Just As A Flower Or Blade Of Grass Only Sometimes Glistens With Dew


Just as a flower or blade of grass only sometimes glistens with dew:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Just as a flower or blade of grass only sometimes glistens with dew, that sparkles and catches the eye, so too, is the soul of man/woman not always the same.  Sometimes there seems nothing there to see, but then a time comes when there is so much beauty, and it is a source of delight to behold, that person’s beautiful light. 

So as the flower and the dew, that person also is born anew; so many times, in other advanced spheres – so much is there then to see, for all manner of emotions have come and gone;  selfishness and greed have ceased to be, and peace and love lies therein, and God you know, calls out-loud to that person, and the two are like love’s great dream, for their souls now sing a sweet refrain, as that path is set to take that being Home.

For now that soul loves not just that romantic love, but all life, as thoughts of love and hope go out to all, to help the world overcome ill-will, and to Bring God Nearer to those previously unaware.

For warmth must meet with warmth, eventually, and even unloving people will one day change, for their path has just taken a little longer.  But all one day will see that Bright White Light of Divine Power and Greatness Too, for nowhere else does that soul go, once that Spark has Been Ignited and Realisation has set in, and God and that Love for all Life in All the Many Dimensions, Becomes Its Aim.

From here-on, the soul has truly Remembered Its Divine Heritage, and has Accepted that until that Stage had been Recognised and Acted Upon, it had been living in a twilight world, but now it had Joyously Become Aware of the Light Which Exists Throughout the Galaxies, And Could See Those Steps Taking It Back to The Creator, and To That Golden Time, When It Had Lived And Breathed As One With The Trinity, And All Those Angelic Beings And Enlightened Ones, In Whose Footsteps It Would Now Travel.

Lovingly from here-on that Being Begins its Journey Home Again, As Memories Resurface, As Had Happened, Innumerable Times Before. 


This time though, the soul felt that Knowledge and Awareness Would Remain, And What Joy That Was To Its Weary Soul.


11 November 1983.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 11, 2012 at 6:46am

Hi Hannah,


That is a lovely pink rose, thank you and for your comments.


Julian, interesting picture.



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