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Wave, Hawaii

Photo and caption by Kelly Cestari

Vortices form underwater on a wave ridden by a surfer at Hawaiis Pipeline. Going underwater brings a new world to life revealing the intricacies that go about unseen during surfing.



Tibetan Nun Colony

Photo and caption by Wu Jianjiang

Sprawled across the side of an entire mountainside in the North-Eastern regions of Tibet are the dormitories of Buddhist nuns. As can be seen, some are returning from their daily classes to their living quarters.


Tree in Silo

Photo and caption by Kim Allmand

I stumbled upon this old silo with a tree just peeking out of the top. It seemed to be taking advantage of the protection of the Silo, like a chick inside an egg.


Little Fish, El Gouna Egypt

Photo and caption by Alain Feulvarch

While diving in El Gouna, Egypt I found this little guy.


Husky, Akranes, Iceland

Photo and caption by Ása Birna Viðarsdóttir

This one is taken in february this year outside Akranes, my hometown in Iceland. As you can se the Siberian Huskey haven´t developed that far from it´s wolfs roots. Took a few shots of this fellow in this beautiful weather, found this one the best of them :)


Elephant, Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

Photo and caption by Daniel Bilsborough

At Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania this bull Elephant was strolling around this flower bed picking out a bite to eat. The low thick cloud cover and fertile ground provide a perfect envronment for these yellow flowers to thrive.


Matriarchal Elephant

Photo and caption by Ingrid Vekemans

Female elephants live together in a matriarchal clan, consisting of a mother with her grown-up daughters and all of their offspring. Whenever they sense danger, the adults instinctively protect the young demonstrating solidarity and strength. This photo shows the matriarch of such a group. Her raised head and spread ears told us she was not agitated, but alert and the challenge was to capture the moment of eye contact in a sharp close-up before moving away. This wasn’t straightforward because of her dark skin, so I turned the ISO up to increase the shutter speed. Tsavo East, Kenya. July'09


Ship yard, Bangladesh

Photo and caption by Jana Asenbrennerova

Chittagong in Bangladesh is the second biggest ship breaking yard in the world, it is a graveyard where ships are taken in from all around the world for their last voyage, to be taken apart.

Known for unsafe work practices and environmental pollution due to the demolition and ship breaking processes, Chittagong presents one of the biggest industry and job opportunities for many Bangladeshis. In this image, ship cut in a half is taken apart by workers, mostly by hand, one piece at a time.

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