I Stand Alone At The Threshold of Change:

I Stand Alone At The Threshold of Change:


I stand alone at the threshold of change - that signpost is acknowledged - words understood - my inner dreams draw me forward - the land beyond beckons as I take further steps upon my pathway - that is pre-set.

People from the past appear before me - hands held out - as I follow them.

That leap of faith knows no boundaries - there are no limits to the vistas ahead.

That golden door opens ever more - as the mysteries of Creation pour down their blessings.

Hidden, inner symbols have been recognised, lovingly remembered through the ages of time.

Time has no past, present or future, all is now - this moment in time encapsulates all that there is and has been - for in but a second, I can be Home.


Those steps of initiation have once more been taken - that light of the spirit uplifts and sustains me, as step by step - slowly but sure, my soul is raised above - the confines of earth: It is like a butterfly free to soar - high above the plane of this birth.

Going into the silence enables me to hear - those silent whispers in my ear.

Being aware of spirit - is like catching a petal of a flower as it falls - making sure that moment is not lost, as I don't wish to re-live my past - but yes, I do, some of those golden moments come to mind - when life and fate were so kind.

The song of the sea it speaks to me - the air it whispers my name. The earth reveals further mysteries as I ask once more to climb that ladder. The bridge between worlds is easier to see - much can be seen when one's soul is clean.

Free of the burden of mortality - able to go where it will - there are no shut doors to stop my progress - open doors are all I see - as I return ever closer to Thee.


My twin soul smiles at me again - aware of my freedom from inner pain. One day we will meet back Home - one to one - job well done. So much to catch up on to experience and enjoy, for all roads journeyed - have led back Home.

Finally I am back amongst the stars - the sun illumines the sky so bright, as further steps are taken - forward into that Great Light.

Those mysteries are remembered, acknowledged and understood - my soul's many journeys have gone full circle and in doing - I have returned Home - to those glorious places from aeons past - whose steps of initiation have led me back - slowly at times, yes it was so - but eventually nothing stands in my way - the days of earth have had their day, and with that - I am 'Home'.

No longer alone at the threshold of change - for changes are welcomed and asked for in eager anticipation - as side by side together my twin soul and I, walk with The Father, high in the sky - we sit on those clouds as we fly above - glory is everywhere - love abounds. Freedom from pain - no longer imprisoned by the density of earth - joy is immense as we bathe in His Essence. The Light of The Creator blesses us so, so much more - than we can ever know.

Then those next steps are wondrously taken - as we go upward ever more to 'Creation'.

The Sun is there - it is everywhere - mysteries are unveiled - memories emerge - of how it was at that moment in time - when our souls were born - and we were one.


The journey was long and so hard - but now it is over - it does not seem so bad.

Time to take reflections on all that was - time to go forward - with great love ahead.


That wheel of rebirth has come to an end - an old friend I am happy - to leave behind. No longer alone at the threshold of change - but side by side together we travel into future worlds to come - but not of this earth - far above the skies so bright - as we go upwards into His Light.

Who is that person - is that me - yes, the person I have always wanted to be.

The Apex of my journeys have been reached - as once more I stand at that signpost. Right or left or straight on ahead - it matters not now - where I'll be led. Each way is glorious - each journey exciting - none fall by the wayside - we all go together - at One with the Creator into Future Realms of Light.....

Worlds without end.

3rd June, 2012.

Pat Grabham

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Comment by Pat Grabham on August 24, 2012 at 1:20pm

Hi Julian,

I always appreciate your comments.  Just realised though the one "I also pray for renewed faith and understanding" - just wanted to comment.... my faith has never waivered in this life, it has always been strong and absolute.  I tend to get a sentence or a few words which I like, and then take that heading as the start of my inspirational writings.... so although it may have seemed as if I felt alone from God... that was not the case. Then once I start to write - I go with the flow of words or what I feel I am inspired to write.

Sometimes in life... the problem will have been with me, myself, but not with faith.


Comment by Pat Grabham on August 24, 2012 at 8:22am

Hi Julian,

Thank you.... yes, may I indeed.  The Fool, is all about new beginnings and journeys isn't it.

Learning (or as they say remembering) even more from your teachings and others here.


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