Energy of the new age has already been formed on the edge of our galaxy and it already works on the subconscious level.

Subconscious activity is manifesting itself through the information of collective consciousness of humanity. In the beginning, the first ones to receive it subconsciously will be the needy and poor people, later, energetically weak children and afterwards the people who have low energy and need this help the most… This kind of help will work on subconscious levels until 21 st December 2012 and later, the energy will be consciously accessible to the people, whose spiritual guidance will be in the higher spiritual levels and to those, who will have deserved it with their work… This won’t be determined by collective consciousness anymore, but by records of God. At that time, connections of the new age energies to the causal levels will open and the energies will first start to flow to the people, whose spiritual guidance is in the causal levels, and they will receive the energies through their spiritual guidance. Few months later, the energy will start to descend to those, whose spiritual guidance is in the mental levels. Connections to the lower astral levels won’t open, but individuals will have to make an effort and raise their consciousness to deserve the help from the mental level and start to receive new energy.

At this moment, the spiritual help is coming through the spiritual guidance, however, after the activation of the new age energy, this energy will be able to connect to the soul of a person and help him/her directly.

Meanwhile, the energy protections will be established, that will keep the purity of the new energy. People with spiritual connections and access to the new energy will be protected. If somebody will be creating impure energy, for example with low emotions, use of various technics, instruments, cards… for purposes of spiritual activity, that won’t be effective in new age, then the above mentioned protection will cut off the connection between new age energy and that person. The connection will be able to reestablish after this person will have stopped performing the harmful activities. Thus, there will also be more order in the spiritual activity, because consequently people with the access to the new energy will be able to work optimally. In that way, everyone will work through themselves without any instruments and technics, which could bring any kind of questionable energy…

Purpose of this protection is to keep the purity of the new energy. Today, people do various things and many of them are confused because there are all kinds of different technics, everyone promises something, but in the end, feelings are mixed. New age will also bring more order in this department. People with the initiation into the new age energy will have an advantage and some will help the others with this energy. God has decided in the records of souls, who is capable of helping others. In these records, the gifts and spiritual help are recoded. It is the spiritual help that works in the name of the person, because physical body is only the conductor – the tool that directs the spiritual activity. However, the energetic work is performed by the soul and spiritual energies that are recorded in soul. This is the way somebody helps somebody else, if this person has arranged his/her life, of course. That means that the person who works spiritually has no reason to have an ego. Every person has a mission in life and we can compare ourselves only by how much of this mission we have already accomplished. This will also be one of the criteria for accepting the new energy…

When a person starts to receive the new energy the vibrational frequency of physical body will start to raise as well. This energy is coming from different galaxies and it is very powerful, pure, full of love and light… Its frequency is so tremendously high that it will, in a very short time, completely purify our physical bodies, and eliminate all emotional and mental blockages we have inside ourselves. After having accepted the new energy, the body will be adjusting to new, higher frequency for about one or two days. If a person has many suppressed and blocked emotions, and many mental patterns, which have to be changed, etc., his/her physical body will need longer time to adjust to higher frequency. People with emotional blockage will feel unwell for one or two days, people who will change mental patterns will have headache for a day or two. However, everyone will go through his/her individual process – on one hand they will abandon their harmful patterns and habits, and on the other hand there will be an inflow of the new energy. Thus, everyone will determine their own speed of transformation. It is very important that we learn how to avoid lower vibrations because the new energy will flow away from us very quickly under the influence of low emotions. Also, it is very important not to enter lower vibrations into our bodies with food. We can prevent this by asking our spiritual guidance before we eat (in our thoughts) to purify and bless our food, so the energy and vibration of the food will raise. Each person should do this for his/her own food, because everyone has different spiritual guidance that works in different way.

When a person will already be receiving the new age energy, he/she will affect a collective consciousness. At first, this will be happening on his/her own level – meaning a family collective consciousness, which is a sum of energies of people living together. With the help of this, the people who won’t yet be receiving the new energy, will also get help and a small part of new consciousness, that will open the door to their own transformation which will enable them to also become one of the first people to receive this new energy.

And what will this new age bring us? A higher quality of life on a personal level, personal transformation, higher energy and creativity of physical and spiritual life. Globally, this process will enable the poor, helpless and all the people who need the help the most, to raise their consciousness, so they will be able to raise from the social and energetic bottom with the help of their own power. Others will start living on the higher level and they will upgrade their current state with new, more stable foundations… In this way, a balance and prosperity will start to establish, but this process will last for many years and this is only the beginning. We have an opportunity the humanity couldn’t create in decades and this is the reason God gave us this chance. However, it depends on each one of us how all of this will happen in reality. If we all try to become better than ever before, which will be easier to do than ever before, this will probably truly be the start of the new age of humanity, but all is in our hands.


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