Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Death is but the Ending of Earth Life, the Release of the Spirit to Its Place of Attunement.

Death is but the Emergence Once More into that True Reality of Life, the Reunion with those Loved Ones Who Reside In Those Higher Planes of Light.

Death is the Going Over of One’s Actions on Earth, and in the Process Learning Whether Right Decisions Were Taken.

Death is the Soul being Honest at Last – if not Before.

Death is the Earth’s Lessons and Experiences Discussed, and Opportunities Given for Further Advancement.

Death is but the Bud Becoming a Flower – Maturity has come into its Own.

Death is a Time when Dreams Can Come True –It Really is Up To You.

What did you Wish Whilst on Earth – Did You Feel With Your Heart, or your Mind Instead?

Death is the Healing of the Body, the Peace of the Soul – the Wish to Progress and Love Yet Again.

Death is Seeing Your Loved Ones; Meeting your Guides and Teachers again, (as compared to dreams and astral travel, or whilst meditating), Just as you have done – so Many Times Before.

Death is a Crossroad, the Choice Was Made – the Soul Goes Where It Feels Most At Home.

Death is Nothing More than the Eternal Journey of the Soul, Without Distance or End.

25 January, 1986.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 15, 2012 at 4:42pm

Hi Julian

That should prove to be very interesting doing the necessary artwork for some of your poems. It is great that you seem to be doing so well also, and that you are pleased with the results.  Another gem to be added to the ones you have already.

Lots of people today use digital art on the computers.  Lots of the pics I have come into my FB feed, must be digital, as they have so many translucent colours, which never was the case. I am forever saving them for use on the spiritual sites or my website. Not that I have the appropriate computer for doing digital art.

Over 20 years or so, whilst going to one of many mediums for a reading... he was always interested in my writings, he said that he could see my writings intermingled with pictures.  I had wondered if I would be doing drawings, although for me, they are psychic faces where the essence is captured from my guides and teachers in spirit.

However it is very interesting this year, since joining spiritual sites and setting up my website, I am always now posting within my writings spiritual pictures from the internet, not my own!  In fact, I have got so used these last months seeing pictures, my writings seem to have something missing without at least a picture heading!


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 15, 2012 at 5:17am

Interesting picture Julian, not easy to do those wrritings though!



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