Ezra And The Golden Rose Spaceship:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

The Etheric Spaceship had lain suspended in the ether for quite some time;  there it would remain for the Master and his devotees had much work to do.  There was a quiet anticipation and optimism which was generated by them all.

Their group, under the Atlantean Master, although called Ezra, which was a name from a later life, had been together doing their work for a long duration of time.  The all had their different tasks to see to under the guidance of Ezra, who was of such beauty and light, that his devotees adored just being with him and helping humankind grow.

But that was not all they did, for upon occasions, the spaceship would travel to many other planets within and without the solar system, for such was their scope and range, there were no planets which lay out of their reach, for their mode of travel was as old as time – suspended in the ether and even time.

They could travel backwards into the far distant past or forward to events and the pattern of life still to be experienced.  For before earth life has its fruition of developments of great importance, the web is woven long before upon the ether and suspended in that dimension, until gradually that happening becomes reality, and this is how it always has been, from the very dawn of life itself.

Going back to the birth of Atlantis, this was first experienced through the Ether. Etheric Life in all its Beauty and Light Existed, and such was it that it compares to nothing like today.  In those Golden Days, God The Father-Mother-Son, did indeed Walk Amongst Created Life, Albeit Divinity.  Those Beings of Light and Realisation knew the joy and wonder of being At-One and truly a part of the Godhead, for His Light inter-mingled and was absorbed in all of their Etheric Bodies to such an extent, that they were part of the Spiritual Sun, the way was open to love and be as one with all God’s Kingdom, which even in those Early Days, was of a Beauty not remembered or felt today.

Long before great events are experienced upon the earth, the pattern is built up gradually over a long period of time through the Ether, by those Great Spiritual Beings, whose task and delight it is to set those wheels in motion.  However, in all walks of life, preparations must be made for this Later Completion of that Dream being able to Manifest Itself, albeit in another Dimension of Time.

All of the Great Teachers and Masters, prior to their earth arrival, which came into being Aeons of time after early Atlantis, had had prepared for them their Pattern and Web of Life, for that woven thread, albeit so fine, is stronger than the thickest rope, for it is Woven of the Spirit, of the very Essence of God.

There are many Etheric Spaceships suspended in the Ether in Numerous Places and Planes of Existence, each with their own task and job to do for the Development of Humankind and Other Life Forms Which Exist.

But here, we are interested in this Spaceship, under the Mastership of the Atlantean Master, Ezra.

The Golden Rose was the name which had been given to the Spaceship Aeons of Time Ago, for that name was of special importance to God and to those early beings of Atlantis.  This Rose was offered in Service and Praise to God in the Beginning of Time, for many journeys did the people at that time make, on each occasion being led by a Master Initiate, where they would leave their Atlantean Temple with all its Beauty and Light, and go down into the Forests in Small Groups looking for this Golden Rose, and always did they find new blooms upon a tree not previously picked from.

This Golden Rose was perfect, as no rose today can be, for its existence was due to a Specific Purpose and Plan.  The Kingdom of God lay in its Petals and it shone with a Light which today exists only in the Spiritual Spheres, for in those Early Days of such Brightness and Glory, the Veil between God and Spiritual man/woman, was but a loose covering.

So when the group of devotees returned to their Homeland High Above the Earth Plane, carrying with joy, these Golden Roses, the High Priest would lay them as an offering and thanks to God, and from these Roses would come even Greater Power and Realisation, for they were a part of God’s Divinity with his Children, and a Symbol for the Future, which would act as a Reminder to those who had lived long ago, and would re-activate the Portals of Memory and Realisation from those Golden Days when God and His Children were As One.

The Golden Rose Spaceship was known throughout the many Planes of Existence, for its crew had travelled far and wide in its many Missions undertaken in God’s Service, and indeed the Golden Rose was shaped just like a Rose and Golden was its Light and Colour, so that upon close inspection, one would appear to be looking at an Enormous Golden Rose bathed in this Golden Glow, and Shining with all the Beauty and Light of God Himself.

There were no harsh lines, all was harmonious and natural.  Harmony was the Keynote of the Golden Rose, for such was its Mission that no discord ever existed within its Golden Presence.

All those who served the Master Ezra, had been chosen for their diverse attributes.  Each attribute blending beautifully with another, and all being Essential to the Whole Pattern and Framework of its Purpose and Existence.

From a Vast Distance Back on Earth, it could at moments seem like an Extra Special Star, but it was not, it was much more than that, for it had Descended from Divine Heaven through Many Planes of Existence, and was a Tribute to the Wonder and Glory of the Cosmic Christ.

