“Well, Greetings Everyone! This is such a momentous time in the history/herstory of Planet Earth – and we do have the momentum! And there is absolutely nothing, nothing, that the dark hats could possibly pull out of their bag of tricks that is going to derail us, or in any way keep us from that which is ordained, which is the Ascension of you, and all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and Mother Gaia herself, Planet Earth.

“Indeed the [4th] dimension you called for, the higher levels of it, are already well anchored here. Or shall we say, Planet Earth is already well anchored there! And if you have doubts about that, just go into your sacred space, in the quietude of your own self. Listen to your own soul’s music. Open your Heart, and invite the wisdom from that place, that Peace, that Joy, and that Love, to come in, and permeate the totality of your being. Yes, there is an aspect of you already there, so it is to connect all the parts and pieces, you might say, and become One with the Higher Dimensional energies, which you are all, already doing!

“We’re simply saying, stay with it, stay the course, and most particularly, if things in the outside World seem to get a bit chaotic, or bumpy, know that this is only the energy of change. And sometimes change is very smooth, and sometimes it can be a bit bumpy, because it seems to be shocking to some, and that energy goes out. Or perhaps there is some anger on the part of those who are no longer able to get their way, and to control, and so on, and so on.

“Well, you all know the history/herstory of how things have been on Planet Earth all of these eons of time. And you all know that the changes which are happening are what you might call, compressed into your calendar days, so as to be within a span of what you would call two months, or thereabouts. And you all know about all that there is yet to do. Well, we want to assure you that a lot of what you might have on your list of things to do, are already done!

“And we’re going to say something that is perhaps a bit shocking from I, Ashtar, because you know, we always say ‘no dates.’ Uh uh – no dates! Well you’ve just heard a whole list of dates from Tara and Rama.* And of course you know the biggie is the 12-21 of 2-0-1-2. And there are many, many, dates that have just been given in between. And we’re going to tell you right now that these dates are as powerful as they appear to be, and perhaps even more powerful, when you look at them from the Higher Dimensional perspective, when you see the energies coming into their full bloom, you might say the radiance, when you see the Joy which shall be by far the majority feeling that will be greeting all of these momentous changes. And so we can only say, ‘Whoopie, mission accomplished!’“And if it doesn’t seem like you’re quite there yet, stop and put yourselves there in your visions. Take a look from 4D, the higher realms – not the lower ones of course – and see how it looks to be accomplish all that is being accomplished in this moment. And we shall advise you that there are some historical events which shall be recognized as what you might call major, not the least of which is the coming to the understanding with the country of Iran.

“This is huge, because the history/herstory of Iran is most powerful indeed. Iran is the keeper of many, many, wisdoms, and knowings, and yes, alchemical high energy, star gate, portals to beyond, and so on, and so on. And this is all known and Iran indeed, is about to emerge as the major Peace Maker of that country, or that portion of the World whose countries make up what is called the Middle East!

“Now this will seem as though it is quite a stretch, particularly to all of those – and this is for you – all of you weapons manufacturers, and you oil companies, and you corporate financial traders, and your power hungry politicians. be There is going to be no war over Iran. Iran is emerging with its goals, and its wisdoms, and yes, as a major power in the Middle East, but it is for Peace Making, not war making. And this has already made it, even into Foxy News, and it’s going to make it even farther. There will be a complete, shall we say, turn around in the images portrayed in your mainstream news media in what you call the, well, ‘civilized western hemisphere World!’

“And we shall say that the ancient civilization of Persia, which is known for many contributions to the World, is about to come into its rightful place of honor, as are all ancient civilizations whose wisdoms have often been, shall we say, buried, lied about, trampled upon, or put into the shadows by those who would take over and control. It is not that the leadership of any country – and when we say leadership, we are not just talking about the number one person at the head of the government – we are talking about the leadership of the government. And it is not that everyone in the government leaderships of the World are absolutely, shall we say, high vibe loving beings, but that is about to change, so that they will no longer be in their leadership positions!!!

“So, we shall say this – there is but a passing opportunity for us to honor them. Oh yes, they deserve to be honored for their place. They have gotten so outrageous, so incompassionate – lacking in Compassion – so program driven, that finally these vast numbers of people are waking up and saying, ‘Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this picture?’ or something to that effect! So Beloved Ones, whether we are in agreement with the methods they have used or not, the fact remains that they have been over the top with their cruelties, their greed, and their drivenness, shall we say. And they have committed atrocity upon atrocity, and this is all coming to the Light, the Light of Truth!

