¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ Often wondering where you have been during different lifetimes, and how this might connect you to your star origin??????

Think of your "short list" of places you simply *have to see* while you're here on this planet. THESE are the places you are longing for because they are *soul longings* to go HOME.

For instance, here is my shortest short list:
------> Egypt

------> Turkey
------> Jordan
------> Ethiopia
------> Jamaica 
You might notice too that your short list is a group of countries that are close to each other and/or that share common traits. Your soul and your monad have chosen these places for a reason to learn about specific individual and group lessons related to the energies of these sites...
Now notice/study the "deities" and/or the "mythology" of these specific places is connected to star constellations and/or galaxies. Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Ethiopia and Jamaica ALL have connections to Sirian Stargates, Sirius A, and Sirius B. [And, I know from my Command Reading -- and from many channels -- that this is where I am from, as a Sirian-Pleiadian Hybrid Walk-In.] Try this windy path yourself and see what you find. Connect the dots of your time-line lifetime destiny!
written by J'Tariah EnRa El
jtariahenrael (at)gmail(dot)com
If you are most connected to these countries (or geographic areas), or if you are longing to travel/live in these countries, then...

Peru, Egypt and Tibet---------------------------------------------Sirius A and B


China--------------------------------------------------------------------Outer Rim

Switzerland-----------------------------------------------------------Great Central Sun

Many tropical islands---------------------------------------------Acturians

Greenland / Iceland -------------------------------------------- Inner Earth (Agartha)
Sweden / Norway / Denmark / Finland ----------------- Andromeda (Some cities are attuned to the Pleiades)
Any Countries in West Africa ------------------------------ Sirius A and Sirius B

Scotland / Ireland / Wales / UK --------------------------- The Pleiades
Saudi Arabia / Damascus / Desert Countries ---------Orion

Now it is up to you to follow your psychic senses, and do some research into "mythology" and symbolism within texts and art in an area. Most "deities" in countries are symbolic of constellations. Many ancient stories from geographic areas refer to constellations and stars. Get in touch with your past lives, and start exploring all of the many timelines that clearly point to your multidimensional Self being connected to many planets in the vast Universe.

Important note which is difficult to comprehend: because time does not (in actuality) exist, you are experiencing concurrent lifetimes. As above, so below. Because of this, you will have many planetary correspondences to places here on this planet.  

For the subcontinent of India, and for North America, you need to look into localized tribal customs and beliefs... Also look for correlations between colors of deities and colors of stars/planets...

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 23, 2012 at 2:57pm

Hi Ravinder

Mine is Atlantis..... Ancient Egypt..... Jerusalem and Glastonbury.   (Ancient Greece also).

However Atlantis is on a different sphere above the earth so can travel there in my astral travel - sleep state.  In fact I can go to them all during astral travel.



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