breathe in and out through your heart center you will       begin to feel more energized, more alive and connected to your divine       self more than ever before. The energy may begin to turn to the left and       then to the right or vice versa. Absorb this flow and the vortex energies       that surround you. You are creating, from this place of peace within your       hearts, your own merkaba and body of light. You are strengthening       yourself from within to emanate peace and love out to the world. Call       internally on your family, friends and other light workers to join you in       this circle. As from the core of our hearts we project our light, our       love and peace towards the central vortex of the Earth within the       crystalline lake, the more the vortex will take our energy and love and       pass it through her veins in, through and around the Earth bringing more       love peace and harmony, not only to the Mother but to all who walk upon       her shores.


We invite you to       send out this meditation to all new responses to our call so that they       too may be a part of helping to restore balance in, through and around       the Earth. We thank you in advance, beloved sisters and brothers, for       putting your trust in us and assisting with this wonderful project. No       harm can be done by or to anyone who comes from their hearts when it is       their sincere wish to restore the Earth to the paradise that she once       was, raising the frequencies and divinity of her and all those who dwell       upon her. See in your mind's eye and feel, if you would, how the energy       is circling around you. It does not matter at what time you choose to       participate in this meditation, but at the time of the Fall Equinox in       your area would be beneficial. As you know there is no time, so whenever       you can we invite you to join us with your loving intents for the whole.


The last few weeks       we have noticed great changes coming that have been in the works for a       long, long time. This will support these revolutionary projects to be       brought forth for all to see. We see that humanity is saying NO to all       that is not for their highest and best good. You and the whole are       opening up to receive these wondrous gifts that have been prepared for       you. Continue to love and embrace yourself with all your heart and know       your journey has not been an easy one. We celebrate you and the       accomplishments that have been achieved individually and collectively       over the last century. It has been a slow ride for some of you but       absolutely necessary for your natural evolvement and awakening. We are       happy and extremely pleased with your progress and we thank you and commend       you all for your commitment to create a wondrous new world. We could not       have done this monumental transformation without every single one of your       efforts. Even though sometimes many of you have wondered, “Why am I here?       What am I doing. How can I contribute at all?” You have been exactly       where you were meant to be, performing tasks that you were meant to       perform however humble these tasks may have seemed. You have been playing       your role in this grand play on earth. Every single one of you has played       your roles to the T. Some were the bad guys and some were the good guys       and some are the light workers trying to keep the balance between the       two, being in the world but not of it following your individual guidance       and therefore assisting the whole in this grand game that is about to       take a turn toward a much more positive place. It is as if the Earth and       humanity are being turned inside out revealing the bright shining diamond       and the wonderful heart that they are. You are in the process right now       of being turned inside out. What was inside all the time will be revealed       on the outside.


As within so       without has always been true but now you will begin to act solely for       each other and for the benefit of your brothers and sisters instead of       being in constant competition with each other, seeing the other as an       enemy. Mark my words, in the coming weeks and days to come you will be       amazed as this energy becomes stronger by the day. Everyone will be       caught up in this whirlwind of passion to serve each other for the benefit       of the whole. Countries will cease to fight one another and will begin to       assist each other in every possible way. Disasters have shown in the past       that humanity's heart is good, filled with love. This is who you are and       who you are returning to be and live on a daily basis, not for your own       personal gain, but for the whole so that everyone may benefit from your       gifts in your immediate community and the whole earth.


We invite you to       really feel the energy fused into our words and embody this more and more       each day. We cannot express enough how excited we all are. You have no       idea about the vastness of what is occurring in through and around your       world, but soon you will see and feel it and hear about it more and more.       We embrace you all, beloved sisters and brothers from the stars. You have       come to be of service here on Earth at this time. Thank you for your       commitment to be a part of this grand transformation. It could not have       been done without you and you have all played your roles extremely well.       There is no judgment where we come from as we see the entire picture and       we ask you to do the same. To embrace what has been and everything that       has occurred on Earth. We ask you to embrace this, accept it as growth       cycle where the divine wished to experience itself and so many different       aspects of itself.


There is no right       or wrong in our world - it is all perfect. And we ask you to embrace       everything that will come to pass as part of the divine play on Earth.       Soon you will be celebrating your victory and your new life, never       looking back or regretting the extensive and sometimes difficult times       you have all had to face. So forgive yourselves, forgive others and       embrace one another as actors, and celebrate one another as you would       after a successful theater production. Let bygones be bygones and move       forward with grace, ease and excitement into your newly created world. We       love you, we embrace you and thank you and we look forward to joining       with you surrounding the crystalline vortex lake for the Equinox       meditation.


We are your       beloved family from the Inner Earth, Adama.


MARY CAROL: Beloved       sisters, there is much to be learned in a small space of time. However,       since there is no time as you count it, the learning will be done in your       own ways as you proceed with flowing together as the changes occur with a       harmonious way of accepting, and then continuing through the changes of       your own individual transformations. All of the light workers as well as       those who are beginning to awaken are at a place of understanding the       gifts they are receiving. As you go about your daily lives they will no       longer be exactly as they were, and you will find new circumstances       that you will gracefully adapt to. Coming are more surprises as you open       and go with the flow of new ways of being. It will seem the same in many       ways but somehow different in others, parts of which is how you perceive       now what you are experiencing. Some of what you experience may be       irksome, and you are learning to let that go and know that it doesn't       have to be that way. So many things that are irksome to you are       imminently going to be in a process of change as the new ways of being       come more and more into your visibility. Be kind and loving as best you       can to all those you encounter. No matter how strange they may seem, it       is only an illusion of who they really are. 


We wish you comfort and ease of moving along your       pathways and encourage your acceptance of all that is, for you understand       that new ways of being are on their way. Stay open to your perception of       the beauty and the wonders that surround you, so many in little ways and       some in bigger ways. Pay attention to what you see for what you see in       nature is probably speaking to your innermost being and your higher self.       Enjoy even your challenges for as you do they become less challenging and       more of simply just an event within your daily experiences.


We thank you for caring and sharing with us today upon       this wondrous journey with us. Beloved ones, we greet you each new day       and each new turn with our loving presence and our ready assistance. We       must all, as you say, stick together at this powerful time. We love you       and thank you and wish you well on your wonderful journey of love and       light. We send you our blessings, beloved ones. We leave you for now       until a later time. Aloha, your brother Adama.








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