Just a few reasons why Aluminium and fluoride is so bad and depleting us from energy!

Let’s get this straight. Even though aluminum is widely distributed in the earth’s crust, it is NOT needed in ANY amounts in your body. All evidence to date points to aluminum as a poison that serves no beneficial role in your body and should be avoided.

Aluminum is widely recognized as a neurotoxin, which has been found in increased concentrations in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, if you use antiperspirants or some deodorants, you are most likely exposing yourself to aluminum.

Aluminum salts can account for 25 percent of the volume of some antiperspirants.

A review of the common sources of aluminum exposure for humans found that antiperspirant use can significantly increase the amount of aluminum absorbed by your body. According to the review, after a single underarm application of antiperspirant, about .012 percent of the aluminum may be absorbed.

Multiply this by one or more times a day for a lifetime and you can have a massive exposure to aluminum -- a poison that is not meant to be in your body.

Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores that release sweat under your arms -- with the active ingredient being aluminum. Not only does this block one of your body’s routes for detoxification (releasing toxins via your underarm sweat), but it raises concerns about where these metals are going once you roll them (or spray them) on.

In some cases, it is clear that they may be wreaking havoc directly on your brain. In 1988, for instance, a truck driver accidentally poured 20 tons of aluminum sulphate into a tank containing drinking water.

Some 20,000 people in the village of Camelford were exposed to the chemical for several weeks, and then went on to develop a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, along with showing the presence of high levels of aluminum in their tissues.

How To Make Baking Soda Deodeant!!
My method is simple. I keep my baking soda in a jar, and apply it every day after my morning shower. I dip sightly damp fingertips into the jar, and rub the soda that caught on, to the armpit. It's enough for the entire day.

Other methods of using baking soda as homemade deodorant:

Applying your baking soda with a powder brush.

Using a salt shaker to house your baking soda.

Making a solution of baking soda in water, and putting it in a roll-on bottle. Can be used like normal roll-on deodorant.

WATER is killing you slowly to!!

Chlorine in your water is linked to heart disease and bladder cancer
Fluoride in your water causes cancer and impairs immune system
Blue Green Algae in your water attacks the liver and can cause hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer
Giardia in your water causes weakness and chronic fatigue
Copper in your water causes liver and kidney damage and even death.

Only way to get rid of those chemicals is a reverse osmosis filter.

Mary :-)

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Comment by Mary F on October 8, 2012 at 8:12pm
Thank You Hannah... I hope I have shed some light on an important subject

:-) love and light
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