As one Entered the Doorway of this Golden Rose, there was an Archway throbbing and pulsating with tremendous Light and Power, decorated with Many Angelic Beings and Angels, Each Being Glowing in all the Jewels in Existence.  Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, turquoise, jade, ivory, alabaster, marble, so it went on, so that upon entering this Spaceship, all the Energy from all these Created Wonders, would Emit their Ray and Rate of Vibration, giving off Created Energies unknown to even one’s most creative imagination.  With this scene which was before one, there came the Sweetest Sound upon the Ether of Angelic Beings, so Subtle but Pure, that it always gave great pleasure and joy to all those who entered therein, for they were taken as if on Golden Wings to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Going through this Archway, one went up Seven Steps made of the Purest White Stone which had ever existed, and this stone with its Pulsating Light, took the entering soul back in time to Atlantis.

At the top of these Seven Steps, one entered a large room, Curved as in the shape of a Rose, which was a Reception Room for lots of activity took place there.  But as you entered this room, you were drawn to numerous Golden Roses, Living Created Life, with all its necessary and accompanying greenery, so that you were drawn to the Symbol of the Spaceship, like a Magnet.  These Roses seemed and indeed did so, talked to you, for they were impregnated with the Very Essence of God Himself, and through God’s Symbol of Divinity would come Knowledge, Inspiration and above all Peace; the ability to be Anywhere at Any Time.  To know what was Happening in all the Planes of Existence, at any given time.  Indeed the Akashic Records could easily be obtained from the Heart of these Golden Roses.  (Many Aeons of time later, these Golden Roses would Rest Upon The Ark of the Covenant).

Not that knowledge and realisation could not be found without these Roses, but they were a part of the Plan, and came joyously with the Crew and Ezra, to help God’s Dreams to Come True for the Well-being of All Life and Creation.

The floor of the Golden Rose was of this beautiful white stone.  There were beautiful white statues along the walls of the Spaceship, each Statue being a sign of Praise and Adoration to God, for they were in the Likeness of the Hosts around His Throne, and also Various Planetary Gods, who all gave off Rays of Energy and Power.

There were an abundance of sofas, and arranged on the walls were beautiful pictures done by a Master of their Art – each one being a Living Created Essence, of some Scene or Place from their Homeland, High in the Spiritual Heavens, which was yet another powerful Reminder of Home.

Apart from the Roses, there were an assortment of growing plants and flowers of various exotic blooms, giving wonderful colours and perfume – all the many colours of earth and then some not known to planet earth.  These were towards the edge of the room, in clusters and groups, and there were also miniature trees, of apple and orange and spiritual fruits on trees not seen upon the earth.  From these trees, replenishment was had and a rejuvenation was experienced in but a matter of seconds.  Once the fruit was partaken of, another fruit would come immediately to fruition, so that these trees were always as they were when the Golden Rose departed on its journey from the Divine Spheres.

From out of this Reception Room, were what looked liked windows, but quite unlike those of earth.  They were of a lighter and different substance compared to the walls of the Spaceship, and through these  could be seen Life, and all its innumerable forms in all the Planes of Existence.  The Heavenly Realms could be seen as could the Earth, and an awareness and attunement to the occupants as and when necessary.  This was not their only way of Seeing into Another Dimension, but it was always there as a basic necessity.

Concealed by some of the various Statues, were White Doors at the back of the room within the actual walls, and there were Seven Doors, each one led to a room of some kind, or into a passage-way, which in its turn led to another room.

Three of these doors led to General Rooms used by all the devotees, and the Other Four, were Special Types of Rooms, each of which had a Specific Purpose.

The first of the three doors led to a Healing Room, given over to the art and development of in-depth healing.  This room was a Beautiful Blue, and all the colours were co-ordinated in lovely shades of blue.  There were lots of blue flowers, and small growing shrubs, all in wonderful toning blues, and the ceiling once again was blue, with Angelic Beings in various Symbolic Form.

There were a total number of thirteen chairs laid out in a circle, and at the top of the chairs were Sculptured Various Healing Angels and Planetary Gods connected with Healing.  The very top chair being slightly more ornate in its decoration of Angelic Beings.  This was where Ezra sat.  All the other devotees had their own chair which they would sit in, except from time to time when the Heavens Moved they would change seats, all except Ezra, who always sat in the same chair.

There was a large circular table in front of these chairs, once more in a beautiful shade of blue.  In the very centre, there were always flowers of different shades of Blue.  Many were there not known to the Earth World.

Upon the walls hung an assortment of pictures.  There were several of the sea, bright blue was the water and blue the sky, so that if someone on earth saw, they would wonder if it was just a picture – but there were just such places as these beyond the Earth.

One or two Masters were painted in oils, and these were full in length, and a joy to behold.  They were there for a Special Purpose, for these particular Masters had Raised the Dead to Life and yet more.  They were dressed in Brightly Coloured Robes, but the predominant colour was always Blue.

Around the edge of this Healing Sanctuary, were bookcases and shelves, and many spiritual books on all possible matters connected with Healing in an Advanced State still to be realised upon the Earth.  Indeed they were Spiritual Books, which had never been read in the Earth World.