“Archangel Michael is very busy with Excalibur, shining the Blue Wave of Truth everywhere, finding even the corners where the dark ones are plotting, you know. Ah yes, that Bohemian Grove is a famous place. And let us not forget the backrooms of Wall Street, and the affiliations that there are with various groups, who have infiltrated, and brought their own particular style of corruption to all of the legitimate organizations that you could possibly think of!

“In other words, they’re everywhere. And this is exactly as it should be. If they were still hiding in those backrooms, there would still be many, many, thousands more, millions more, who are asleep, who are still sitting in front of their television sets watching the latest, what you call, soap opera drama, or ball game, or game show, instead of marching in the streets World-wide, faxing, and emailing, and texting, and Face-booking, and blogging, and putting material on websites!!!

“And as you can see, we credit the internet with being a major force in getting this information out. So what is there to do? It’s all coming out, it’s all tumbling forth. You have the elections – well do as the Masters* have said, and get out there and vote! And if you are not a citizen of the United States of America to do this voting, then vote spiritually, and telepathically. Send Love to Obama, and to all candidates, regardless of what you call the political parties, or anything else, all candidates who are of the Light, and who have the Heart, and the Courage in their Hearts to carry forward – not just this nation, but the World – to its destiny, to its date with Ascension!!!

“They’re there and they are coming forth even now, more and more – the leaders, the ones who understand, who truly have the understanding of what is needed, and how to help the entirety of the World to get there. They have Compassion, they have Love, and they have their commitments to their missions. And we can assure you they will be accomplishing those missions; they already are!!!

“So what we have left to do is thank all of those who are, shall we say, leaving the stage. When I first began these communications, these messages through this Voice, I often spoke of what you would call the old fashioned stage. They called it vaudeville, ‘vaudville,’ for those in the know. And if you will recall there were cartoons, many cartoons that were made based upon some real events where what you call the stage manager would stand just off the stage, and he would have a long stick, and at the very end of the stick was a hook, much like what you call the shepherd’s staff.

“And if the act upon the stage was not pleasing to the audience, or to the manager, who might have had a personal thought or two, regardless of whether the audience was clapping or not, he had the ability to reach out this stick, and gather the performers into that hook, and literally pull them right off of the stage.

“My audience used to have a lot of fun with that image, even though it was cartoony, because I told them way back then that ultimately this would be what would happen to all of the dark players upon the stage, the ones who called themselves the ‘illuminati.’ What a play on words! We just call them the ‘naughties,’ – that’s quicker to say, anyway. And we are shining the bright Lights upon them, and they are no longer in the shadows, and they are no longer getting away with all this stuff!

“Guess what – the consciousness of the World has said, ‘Get them off the stage!’ So let us give them great applause – not encore applause, just applause will do. Let us shout at them from the audience, ‘Job well done; you made a big difference in the World; you had impact; you were powerful! We hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. We forgive you for everything you’ve done, but you know what? You’re done!!!’

“And with that, off the stage they come! Now, you have heard some information, and yes. if you feel so inclined to tune in to this special session of Congress, do so with your hearts radiating Love to all. We say this because Hillary in particular has been such a huge player upon the stage of the illuminati. She has started wars. She has been responsible for millions of beings leaving their bodies, some famous, such as J. F. K. Junior, some not so famous, such as the millions of victims in various wars, famines, disasters which were not so natural, and so on, and so on.

“And so it is that when we express Gratitude, it has to be accompanied with Forgiveness. You really can’t separate them. And by Forgiveness, we mean let go of the Judgment. Yes, we refer to her as a member of the illuminati, or the dark hat faction, but it’s just a costume, even though she has some genetics which are quite different from yours, that is, from the majority. It is that ultimately we are all brother and sisters in the Universe, every living being!

“And so it is that it is to love the ‘least of your brethren,’ as you might see them, as a Great Teacher once said. And so when we come together it is to be grateful, it is to be thankful, it is to say, ‘Thank goodness you got so outrageous and carried away, so cruel, so blatant, that everybody can see now what you’ve been up to all these eons of time,’ – thirteen millennia, or thereabouts, in Earth time. And yes, you can even tell them, ‘Enjoy your rest! You did a great job, now you get to rest! You don’t have to do these things anymore! However you can come to that place of Peace within yourselves, Beloved Ones – do it! Start now!

