Maha Sambodhi Guru Dharma Sangha

Dharma speech given on March 21, 2012

Namo Bodhi Shravan Guru Sanghaya

Namo Maitri Sarva Dharma Sanghaya

Having followed the path of the true Dharma in search of purest path, I am giving the eternal message at the world Peace Maitri Puja, lovingly benefitting all the Dharma loving followers for the liberation from the suffering and pain of all sentient beings by the form of the GuruMarga GuruPath- Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha which was established having arrived on earth 35 thousand years ago according to the Maitri Calander. Just as a flower without obstacle freely offers its beauty and fragrance to the whole universe proves itself to be, so should humans eliminate from their lives attachment, anger, greed, desire, pride, murder, violence, and other defilements; for unless one cultivates the true Dharma's precepts, the fragrant flower cannot blossom.


Since I have submitted to extreme penance and practices for the path of true freedom and emancipation for the world from May 17, 2005 until May 17, 2011; without deviation even for a single moment, I have been fully devoted to the Maitreya Meditation with complete determination, the GuruMarga (Guru Path) that has landed is Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha. Bodhi Shravan means the true aim to be a realized guru. Having recognized the substance of the entire existence or having the power of all knowledge and the words of Dharma Sangha addresses all Gurus of this world and other worlds. Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha in other words all the Gurus having followed the path of Enlightenment from the Gurus of the Path and GuruMarga or having received the wisdom has been named Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha The goal of the GuruMarga is to spread the feeling of loving kindness by implementing the paths of freedom and liberation of the true dharma by releasing countless beings of the world suffering throughout the ages forever. On the path of devotion, trust and faith, purifying body, speech and mind while cultivating the precepts, one is able to obtain divinity within the human life. In order to cultivate Dharma Peace, non-violence, mutual understanding and loving kindness, human beings should discard the following such as attachment, anger, greed, desire, jealousy, murder, violence, pride, disputes, hatred, devaluation, dissatisfaction, belittling, selfishness, false words, addiction, bad company, unwholesome acts, misdeeds, devils and demons, obstacles, making the false apper true and the true appear false, creating discrimination and rifts between religions, races (ethnicity), regions, communities, and sanghas. Spreading wrong views (bhranti) is to profit by propaganda towards my, mine, ours, villages, wards, municipalities, nations, among nations and all over the world. In the name of religion, practice, philosophy and wisdom, Murder,violence, unwholesome acts, misdeeds and unrest are practiced creating networks and boundaries that do not exist among human civilizations. This is indoctrination.

Being aware of those who have fostered illusions in the world since ages past, I am endorsing the true GuruMarga to follow and make others follow for Sanghas, Dharma-Loving followers and trut-seekers who have been confused in the past. In the true Dharma, following the GuruMarga with right action, by virtue of truth or being true, one can eliminate the bad effects that could have happened by birth or after birth, in life or in one's generation due to the evil effects of one's past karma or ancestral karma such as having a violent nature, being mentally challenged, blind and so forth, I am giving these precepts to benefit self and others by spreading the feeling of loving kindness in order to eliminate and purify the defilements of the human mindstream. Never discriminate on the basis of name, appearance, complexion, class, belief, community, power, position, or qualification; even discard differentiating between the concepts of material and spiritual. Having become acquainted with the Eternal Dharma, the Path, and the Guru, respect all religions and beliefs. Forsake lying, allegations, counter-allegations, belittling and spreading falsehood through baseless gossip. Forsaking philosophies or ways that make boundaries of divisiveness and difference of opinion, take up the Satya Marga – The Perfect Path. Following the Satya GuruMarga – The True and Perfect GuruPath – throughout life, renouncing evil actions, always remain intent in union with the Guru Tatva [3] - The Guru Essence. Not having reached Enlightenment oneself, do not seek to prove what it is with clever words; and, while still in confusion, do not make others confused. Renouncing such demonic conduct as killing sentient beings and violence, consume wholesome food. Do not hold narrow-minded opinions about people and countries on the basis of national identity. Engaging oneself in the pursuit of the Satya GuruMarga - The True and Perfect GuruPath - perform actions that benefit the Earth. When one realizes the Truth, the GuruMarga - The GuruPath - takes form, so achieve Enlightenment for all Sentient Beings. Staying in the highest and deepest state of Chitta - Pure Awareness, assimilating within the Self these Precepts, be free from all bondage. Benefit self and all sentient beings through the internalization of these precepts by all sangha members. May all understand that these precepts are not to bind, rather they are the way to liberation from all bondage. One who follows the GuruMarga with true belief, devotion and trust, that person will lead life in the realization of mysteries of the universe with omniscient loving kindness. It is necessary for humans to take wholesome food in order to active Enlightenment.

Why do humans, who are above all beings eat those foods that harm self and other beings? Forsake those foods that harm self and others and by taking wholesome food, treat others as you would yourself. From today I will take wholesome food. Finally , I will travel to spread the feeling of loving kindness by accumulating virtue through guiding Dharma Lovers, Peace- Lovers, and truth seekers. I understand how compelling your present situation is according to the objective of the True Dharma. Sarva Maitri Mangalam Astu, Tathastu (Translated by: Andrea Good,Dr. Kishor Sherchan, Khenpo Sherpa)

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Comment by Kishore Sherchand on January 19, 2014 at 8:44pm

Thank you for posting this Maitreya message.

Comment by Dr.Sohini Shukla on June 1, 2012 at 2:49pm

Dear Chris,

Beautiful Message....

Thank you....


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