The floor was of a Bright Blue Marble Stone, inter-mingled with a kind of Violet and Lilac, and from the Floor came forth Tremendous Healing Power and Light.  It was as if you stood with all the lights of a whole town around one, so Powerful were the Vibrations.

At the far end of this Blue Room, were placed dozens of lighted blue candles, upon a blue altar, inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones, in all the different shades of blue.

At the top of a couple of steps, was a Large Screen.  This was used to Read the Akashic Records, and see into the Past or Present, and at times the Future.  It was like watching a film, and this seeing into the Very Essence of Time was a Form of Service often used to Great Effect.

At the opposite end to the altar, was a coach with lots of cushions – slightly raised from the floor, which was used as a resting place for Restoration of Healing Energy, and as a coach of rest if ever the devotees needed to re-charge their healing energies.

The Second Room leading off of the Reception Area, led to a Beautiful Golden Room, which was a room given over to Knowledge and the Development of the Mind and Intellect, for the well-being of Human Life, which comprised Many Stages of Awareness and Attunement to the Planes of Light.

This Room seemed to smell of roses and other such fragrances, and there were many yellow flowers, shrubs, and once again, Miniature Golden Trees placed around the Room.

Here there were an abundance of pictures of one or other of the Different Gods of the Planetary Systems, One Being Bathed in a Golden Aura of Light and Energy.

In this Room also, was a picture of the Master Jesus, painted by Angelic hands, un-painted by the hands of man or woman, and it drew the person seeing this, time and time again, for it is how in essence all people on earth would like to paint – with the eyes, ears, and senses of Angelic Beings capturing that Essence of the Heavenly Spheres, which those on earth cannot do.

Apart from this larger than life picture of the Master Jesus, were two slightly smaller pictures, but still full in length to each side of the main picture.  These two smaller pictures had the Master in movement, and as one looked either to the left or the right, it was as if He Himself was talking to you, for it was a Living Created Energy of Movement and Light, which belonged both to the Past, the Present and to the Future.  Sometimes as the devotees looked to the left or right, they were able to be transported back to Palestine, and then even beyond that to Ancient Egypt, and back to Atlantis, for the Master Jesus, was an Important Light way back in Atlantis, and all of his devotees had met Him then, long before that life in Palestine.

There were several sofas in beautiful Golden Tones and right at the end of the room at the top, there sat a pair of Golden Doves - Living Created Life in all their Glory.  The Golden Dove was a Symbol of Divinity, and went back to the Earliest days of Atlantis, and was Connected in Essence with the Golden Rose, which was searched for in the forests.  These Golden Doves were male and female, and were given the joy of serving God’s Messengers in a way which many Doves would love to have done, and indeed, over a duration of time, would experience that delight of Serving God, for these Doves too had their duties to perform, just as the devotees and all the Flowers and Golden Roses, for nothing did not have a Purpose or a Job to Do.

These Golden Doves Rested upon a Golden Tree, with an assortment of Spiritual Fruits which they would partake of from time to time, just as the devotees and Ezra.

Behind these Golden Doves and the Tree, there lay a Golden Throne – Clothed in Glorious Gold and Yellow, and filled with all the Colours of the Sun.  The Power of the Eternal Son lay within its Golden Glow, and during times of meditation and quietness, the devotees and Ezra, would stand around this Golden Throne, and attune their Minds, Souls and Spirits Ever More, to enable them to Receive Divine Inspiration from God Himself.

These were times of Great Joy and Blessings, and from time to time, God Himself Returned to that Golden Throne, where once long ago, He Himself had sat, accepting the Adoration and Homage Offered to Him during those Early Days of Atlantis, when the World then was indeed Blessed, as no separation existed, no barriers or veils were there to take away the Glory of God, and so this Room with its Golden Doves and Golden Tree and Throne, was a Very Special Place, and had the Very Essence and Light of the Father God Himself.  It was as if the Whole World could rest forever in that space, for within its Very Essence and Orbit, It Contained All – Everything that Ever Was and Will Be, Lay Within its Presence; The Cosmic Christ was Born Again, and Again, Time After Time, Throughout Eternity.

16 February, 1989.


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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 6, 2012 at 5:02am


Hi Anil Doshi,


Glad it touched your soul.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 6, 2012 at 4:55am

Hi Christoffer,


What a wonderful comment.  The picture is stunning.



Comment by ANIL DOSHI on October 6, 2012 at 4:54am

Hello Pat Grabham, Thanks for sharing this most amazing information. 


Anil Doshi

Comment by Pat Grabham on October 6, 2012 at 4:53am

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your comment and lovely picture. Adds to the scene.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 6, 2012 at 4:50am

Hi Hannah,


Thank you for your comment and lovely blue rose.



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