“We shall start now in a Grand Exercise, but it is for each and every being to hear this, and to share this. If you sit with your family, or your friends, or your neighbors while this news is unfolding, and if you feel anger rising in the room, open your Hearts, and beam Love at everyone, and at least, telepathic messaging. And if you are at all in a position to do so, make a speech. It doesn’t have to be long, just wise, because you all have the wisdom. And if you can turn the anger into a higher vibration that is loving, then by all means do so!

“You’re doing it anyway in all of your Exercises, prayers, meditations, and even just smiling as you go into the marketplace, or even when you sit at your altar. But this is an opportunity for you to bring Higher Dimensional wisdom to those who are, shall we say, in the moment of a very 3D kind of energy. And this is a most sacred mission, Beloved Ones, and we do not say for one minute that it shall be easy to do. But, it will be easier – and you can silently do this – call upon us to beam with you!!!

“Remember this Beloved Ones, always remember this: We Are One! Any illusions that you might have that we are separate and apart are simply a part of the 3D drama program. And if you will just look into your beautiful Hearts, and allow us to join you there, anytime that you feel as though you are alone, or not going to be welcomed or understood for your wisdom, or whatever the situation is. Allow us to come, and fill you with our Love, which only increases your Love exponentially!!!

“And then you will find that you are uplifted, and you are indeed empowered to uplift, to raise the vibrations, to turn on the LoveBeams, the Light of Mother/ Father God, for all with whom you are in company in that moment. We cannot stress enough the importance of this mission of Love, because we are in the midst of all the changes and transformations, the transmutations, and let’s not forget that you are yourselves preparing for your own Ascensions, as are many who haven’t got a clue why their bodies are suddenly doing this, or not doing that!

“And that’s a lot to encompass, and that’s a lot to take in. That’s why we say raise yourselves up, raise your vibrations, bring yourselves up into at least high 4D. See everything from that perspective, and then beam out the Love, and the Compassionate, Forgiving, Gratitude to everyone. And remember that as this cast of players leaves the stage for good, forever, and ever, the curtain will come down only briefly. If you blink you might not see it, because it will go up so fast!

“And if you thought it was bright on that stage with those spotlights, just see the brightness of the energies of the Great Central Sun, Mother/Father God, and you, Beloved Ones – all of you, all of the Light Workers of the World!!! And guess what, we’re all on the stage together, even though we might be in the audience enjoying being bathed in the LoveLights. We’re on the stage together, because you’ve made your Ascensions, and you will then know how it is that you can be consciously in more than one place!

“I didn’t say necessarily physically, but consciously in more than one place at the same moment. And of course there aren’t any moments when you ascend, but that’s OK. We’re talking Earth terms here, because we need for you to picture this in a way that is comfortable, and we trust – and we know delightful, of the Light, and only of the Light for all of you!

“So, Beloved Family, we have come so far, and we know that it has sometimes seemed as though we were riding upon the back of the tortoise, because it has seemed to be so slow. Well, take a look around, and notice that the tortoises now have jet packs, rockets upon their backs, and we are speeding toward that Ascension date!

“So, we ask that you join in the festivities and the celebrations, and yes, the giving of thanks, for all that has transpired up to this moment of Earth time, and until the remaining moments you have to spend in the third dimension. We will say treasure these moments that remain, and let’s be jetting through them together, or better yet, rocketing through them together!!! That sounds like the Ashtar Command style of progressing!

“And so we thank you, Beloved Ones, for coming to this Gathering, and for being with us, and for listening with your Hearts, as well as your senses, to our explanation of why, more than ever, Gratitude is needed for the smoothest, and most rapid progress upon the Ascension Path for the greatest majority of those Beloved Ones in the human uniforms! And we shall be proceeding with great Joy, and Celebration, and most of all, Empowerment with another Crystal Exercise of high vibration, upbeat, absolute Joy, when I, Ashtar, cease my presentation and Sekhmet begins.**

“For now she has asked that she be welcomed with her favorite dance tune,** so we shall leave on a high vibe, joyfully, happy, and jolly note, with Thanks and Love beyond words to all of you. And so it is! Salut!”

*** The transcript of Sekhmet’s Crystal Exercise will follow in our next email.***Joy to the World, Three Dog Night. by Arnold Neal Troeh

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