Emptying myself out to make room for MySelf

So it seems many, including myself, feel this emptiness within...what seems to be a "blahness"
A void within us.
So this morning I woke up thinking...what if?

What if this emptiness, this quietness within me that feels empty is not?
After all filling myself with nothing is still being filled with something...

Maybe this void within me is how I make room for me.
For my soul.
For if I am a true vessel of my soul, then shouldn't I be empty so that my soul can fill me?
For I have a feeling my soul wants to experience being here on earth fully conscious.

I am like a pumpkin being carved out...so the candle can be placed inside.

Maybe this emptiness I feel within me is how it is supposed to feel...for now.
For I am still making more space, emptying even more...as I have a feeling my soul is quite large...

So maybe the reason I am driven,( for yes something has definetely driven me to this place in my life), to raise my vibration by letting all go, is so that my body can indeed be a vessel which vibrates high enough for the energy of my soul to inhabit me.
Fully conscious, living on this amazing earth, but with a body to navigate it.

Maybe it is not about ascension, but expansion of consciousness within me.
And that expansion is what raises my vibration, so I can connect with my soul, and it can connect with me.
Me connecting with myself.
Becoming one.

I guess that is why I am not counting on anything happening on certain dates, for I believe that the mere act of EXPECTING something to happen needs to be let go.
I think if I am expanding myself, expectation just limits me and lowers my vibration.
With expectations often times comes disappointments.

Maybe the whole 12/21/12 thing is just yet another massive release by many souls, a letting go of the expectation of "ascension".
For I believe this is a time where many souls are emptying their vessels so their souls can finally be on this earth, with their bodies vibrating high enough to where this level of consciousness is possible within our bodies.
And when enough are filled consciously with their souls, then changes can indeed happen in an instant.

So I am embracing this void within me.
For I know that my new consciousness will indeed be amazing beyond words.
My heart is very clear on that.

Thank you my light family for being here with me.
I am so humbled to be here at this time with you.
We are all beautiful beyond imagination.
In light and love
: )

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Comment by debbie shim on November 3, 2012 at 6:16pm
I like this, the beauty of an enquiring mind ever seeking answers. Thanks for sharing.
Comment by Marie on October 25, 2012 at 12:55pm
What a beautiful sharingJulian, drowning out the voice of the soul...a wonderful way to express it.
Thank you for sharing your light with all.
In Light and Love
: )
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