Hawk Wind:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Jet black eyes stared out from a dark brown face;  eyes which missed nothing, for everything came into that penetrating glance that was assessing in a way difficult to define.  But to those who knew well this awesome presence, so proud and haughty, arrogant at times too, they knew that beneath his 6 feet 5. Physical body, there lay within a God loving man, for he had ruled his people for many years – since his father died before him, thus was he King of all he surveyed, and what a vast territory that was, high in the Peruvian foothills, high amongst the mountains – where the mighty waters ran and wild animals roamed it too. 


It was a peaceful time, for all the land if rode for weeks - north, south, east and west, belonged to these Peruvian people, ruled by Hawk Wind as he was called; for he was sharper than any hawk, proud, just and true.  His people adored him, the women loved him but some of the men envied him and wished to be where he was, and in those few minds – thus many schemes lurked, but it was not as easy as they would have liked, for he was quicker than the wind, he was always ahead, he seemed to know what was in peoples’ minds, and then he would fix one or another with his great penetrating eyes, that could change almost at will;  at times so gentle, full of compassion and much love too, and then those eyes grew hard, not so much with hate, but with an unusual assessment that filled those brought before him with foreboding.


Many were the times he rode off – on his Great White Horse, whom he loved almost beyond all else, for they shared much - unseen to many eyes.  Sometimes he would just whistle or make some kind of sound, and the horse would hear even if he was not visible to the naked eye, and what an amazing picture that horse and man made, two against the world it did seem at times.

But these last few years, restlessness had seeped in where once was all love and devotion, for the young in years but feeling they knew it all, felt that it was time for different approaches to life, to all that he ruled, for life was too set, there seemed no excitement left – where were new territories to conquer?

Hawk Wind knew too well their restlessness and his heart was heavy at times, for he knew that sadly, yes, for his people - his life so it would end, and peace would take a very long time to return to his troubled people and land, for much fighting would go on, as brother fought brother for supremacy to rule this Peruvian Kingdom, rich in everything the people needed, and which, with his Feathers upon his Head - he wore with pride, for he had passed many Tests in Both Worlds, to have got to his place – Deep in God’s Heart.

He could have joined with many women, but somehow too, he knew it was not to be for he had other roads to travel – along God’s spiritual path, for he knew many of his past lives, he had gone through many of the barriers – slowly since that day when first he was born;  for he was a Child of the Spirit, of the Air, the Woods, and of the Earth – for he saw things unseen to his people, for his innocence had never been lost and now, as so often happened, he began to remember more and more of the sayings his Father would speak of, and he wished he had understood then as he did now, but he knew that his death lay quite near, for was he not in his prime – 33 years so was he now, and was this not the age when many Masters died – that age of Great Spiritual Significance.

He had no fear of death, for he knew too well all his loved ones and The Master Himself, would all be there - for he was nearing the end of his earthly existences, and would before too long, be always in spirit, and that his soul had for so long yearned, dreamed and aspired to be there, and at one with all Creation and God Himself – all those things he had always seemed to feel, deep within his soul itself.

He decided to write a letter and leave with a beloved one - to read out to his people when he had gone, and in it, he would give three recommendations on who should rule in his absence, the nearest and most just, to himself.


My time is coming as both you and I know, and just for this moment I feel deep sadness, for the unrest and sense of loss, many of my loved people will feel on my passing, but it is all a part of progression, for we both know nothing can stand still, for if life and movement is set, it is of no use, for it is purposeless - for life and oneself must be like water, clear and clean, moving gently through life, giving refreshment to all who step by its course, for with that movement Father, I know, I come closer to You and those Glorious Delights of Paradise, those Golden Angels, Fairies and Doves, the Eagles and Sun, the Sky so Blue in itself, those Mountains so high, where the Air is so pure;  the time has come for soon I shall be Home Again.

I go back with a heart full of love, for I have done all that I promised myself – this land is at peace, it’s beautiful beyond compare, to lands of earth that is.

I have lived well, I’ve loved so much, I’ve given of myself, all that I have, except that most private part – when We Talk Together, for yes, above the Wind, I hear Your Voice;  in the Sound of the Silence – I too Hear Thee;  when I look at the Sun – I see You There, and as I look at the Earth and the Life-Giving Water, You are in them too, so yes, since before the day I was born, You and I, so have we talked, grown to understand and develop our rapport, that spiritual attunement that has always been there, for is it not so, My Father and Me, The Two of Us go Back a Very Long Way, indeed to the Very Beginning of Time, for I heard Your Voice even then.

My Spirit and Soul I leave in Your Care, for there can be no better Love Anywhere.

From Hawk Wind – Your Everlasting Son.

The time I leave to you, for I know it will not be long, a few days at the most when an arrow will pierce me in "my sleep" – for our eyes see everything do they not.




God Bless all My People:

Upon reading this – my body will have been found – it had to happen for it was a part of My Destiny – that I may go on through Eternity.

The Three Names of my Successors I list below – three wise, just and good men;  may you choose one of them to lead you back to calmer waters after the bloodbath that started with my death.

I wish for no revenge, for only God knows what had to be and indeed will be so.  Please let peace return and from my place in the World of Spirit, I will pour down my love on you all to help and to heal and to give comfort too, in this great loss to My Beloved People.

God Bless You and Yours Always, till our Spirits Embrace Again – in God’s Beautiful Heaven – Beyond the Stars.

"Hawk Wind" – The Silent One.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on September 19, 2012 at 6:26am

Interesting pictures Julian.


Especially liked the top one.


Comment by Pat Grabham on September 18, 2012 at 6:06pm

Hi Julian,

I will aim to listen to the tape tomorrow.... it is now after 1.00 am in the UK.


It should be interesting to listen to.



Comment by Pat Grabham on September 18, 2012 at 5:21pm

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging comments.  Your reply was itself poetry in motion.


Actually I wrote this piece Hawk Wind back in May 1984, and have recently re-typed it on my new laptop - keeping everything the same.  It had been on a typed A4 sheet as all my other writings over the years!


Writings to me are like my dreams when typed - in that I can still remember today, all these years later, writing this piece.


I noticed in re-typing though, I typed in error...... from your everlasting son, where it should have been your ever loving son... too late to change here though.


For some years prior I had felt I was at a standstill, in that nothing much had seemed to be happening for a few too many years!  However this year, I feel I have got going again as it were.


In fact yesterday, I wrote to someone and gave them a little information, briefly on a couple of past lives, which for me, was a completely new experience.  As it is my main task and love to give such knowledge to humankind by reading the Akashic Records, (which is apparently on my silver cord and cannot be erased) - as well as future spiritual writings, I am hoping these stepping stones will take me further to that goal, as I was told back in 1995, it was not so much stepping stones as a transference from the material to the spiritual.


I have a piece to post in the next day or so on Artemis and Apollo.


Your writings would fill more than one book I am sure.


(I love that phrase - a star among mortals and are triumpanthly riding upon the universe of one's own being)!




I am sure you are missing people in our group's input, and it will be good when they all return.



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